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Beach Grit

Just in: Stab rebrands as BeachGrit!

Chas Smith

by Chas Smith

Venice Beach's leading surf mag hops time machine to 2015!

It was the greatest day in modern surf journalism history when Stab bought itself back from SurfStitch just weeks ago. Didn’t you think? Gone was the tyranny of bad advertorial. Of forced FCS fin champion stories and embarrassing spiels about “liquidity events.”

The slate was wiped clean. The “liquidity event” disappeared.

But how was this new entity going to position itself in the crowded surf landscape? Surf journalism was not the same place it was when Stab became Australia’s leading online surfwear retailer’s leading online magazine.

The answer revealed itself today. It is going to position itself exactly like your li’l old BeachGrit from two years ago!

The tides have been turning that way for quite some time with BeachGrit luminary after BeachGrit luminary finding a soft landing near Venice Beach, California. Today another penned his maiden piece.

Ladies and gentleman may I reintroduce… Rory Parker!

Yes that Rory Parker!

Are you thrilled to have him back (and by “back” I mean not writing forĀ The Inertia)? I am. BeachGrit ’15 had such promise until that dastardly Cori Schumacher showed up. And until Rory went to the North Shore and…

…and covered the Pipe masters!

I suppose it is poetic that Rory’s maiden piece for Stab is also about the North Shore. A place he… is totally not afraid of.

But who do you think Stab is going to hire next? Derek and I are the only two left.

Derek? Don’t leave me. Please don’t leave me.