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Just in: Samsung Pulls WSL Sponsorship!

Michael Ciaramella

by Michael Ciaramella

Confirmed: No title sponsor for 2017 season… 

Do you want to know the most wonderful thing about Beach Grit? It’s that people love to share rumors with us so that we will share them with the world. It is a harmonious system because the whistleblowers get to remain anonymous and we get a great story, while still being able to pull the “don’t shoot the messenger” card.

In that light, just thirty minutes ago, the Beach Grit messages were infiltrated by an anonymous informant who asked, “You guys onto the Samsung pulling out of WSL coconut wireless news yet?”

What-wha-wha-whaaat? No, we weren’t! But now we are and thank you very much for that.

Next comes a reconnaissance email to the WSL’s VP of Communications, Dave Prodan. I asked Dave if he could confirm or deny the claims of our tipster. I had very little hope that he’d reply, let alone affirm their veracity.

Then, boom! March 1st to Christmas morning. Dave replies, saying:

That’s correct. Samsung will not be the title sponsor for the Championship Tour in 2017. The WSL’s official statement is, “Samsung has been a great partner for the surfing community over the past three years, elevating the sport to new heights and honoring the community’s heritage. We thank them for their partnership and look forward to an exciting 2017 season. The WSL is excited about upcoming announcements in the commercial space. More to come when available.”

I asked Dave if that enthusiasm meant they’d found a title sponsor replacement, but he reported that there will be no title sponsor for the 2017 Men’s and Women’s Championship Tour.

Oh, they also haven’t found a full-time replacement for Speaker yet.

So what does this mean? Sure, the League can finally rid themselves of those pocket-dwelling hand grenades and cut their insurance costs by half. But, it mostly means that the WSL, who was supposedly already losing a lot of money, is now going to be losing a whole lot of money.

Without a title sponsor, it seems improbable that the WSL will be able to persist as is. And as much as we joke about their geeky corporate demeanor, ridiculous jersey schemes and petty infringement laws, we need the WSL. Or at least we definitely want it playing in the background while at work.

So remember, joke all you want, but know that we, the viewers, will be the ones who suffer if the WSL goes under.