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Revealed: Former’s Debut Collection!

Derek Rielly

by Derek Rielly

Think tight poom-poom shorts and radically aggressive off-the-shoulder tees!

Were you stymied by Former’s static website too? I clicked around, found a little white-on-white text down the bottom that even after I highlighted ’em and punched on About Us, Shipping and Returns, etc, went nowhere.

So I gave up. It’s coming, I figured.

Former, of course, is the surf clothing brand made those beautiful elves, Dane Reynolds (who tore up a four-hundred-grand-a-month contract to do it), Craig Anderson (who knocked back a million-bucks-a-year deal) and the moustachioed skater Austyn Gillette. Others in the game are the little pro surfer Warren Smith, the photographer Grady Archbold and Monster Children founder-designer Campbell Milligan.

It’s a commune of talent. I want to see what they got.

This morning, the BeachGrit commenter, Extreme Nonchalance, unveiled the URL where the forbidden portal could be entered. A very brief examination of the range, for the shop was soon pulled down and replaced with an Opening Soon landing page, revealed an eighteen-piece collection.

It includes short-sleeved t-shirts (in black, white and coral, priced between thirty and forty-five dollars), one long-sleeved tee (bone, sixty dollars), one shirt (black, one hundred dollars), three pullovers (black, different graphics, sixty-five dollars), two pairs of trunks (one black, one black-and-white patterns, seventy dollars), a Dylan Reider tribute jacket (black, one-hundred-and-fifty dollars), a beanie, a ten-dollar pair of socks and a pack of Former patches that costs eleven dollars.

Craig Anderson former

Craig Anderson and the Luxury 29.99 sweater. I nearly got it through the shop before the page was removed.

The clothes are neither revolutionary nor radically aggressive. It ain’t genius. But who wants to wear tight poom-poom shorts or off-the-shoulder tees?

It should be emphasised that the prices are reasonable, the muted prints don’t offend, and the differing body types of Dane, a classic endomorph, and Craig/Austyn, ectos, suggest a uni-style of fit, neither boxy nor slim.

Formalised sloppiness may be the term.