Huntington locals (pictured) upon hearing the gloriously news.
Huntington locals (pictured) upon hearing the gloriously news.

In move that leaves Olympic hopefuls riotously joyful, Huntington Beach officially announced as host of 2022 qualifier World Surfing Games!

Jail House Rock.

I’ll tell you one true thing. I am very much more excited for the upcoming Baz Luhrmann picture Elvis than I am for the upcoming Surf City El Salvador Pro. Both will hit the world stage near the same time but only one will be fabulous and that will be the upcoming Baz Luhrmann picture Elvis.

Be still my beating heart.

The King of Rock n Roll has long been a very favorite of mine, so much so that I am currently not caring about finding deeper surfing truths in Germany but rather the home where Presley met Pricilla and kicked off a fairy tale romance. Students of history will know that Elvis served in the United States Army, doing his time in the German town Bad Nauheim, occupying a quaint two story home near its center. Priscilla née Beaulieu was a fourteen-year-old firecracker there with her mother and United States Air Force officer step-father Paul.

While Pricilla’s youth would be very much frowned upon today, it was an acceptable marrying age in the fourteenth century and the two went on to make beautiful history.

In any case, there is a shrine outside the home, today, and I find a spot to sit and sip a perfect cappuccino and ponder his life, which included surfing turns in Hawaii, wooing local kine girls and also ponder the just-announced news that the World Surfing Games will, officially, be hosted this year in Huntington Beach, California.

Per the report:

The ISA has announced that its flagship event will return to the Californian coastal venue, known as “Surf City USA”, for the first time in 16 years.

The world’s top surfers are expected to hit the waves at Huntington Beach when it plays host to the World Surfing Games from September 17 to 24.

Huntington Beach previously staged the World Surfing Games in 1984, 1996 and 2006 and hosted the World Junior Surfing Championship in 2005, 2018 and 2019.

This year’s edition will see Olympic places up for grabs for Paris 2024, with the winners of the men’s and women’s team events each earning a quota spot for their country.

“Huntington Beach becomes the first step in our exciting paddle towards the 2024 Olympic Games,” said ISA President Fernando Aguerre.

“Excellent waves and the strong Southern California surf culture, made Huntington Beach a natural choice for this iconic event.

“With an extra Olympic slot up for grabs for the top men’s and women’s teams at these 2022 ISA World Surfing Games, the competition for the coveted ISA World Team Champion Trophy is going to be epic and the most important ever.”

Question: Are Huntington Beach’s excellent waves currently better than those licking Grajagan?

Something to think about.

Live chat, comment in real time, Quiksilver Pro, G-Land, “World title favourite Filipe Toledo and Yago Dora to open stacked day of heats!”

The merry-go-round continues at Grajagan synched with "Smirking" Joe Turpel's sensual voice!

Desert Point locals livid as three-time world champ Gabriel Medina’s team reportedly attempts to shut down local photographers during filming of movie, “Medina was lucky to get out of here before the news spread. We hope he never comes back!”

"You don't own this place, we do."

Desert Point locals are outraged and promising revenge after Gabriel Medina allegedly sent his producer around to tell the local photographers and videographers they were forbidden to shoot his waves.

“He thinks he can show up in my backyard and surf my waves and he gets to be the only person who benefits from it? Is he insane?” said one.

“You wanna come here and shoot some movie exclusively? And only you can make money off it? Not let us make any money? Who the fuck do you think you are?”

This local, who wished to remain anonymous while he explores legal action and a boycott of Medina’s movie, says, “You gotta contribute to the local community. That’s just common cultural courtesy. Just like any big movie. Just like the WSL did at G-Land. You don’t own this place, we do. Medina was lucky to get out of here before the news spread. We hope he never comes back.”

Whether or not Medina knew his producer was, allegedly, shutting down local shooters is unclear.

(This video cat got a few clips, howevs.)

Rumours are that this might change the whole local photography industry over at Desert Point, particularly now that it is targeted for an “eco-resort” and marina.

Think: exclusivity.

Developers want to partly convert Desert Point into a “World-class surfing competition venue” alongside the “eco-resort” and the marina a little way up the Lombok coast.

Complicating things is the fact that just like Grajagan, Desert Point is on National Park land and despite the locals having been there for generations the legalities of land ownership is foggy.

Live chat, comment in real time, Quiksilver Pro, G-Land, “Flat. It’s so flat, I can’t even…I don’t even know!”

Women thrown to the wolves in sudden-death elimination round at baby Grajagan!

@brodyjenner Instagram official
@brodyjenner Instagram official

Morbidly depressed surf fans receive brief respite from pain as “Prince of Malibu” Brody Jenner and “Ultimate Surfer” Tia Blanco become Instagram official!


I am, currently, sitting in a gorgeously modern spa hotel on north-western corner of Germany’s Black Forest, sipping a double cappuccino and seeking respite from the thunderstorm outside. It is nice, pleasant, though I am feeling bad for all the morbidly depressed surf fans who have no shelter from the deluge of shattered expectations.

Months ago, when the World Surf League was including G-Land on its 2022 Championship Tour, the aforementioned surf fans rejoiced. That epic left had provided many memories, much thrill, and now those could be shared with children. Fate, though, had other ideas. The swell forecast became not good, weeks ago, and has since downgraded. One day of decent professional surfing has been followed by lay-day after lay-day while the professional surfers unwind in a jungle bacchanal.

Setting aside my newspaper, I am ready to shed a lonely tear when a news alert jolts my phone. Page Six is reporting that “Prince of Malibu” Brody Jenner and “Ultimate Surfer” Tia Blanco are officially Instagram official.

Brody Jenner and his new girlfriend, Tia Blanco, are Instagram-official.

The “Hills” alum, 38, posted a photo Tuesday of himself staring into the camera as the professional surfer, 25, smiled with her arm around his neck.

Jenner captioned the Instagram Story, which featured his beloved dog Shoey front and center, with a blue heart emoji and tagged Blanco’s account.

Other posts showed the couple spending quality time together as they surfed, rode electric bikes and enjoyed the outdoors.

Here, beleaguered surf fan. Take and enjoy. Find warmth and happiness once again even if only for a brief moment.