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Buy: Ozzie Wright’s “Doped Youth” House!

Derek Rielly

by Derek Rielly

Own a piece of surf history!

Fifteen years ago, twenty-six-year-old Ozzie Wright bought a house in Narrabeen for a then bullish eight hundred thousand dollars; a two-story joint built in the style of Frank Lloyd Wright with its notes of Japanese Imperial Hotel. 

And it was in this house, one hundred metres from the famous sandbottom left, that the surf movie classic Doped Youth was filmed in the summer of 2003-4. The movie, which was conceived and made by Ozzie and Waves editor Adam Blakey, starred Kelly Slater, Tom Carroll, Ozzie, Mick Fanning and Joel Parkinson and was released as a DVD with the magazine Waves.

After around a decade in the Narrabeen house, Oz and his singer wife Mylee Grace , bought another house, this time in Newport, a short drive north. In 2015, the pair, with kids, joined the Sydney exodus north to Byron Bay, buying a house in Suffolk Park for $1.15 million.

The Newport joint got sold last year for $2.3 million and, now, Oz has put the historic Doped Youth house on the market. It don’t look a thing like the shanty town that featured in the film. I had to go back and look a few times to make sure it was the actual house for sale.

It sure is… different. From artist warehouse to stiff mammy, pappy chic.

Anyway, if living near Sydney’s best wave is your thing, it ain’t a bad place to stack your boards.

Price? Well over two million dollars, I’d suggest.

Inspect 5 Loftus Street, North Narrabeen, here. 

And watch Oz and Blakey’s ancient masterpiece here!