Update: Bizarre twist in case of Sunny Garcia as court documents reveal Hawaiian’s father sued for $1 million by carer for alleged incidents including “throwing a suitcase…and threatening to commit further violence”

"Garcia Jr. made a false police report of 'imprisonment' that Plaintiff was depriving Garcia Jr. of food, and alleged other false crimes against Plaintiff"

(Editor’s note: The first version of this story interpreted court documents as a civil suit between Sunny Garcia and his carer. It’s since been revealed Sunny’s father, who shares the same name, Vincent Garcia, although his daddy is Vincent Garcia Jr and Sunny is Vincent Garcia III, is the subject of the case. Hence the update.)

A civil suit in a Texas district court has shone a little light on the state of Sunny Garcia, four years on since the world champ and perennial Triple Crown winner was found unconscious in room 210 of the Best Western Hood in Oregon, almost dead, and apparently by his own hand.

The forty nine year old had posted this shortly before he was found.


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The lack of interest in Sunny beyond the initial outpouring of grief in 2019 indicated that no one was expecting any miracles.

Years on, whispers, rumours.

What was made public was Sunny, who is now fifty-three, was hospitalised, put into an induced coma, had kidney dialysis and lung surgery in California being being sent to a facility in Texas paid for by his wealthy Harvard-educated girlfriend Lori Park, one of the first software engineers at Google. Park was the Champ’s best hope of recovery, said our sources, as she has the “resolve and the resources” to, if not cure, at least improve Sunny’s condition. A good person to have in your corner.

A civil suit filed in a Texas court on July 10 by Park against Vincent Garcia Jr, Sunny’s daddy, for one million dollars, however, has shone light on a complicated and apparently fraught recovery.

In the statement of facts, Park is “saddened to initiate litigation related to these matters but is now forced to file to suit to preserve her legal rights.”

Among the allegations,

10. Garcia Jr. made a false police report of “imprisonment,” that Plaintiff was depriving Garcia Jr. of food, and alleged other false crimes against Plaintiff and Plaintiff’s house staff including that Plaintiff “assaulted” Garcia Jr. and that Plaintiff and Plaintiff’s house staff performed “illegal medical procedures” and falsified records.
11. Garcia Jr. false allegations caused multiple HPD patrol cars to come to Plaintiff’s home late at night, terrifying Plaintiff. Plaintiff was eventually completely exonerated of these allegations by video evidence and an HPD investigation.
12. Garcia Jr. made false statements and threats to Plaintiff’s staff and conspired with a police sergeant who ran her security with the intent of impairing her ability to run and properly staff the home.
13. Garcia J.r agreed with Plaintiff that he was simply a guest in her home but then covertly attempted to establish residency in the home so that he could not be removed for his dangerous conduct. Garcia Jr. subsequently refused to leave Park’s property and misrepresented in different instances to police officers and others that he was both a legal tenant of the property and a 50% owner of the property. Garcia J.r lied to police by alleging that he had no other place to go besides Park’s home even though he owns his own home in Hawaii and Plaintiff had notified Garcia Jr. that she had prepaid for a hotel room for Garcia Jr. Plaintiff had provided Garcia Jr. with the hotel reservation confirmation such that Garcia J.r could verify the reservation in his name.
14. Additionally, Garcia Jr. lied to neighbors and security guards about the nature of medical care being provided in the home. This defamation caused the homeowners’ association to attempt to evict Park from the home during the Covid pandemic, forcing Plaintiff to retain legal counsel
and eventually being forced to purchase the property on short notice and with extreme financial cost
15. During this time, Defendant Garcia J.r assaulted Plaintiff by throwing a suitcase at Plaintiff, following Plaintiff to another room and throwing another suitcase across that room, and threatening to commit further violence against her. Plaintiff was forced to hire security to protect her in her own home because Garcia Jr. would not leave and was dangerous. Garcia Jr. had other violent outbursts and would talk of his past of “beating” and otherwise harming other people.

