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Breaking: Joel Parkinson does an air!

Chas Smith

by Chas Smith

And other revelations for a Rio Pro cynic!

I don’t know when or how since I have been NOT following the contest in Brazil but look at the world’s oldest 36-year flying! I clicked on this morning and caught him in the water being combo’d be Adriano de Souza. The frozen picture advertising the heat was not a bird, not a plane but Joel Parkinson pretending he was a bird or a plane.

And it made me wonder what else I’ve missed from Rio? Are there storylines unfolding that matter? Is the non-Pottz South African in the booth really named Gigs or is it a nickname?

The contest this morning, anyhow, has been fun and my own negativity toward the Brazilian event has abated a touch. Yago Dora chewing though champion after champion, Jordy and Owen both totally failing when it mattered, Adriano de Souza showing the world that the li’l plumber is still a title threat. Etc.

It’s got all the drama a boy could hope for and isn’t even finished yet!

Full recap soon but until then, when did Joel Parkinson do this air?