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Secret: Slater Designs launch plans!

Chas Smith

by Chas Smith

What mysteries are up Kelly Slater's wizard sleeve?

Kelly Slater is unique in that he is both icon and iconoclast. Never content to sit on laurels it seems the man is always inventing then smashing and reinventing. And part of his focus, these days, is surfboards!

The gentleman scholars at Surfing magazine posted the dimensions of three up and coming boards on their site today. Feast your eyes on the Sci-Phi, Omni and Banana HERE shaped by Daniel Thompson (the first two) and Greg Webber (the Banana) and also read all about them in clean, refreshing prose.

Such fun! But I wondered how the Slater Designs boards would be delivered to starry-eyed consumers like you and me? Would Kelly smash the traditional surf shop model somehow like he smashed Adriano de Souza’s title celebration?

I reached out to Travis Lee, one of the most fantastic men in all of surf, for answers. Travis used to work at Channel Islands. Many years ago, Derek dispatched me to Santa Barbara to interview he. I assumed Chinese but he is so not! White like you and me and all of this year’s Oscar contenders!

And I said:

Just saw Surfing’s thing and wanted to know when will they be available? And where? Custom orders? Shops? Web? How can they people get what they crave?

Travis responded:

I’m trying to stay pretty silent ’til our consumer launch just so you know. The boards will be available at most surf shops globally in April, stocks and customs yes. The web info will be available closer to launch…

Such sleight of hand! Such subterfuge! This means, certainly, that Kelly has a secret up his wizard sleeve. But what? Could the boards be delivered via drone? Could they be delivered via drone to your beach when you are standing on the bluff realizing that you brought the wrong board for the day?

What? What are some other possibilities? How could Kelly disrupt the traditional mold? Is he waiting to announce until Filipe Toledo wins Snapper next month?

What? Help me!