The Instagram account @freesunnygarcia2 claims Vince shared custody of Sunny with Parks but, well, yeah, see above.

More coming obviously.

Surf demigod Laird Hamilton ravishes hater’s mind with high-performance SUP move that will live on in eternity!

There's only one Laird Hamilton.

(This bit came from The Grit! podcast segment Pros in the Wild wherein dear listeners phone, or email, in their encounters with professional surfers in the… wild, I guess. Enjoy.)

Hey David and Chas, I’m reaching out from the beautiful North Shore of Oahu where I transplanted myself over twenty years ago. Sidenote: I almost feel like anyone on the North Shore shouldn’t be allowed to contribute to this segment as we are constantly surrounded by the worlds best pro tour surfers, local legends, former pro’s, you name it. Over the years I’ve had a ton of memorable encounters with legendary surfers, but there’s one encounter worth discussing because it altered my perspective of how a wave can be suffered, and my perspective on one of the most famous surfers of all time, Laird Hamilton. And although this encounter occurred 15 years, I can recall it vividly.

Now, just to put this encounter into perspective a little, I was in high school in the mid- 90’s. A friend showed me those “Strapped” VHS surf videos of the whole Maui crew towing giant Jaws. Of course I already knew who Laird was and was aware of his windsurfing prowess and of course I had seen the movie “North Shore” a million times but seeing how much better of a tow surfer Laird was than everyone and seeing the huge barrels he got and the big power carves he did really made me realize he was very special and worthy of all-time-legend status in the realm of tow surfing. If you consider the surfing he did at Jaws in the 90’s or and of course the Millennium wave At Teahupoo it’s hard to argue he wasn’t the greatest tow surfer ever, until maybe Kai Lenny in the past few years (so that’s like a 30 year run as being the all-time best tow surfer- –not bad…)

Another bit of context here, Stand Up Paddling was exploding in Hawaii at the time. And tons of unskilled people were going out into larger surf in crowded lineups and reeking absolutely havoc. So while I admired Laird’s talent, I also blamed Laird completely for the entire Surf SUP plague.

Anyway, my story takes place on Kauai. I was surfing a playful 4 foot reef with about 15 locals, everyone getting their share. All of a sudden Laird showed up on this huge Stand up Paddle board and I couldn’t believe it. This frickin guy had a full Ipod strapped to his thick bicep with water proof head phones on! I had seen joggers with this kind of Ipod set up but a surfer in the ocean? Never. He came out and wasted no time going to work. This frickin guy just started doing circles around the lineup. He never stopped moving. He’d catch a wave, do all those dumb stand up paddle turns putting the paddle behind him to mimic a layback (cuz you can’t really do shit on those big dumb boards). He’d kick out, paddle back out immediately, make a right turn to get past everyone, and then the very next wave that come big or small and he would stroke right into it and do this again and again and again and again WHILE WEARING FRICKIN’ HEADPHONES IN THE OCEAN!

And maybe what was more annoying was these locals all seemed to know him, and were not only not-bothered by this but they were even cheering him on. They’d be hooting “ya Laird” but he couldn’t hear them cuz HE HAD HEADPHONES ON IN THE OCEAN! To this day I’ve never seen any surfer ever so oblivious to others in the water.

So we’re on this beautiful tropical island in the middle of the pacific and you can see giant water falls in these majestic green mountains, with perfect nuggety clean 4 foot waves and this entitled frickin douche is hogging all the waves while listening to his iPod! So now I’m like screw this guy. I don’t care about his legend Jaws towing status or pioneering hydrofoil bullshit. Beyond that, he’s a selfish douche and I’m burning him on the next wave.

