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Soon: Wavegarden for Australia!

Derek Rielly

by Derek Rielly

Dreary Melbourne airport suburb to be dressed in Australia's first ever Wavegarden… 

Who would’ve thought a few years ago that building wave pools would become an… industry? There’s Wavegarden in the Basque Country (Oowee, can’t say Spain), American Wave Machines in Solana Beach, California, with its “turn-key surf parks” (and whom I once called and was told that everyone was on holiday and couldn’t be contacted), the on-again-off-again Webber Wave Pools  and the most promising of ’em all, Kelly Slater Wave Co,

Lot of heat, ain’t much fire, though.

The first commercial Wavegarden, Wales’ Surf Snowdonia, seemed to make people either sad or angry Can’t win, huh?

A couple of hours ago, the Western Australian-based Wave Park Group, announced its first Australian pool – at Tullamarine, an airport suburb 20 clicks north of Melbourne. Two metre waves, 32-second rides, we’re promised, in the promotional short below.

Eight months ago, I spoke to Wave Park Group’s Andrew Ross. The former investment banker and lawyer told me he’d had a mid-life epiphany after years in the corpo world, wanted to create a surf biz, visited Wavegarden, saw Taj Burrow riding it and told ’em he’d write ’em a cheque on the spot.

And this is the first of 10 he wants to create over the next decade.

He ain’t sub-letting the Wavegarden technology, either. Wave Park Group either buys or leases the site, all the Wavegarden pieces are bought and shipped to Australia, it all gets put together, a few months of testing, and away it goes.

The Tullamarine pool goes live late 2017, says Wave Park Group.

More details when I either find Andrew’s number (new phone! SE!) or he hits me back via Instagram. @urbnsurf if you’re wondering…