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Laird Hamilton: “Sleep is important!”

Chas Smith

by Chas Smith

Surf's most prolific pitchman adds another company to his portfolio!

Laird Hamilton is the nearest thing our surf world has to Santa Claus. The ageless man surfs the earth™ (on a golfboard) while taking food to the extreme™ (with Laird SuperFood) while wearing clothing with a contemporary and multi-functional edge™ (in Laird apparel). And today, near Christmas, he has partnered with another company that promises to maximize your sleep. Let’s hear from him:

Sleep is a foundation to my training because it’s vital for muscle regeneration, mental recovery, and more importantly, long term health,” Hamilton said in a statement. “I’m able to chase the upper limits of my abilities by committing to a balance of exercise, diet and rest. As a brand ambassador for SleepScore Labs, I want to highlight the massive benefits of adequate rest and sleep, and the empowerment SleepScore technology gives me to maximize success.

Do you think Laird really speaks like this? “…the empowerment SleepScore technology gives me to maximize success” etc?

More importantly do you think sleep is important or a waste of time?

I’m of the mind that it is mostly a waste of time. If you want to buy the latest Laird craze though you can click here. The SleepScore technology promises…

Through patented technology from Resmed, the parent company of SleepScore that makes hardware for sleep apnea, SleepScore tracks a user’s sleep patterns with biosensing technology.

Its hardware, which is about the size of a tissue box, can monitor respiration and body movement without touching the user from a few feet away. It can track how long it took them to fall asleep and how much time they spent in each sleep cycle.

Taking into account a person’s surrounding environment by measuring factors such as room temperature, light and noise level, it can provide suggestions on how to improve sleep quality by doing things such as turning down the temperature in the room or using earplugs to cut out excess noise.

That sounds fucking stupid.