And then, he did something that completely retarded my angst. This perfect set wave comes in and surprise surprise guess who’s going again for his 16th wave in a half hour? But from the moment of his approach, something is different. The wave is steeper with a double up building right at the take-off. But counter-intuitively, Laird is paddling way slower than he has for all his other waves. I was baffled and couldn’t figure out why he wasn’t paddling harder to avoid a steep drop on that big dumb SUP, he was liable to miss the wave entirely, or at the bare minimum get pitched, which is what I was dying to see. Then he shuffles his feet towards the front of the board. He is now on the top of the wave, barely any forward momentum, and his board is see-sawing on the crest of this ledging, overhead wave. At this very precarious moment, in front of all 15 gawkers, he calmy gives one last paddle and shuffles his feet all the way into a cheater 5. The lip pitches the back half of his board toward the beach and he slides backwards on the nose down the drop, 180s so by the time his in the trough he’s facing the beach and shuffling backwards into his normal stance and the board completes the 360. A flawlessly executed Helicopter take off on a big, dumb SUP! There was no stumbling or excessive leaning towards one side or the other. He was in complete control the entire time all while being serrended by his iPod (probably that “hey now you’re an all-star, get your game on, go play” song)).

He spun the whole board around in about 2 seconds and kept going like nothing happened. Now look, I’m not a fan of high performance longboarding and I remember seeing the helicopter move done a lot in the 90’s and thinking sure its probably hard to do but it’s kind of gimmicky—- but to do one off a take-off on a dumb Stand up Paddle board no-less, on a wave with some juice, with absolute flawless execution- I know it sounds ridiculous but it was and is still one of the most radical things I’ve ever seen in the sport of surfing and I’ve seen some crazy shit in person on the North Shore over the past 20 plus years.

I just can’t emphasize enough how impressive it was. Pure mastery by a master of ocean board riding, if there ever was one.

I left the water thinking he may be a dick in the water but this guy is one of the most skilled surfers ever on earth. At that point I truly believed only one guy on earth could have done what he did. I hate to say it, but he went up several notches in my book after seeing that.

He’d drop down again over the next decade with stupid stuff like not acknowledging paddling Jaws is more challenging than towing it, or colliding with and breaking the arm of a surfer during that Hurricane Marie swell at Malibu.

But that helicopter take-off was frickin gangster.

World Surf League culture of “toxic positivity” tied directly to tawdry fall of former chief executive Erik Logan!

Oozing pus.

Erik Logan has left the building, as we know, but the stench of his dismissal, what he actually did, remains, grossly permeating the upcoming U.S. Open of Surfing festival presented by Wallex. Lingering thick ahead of the Shiseido Tahiti Pro which, if I’m not mistaken, used to be brought to us by OuterKnown?

What happened to OuterKnown as it related to the Tahiti Pro?

Vanished without a trace.

Secrets everywhere, man.

Silos of silence pumped full, at prescribed times, with an ozone mist of toxic positivity.

The World Surf League has to be one of the most absurd governing bodies on the planet, no? Greenwashing, sportwashing, moralitywashing. What do you want washed? For a price, title sponsor of a six-star challenger series event, it’s no problem. Hunter Biden made a real mistake in not hiring the “Global Home of Surfing” as his public relations firm in light of his recently rejected plea deal.

NATO x Vlad Putin might still swing in.

World War III presented by Bailey Ladders.

At least FIFA is openly and unwaveringly corrupt.

But professional surfing?

Sneaky stinky.

And, herein, lies all of its problems. Normal folk know that sunlight and air are necessary for healing. Billionaires apparently don’t. The worst sort of infections fester in sealed off environments and that is exactly what we have today.

Oozing pus.

The League will not shift paths, not now, if it isn’t forced. The seal will get tighter, positive noise louder. Next ELo worse. But those collaborators involved in this gross masquerade should pause, for one moment, and ponder their role in the degradation of the thing they actually love.

Dave Prodan is certainly too far gone and history will remember him as a sad apple polisher. Chris Cote hopefully rehab-able.

Joe Turpel too busy transitioning to a Ken Doll.

Ronald Blakey, Strider Waskilewski, Kaipo?

Hope springs.

David Lee Scales were joined by the now iconic Travis Ferre, anyhow, to discuss the state of surfing, today, and the upcoming U.S. Open of Surfing wherein Travis will be hosting Factory by the Sea across the street at Pacific City from Thursday August 3 to Sunday August 6. I’ll be there the 3rd.

