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Jordy: “I wanna let my hair down!”

Chas Smith

by Chas Smith

World number 2 Jordy Smith buys a bar! Or maybe three!

Jordy Smith had a very wonderful finish to his 2016 World Surf League campaign. Oh sure, John John won it all but second place ain’t half bad. And how would you celebrate such a monumental achievement? Would you buy a car? What about a bar?

That’s what Jordy did! He bought a bar! Three of them (I think)!

The new place is called #SurfHarD (I think) and appears to be very high concept. One building with three different zones for three different types of person. There is District, which is a nightclub, Harringtons, which is a cocktail bar, and Surfer Rosa, which is a punk bar. (Maybe)

Here…I am clearly a little confused. Let’s have Jordy walk us through!

And does that clear it up for you? Good! So which would you most like to spend your time? Are you a bottle service kind of man or a martini with bird on glass sort? Or do you, to, wanna let your hair down and bang away to some Motörhead?

You’re all three?

Well then #SurfHarD brother!