Social commentator Bill Maher blasts “woke Olympics,” singles out surfing as prime example: “Of all the violations of the woke penal code, cultural appropriation might just be the dumbest!”


Last week, or maybe two weeks ago, the Associated Press brought up surfing’s grand Olympic debut and the fact that it is a cultural appropriated art that benefits white devils at the expense of native Hawaiians. Days ago, The Washington Post doubled down, arguing that surfing was part of America’s evil soft power used to subjugate and abuse.

This narrative is standard, now, but social commentator Bill Mahr ain’t having it.

In his most recent episode of Real Time with Bill Maher, the host blasts the “woke Olympics” and singles out our surfing as a prime example of silliness. The piece begins around the three minute mark.

Maher gets upset at the “cultural appropriation” line, says there are only two native Hawaiians left on earth and doubts that they birthed surfing pointing to the twenty-odd thousand islands in the Pacific. “How do we know that they were the first to stand on a board on water? It seems like its something that any person near any ocean would eventually do.”

Unsaid was, “Like Peruvians. Buy here.”

Maher continued, “But let’s say a Hawaiian did invent surfing. Should he or she have kept it to themselves? The best part of human history is sharing, which is sort of the point of the Olympics.”


What do you think about that?


Breaking: Tik Tok users set “thirst trap” for Kanoa Igarashi; Olympic silver medalist slips, falls right in!

Flirting with danger.

In a shocking turn of events, Business Insider is reporting that Tik Tok users have set a “thirst trap” for Japan-by-way-of-Huntington-Beach’s Kanoa Igarashi after his silver medal winning performance at the Tokyo Olympics and that he has fallen directly in.

@fatasswhitegirl took to the popular social media platform and wrote, “Thank you japan for putting surfing in the olympics,” before cutting to images of Igarashi holding his surfboard, with his silver medal etc.

Igarashi, very excited, responded to @fatasswhitegirl by reposting her video as a “duet” adding his own self saying, “Hey that guy looks familiar,” and also, “Just doing my morning scroll on tik tok and found myself,” including a laughing emoji and a crying laughing emoji.

Not knowing what a “duet,” I asked my eight-year-old daughter who told me, “It’s a video but you press duet and then it splits the two videos from yours and the other person’s. Like someone does a dance then a dance then a dance then a dance but that’s not a duet, that’s a chain.”

Like this…

“Thirst traps,” in any case may be deadly but also could maybe lead to true love. BeachGrit will be diligent in keeping up with the progress of Igarashi and @fatasswhitegirl’s relationship.

More as the story develops.

Watch: The fabulous surf colonization story of the world’s sexiest stretch of coast in “Biarritz Surf Gang!”

Coq au vin!

I remember, as a very young surfer, hearing that the great Tom Curren had packed his bags and moved to France. It confused me greatly, as greatly as hearing, years later, that the great Gerry Lopez had packed his bags and moved to Bend, Oregon. I wondered about France, wondered if it had waves and if they were big, small, bad or good.

Many years later, I was able to go to Biarritz, Hossegor, et. al. and my goodness, if it ain’t a stretch of the world’s sexiest coast what with its dripping French accent, coq au vin, oui, oui, oui and thumping beach break.

How did it all come to be?

A new documentary, The Biarritz Surf Gang, tells the fabulous story.

Per the press release:

“Biarritz Surf Gang” is a documentary by Pierre Denoyel and Nathan Curren. The film reveals the true story of six lunatic surfers who set fire to their surfboards at Biarritz’ Grande Plage, in the 1980s. The local crew, inspired by the punk movement, had a thirst for trouble and breaking the law. This is their story, and how they achieved greatness, experience decadence, and eventually fall.

It is streaming many places, including Apple and Amazon, and very much worth a spin.




Pro surfer turned Grammy-nominated DJ Paul Fisher launches new track “Just Feels Tight” with wildly anti-WOKE, sexually explosive video!

"Chuck on ya undies and get down to Fisher's aerobic's class"

The former-pro-surfer-and-comic-turned-DJ Paul Fisher, who trades under the stage name FISHER, has launched his latest track, Just Feels Tight, with a video that’ll make you want to twist your nipples in the dark. 

Drama and attitude, mercifully, no cock shot.  

My favourite memory of Paul Fisher was when he called me what, eight, nine, years ago. It was eight pm and I was about to sit down to a delicious dinner with my (then) wife and (still) two sons. It was a Skype call from America, three in the morning or thereabouts in LA, which gave it some importance.

I removed my bib, drained my pitcher of department store red wine. (Family man.)

Was Fisher in trouble? Did my little pal require serious counsel?

As the pixels settled down to a clear picture, Fisher appeared and ordered a girl to “Show Derek ya tits! Ha ha ha ha ha!”

And now look at him!


One day in the wild and a million-plus views.

You want the bad news or the bad news? | Photo: Steve Sherman/@tsherms

Hawaiian world champ John John Florence sensationally pulls out of remainder of WSL season one week after Tokyo Olympics!

See y'all at The Pipe says John John.

The two-time Hawaiian world champ, John John Florence, has sensationally withdrawn from the next two events of the championship tour, a season ending decision given his current rating outside the world title showdown top five. 

Florence, a tall man with shortish legs whose Olympic campaign was derailed in round three by fellow American Kolohe Andino, writes,

I’ve decided to withdraw from the next two WSL events in Mexico and Tahiti. This was a really hard decision to make, but I’m not 100% healed from my knee surgery and I’m trying to do the right thing for my future health and goals. The opportunity to surf in Tokyo was once in a lifetime, and a risk I was willing to take. But looking at the rest of the year and talking with my medical team the best step forward is continuing with physical therapy for the next 60 days. I want to make sure there is nothing that keeps me from competing, and surfing the way I want to in the long term. With all that said, I’ll be ready to go for the Pipe Masters and excited to compete! 

Florence, who turns twenty-nine in October, elected to compete in the Games despite the lingering injury, a knee he banged up at Margaret River earlier this year, and which required surgery.

Meanwhile, somewhere, likely California, Kelly Slater, ashen at disappeared Olympic dream, gropes at a hand-rail and is sick.