Come say hi.

Until then, listen here. And screw you, Dave Prodan.


Look carefully in the insert an you can see squirting. Photo: Instagram
Look carefully in the insert an you can see squirting. Photo: Instagram

In scene straight out of American Psycho, blood squirts from elbow of increasingly popular Nathan Florence after getting speared by board!

Not for the squeamish.

Nathan Florence’s stratospheric rise seems to happening at the same exact rate, and at the exact inverse angle, as the World Surf League’s precipitous fall. Once an overlooked Jan Brady-esque figure, the middle boy has carved out a growing niche as slab hunter, comic, surf adventurer par excellence.

Wonderful to observe.

Though, the adage “to whom much is given, much is required,” came home to roost for the almost handsome 29-year-old as he suffered a gruesome, horror film-esque injury that left blood squirting from his elbow like a victim of Patrick Bateman himself.

Kaiborg’s son-in-law shared the moment with his nearly half million Instagram followers, writing:

So got a bit wounded! Board speared my elbow doing a turn, lol imagine that turns more dangerous then slab tour (smiley face emoji) trip was just getting started at @secretsumatra unfortunately had to end early as infection set in and cut had had some fiberglass in it, flew home to find out board had speared into bone fracturing it, they removed a little chip and did some cleaning, got a few weeks of recovery ahead nothing to wild, thanks @deanfergus for all the help and for having us at @secretsumatra we cant wait to come back and surf it on the pump the set up was awesome! Time to take advantage of some rest hawaii to africa to indo and back around the world in 3 weeks was wild haha and just one of this years adventures with more to come! Thanks my ortho/ER friends at Kaiser for the clean up!


But would you like to share your goriest surf injury? Mine was probably just a boring dislocated shoulder.


This story about blood squirting from Nathan Florence’s elbow is my 4975th here on BeachGrit.

I hope you enjoyed reading it as much I did writing it.

"By the end of the film, the children will not only have learnt about the ‘patriarchy’ but they will also have been introduced to the racism of post-colonial theory (another Foucauldian special). That is, the history of Western nations is a story of unbroken violence and exploitation. Or in other words, white people are bad, and everyone else is good."

Prop surfboard used by Ryan Gosling in “offensive, nasty and profoundly misandrist” film Barbie lists for one million dollars!

“An ode to Karl Marx and the French post-modernists, in particular the child molester Michel Foucault.

Y’seen the Margo Robbie, Ryan Goz smash Barbie yet? Yeah, me neither. 

My old pal Bella wrote a review of the film for The Spectator, howevs, and gotta say she wasn’t thrilled describing it as,

“an ode to Karl Marx and the French post-modernists, in particular the child molester Michel Foucault. This central theme of this overtly woke, triumphantly propagandist piece of filmmaking is the postmodern political principle that society is structured into systems of power and privilege, and that women and minorities are oppressed by the patriarchy.” 

A little later, 

“The vein of bitterness and anger directed towards fifty percent of the population runs so deeply through this film that I am surprised that the (few) men sitting in the audience tolerated it. It is an offensive, nasty, and profoundly misandrist piece of filmmaking packaged as harmless entertainment.”

Anyway, someone who works in the props department at Warner Bro’s claims to have the board and have listed it for a million bucks, although they’ll take whatever they get offered over the course of the next few days. 

“I have in my possession The Ken Surfboard from the Barbie motion picture I will sell to the highest bidder by midnight of the end of July. FCFS. First Come First Surf. I worked in the props department and can verify authentication in person.”

Still thinking of going to Barbie?

“By the time the credits start rolling, the little girls will also have a completely skewed vision of men and women and the relationship between the sexes,” writes Bella. “All men, both human and doll, are depicted as either pathetic imbeciles with learning difficulties, or consumed by ‘toxic masculinity’.”

Throw in a little Western Civilisation is the crux of all evil and you got a hit for all the family.