Welcome To The Show | Caroline Marks meets Carissa Moore

As the youngest ever world tour qualifier Caroline Marks has a lot to learn from three-time world champion Carissa Moore.

The pair got together to chase waves, talk tour life, and have some laughs. Just weeks before her World Tour debut, Caroline Marks, the youngest ever tour qualifier, was on the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii, like pretty much every other professional surfer. No doubt, Caroline has no problem holding her own in the line-up. But there definitely were some little details of the tour life that she still needed to learn. Good thing she’s friends with three-time world champion, Carissa Moore.

To Surf With Love | Laura Enever

Laura lends her hand to penning a little poem.

“You taught me to feel

Feel excitement and fear


Joy Feel time stop

You’ve shown me beauty

Beauty in challenge


And Wild

In the world Beauty in the unknown

You gave me strength

Strength to fly

To fall

And to get back up

To let go

Strength within

Hear that

That’s the sweet sound of intuition

A Magnetic pull

Like currents

Towards you

Where time goes slowly

You float weightlessly

Swim freely

Live authentically

My sweet escape

And still I feel right at home I think its love”

-Laura Enever

US Open of Surfing 1996 Final – Kelly Slater vs Shane Beschen

Kelly Slater In Kolor

Meet the man behind four world titles.

See him at home with his family in Florida. Witness the sheer brilliance of his free surfing performances & controlled contest surfing. See the contest of his life – “The pinnacle of my career!” Get to know Kelly Slater, his lifestyle, his music, his surfing. Also starring his brother Stephen & K-Grip team riders Bobby Martinez & Kalani Robb, who gets huge air on board & dirt bike.


The name Drag comes from “Dick Dragger”.

A derogatory name for a bodyboarder used by stand up surfers during the great erect/prone wars of the early noughties. Since then a truce has been signed, and Drag’s been re-purposed for a multitude of meanings, including the age-old Australian tradition of sucking on a Winnie (for our foreign readers, this refers to smoking a Winfield, usually Blue, sometimes Red, cigarette). Drag’s simply genius t-shirt, which mimics the warnings found on Australian tobacco products, reads, “Dragging Kills.”