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Crème: Julian Drops Best Edit of 2017!

Michael Ciaramella

by Michael Ciaramella

Including the two of the best airs you've seen in ages!

Not two hours ago, noted surf writer Chris Smith penned these very words:

Former has been live, now, for almost a week and have you watched Craig Anderson’s Luxury29.99? Is it not the surf edit of the year? It totally is! Near perfect!

Little did Chris Smith know, Julian Wilson was about to drop the true edit of the year (below)! An absolute masterclass in technically sound, totally radical waveriding. Craig’s clip can’t hold a candle to Jules’ blitzkrieg attack.

In fact, Wilson felt so confident in his ability to dissect the praying mantis that he brought Craig on a surf trip to Cloudbreak, a left, and completely embarrassed the goofyfoot! Talk about cruel and unusual.

Anyways, Chris Smith kinda saved his ass with a piece from just yesterday, where he wrote:

I have called Julian Wilson to win the title for three years running, I think. Oh he has it all… Fearless in bigger waves, still above average air game, experience, the last threads of youth, style, etc. All the markings of a potential champion and yet the grand prize has eluded him. Could this be the year?

And does the clip below, Wayward, not prove Chris’ stance to a T? The scene begins at pumping Cloudy, where Julian fearlessly charges bigger waves. It then heads to Bali and the Goldy, where Julian flaunts his still (very) above average air game. The experience, youth and style bleed through the entire clip.

However the answer to Smith’s concluding query is no. Julian will not win the title this year. I think…