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GC: “Steel structure” to ease crowding!

Chas Smith

by Chas Smith

Australia's Gold Coast experiment could alter the very world!

If you have ever been to Snapper Rocks off Australia’s Gold Coast or even seen pictures you know that it is very very crowded. I sometimes see it as a vision of the post-apocalyptic world. A place where 90% of the world’s waves have been rendered worthless due either rising sea levels or nuclear poisoning. The remaining surfers scratch and kill over Snapper and ummmm Trestles, only banding together in order to fight roving bands of Chinese interlopers.

Damn Chinese.

And it was with this scenario in mind that I saw a headline with bleary eyes this morning from the Australian Broadcasting Corporation that read:

Surf Break Made of Fabricated Steel Aims to Reduce Crowding on Gold Coast Waves

But through bleary eyes and into an addled brain it read:

Fabricated Steel at Surf Break Aims to Reduce Crowding on Gold Coast Waves

And I immediately imagined an outside jail built right on the Snapper Rocks for unruly surfers or egregious snakes or anyone on a fun/egg shape or you know… the sorts of surfers we don’t like. They would be fished out of the water by a giant hook and put inside the jail for up to four hours, depending on the offense. In the post-apocalypse it will be used exclusively for Chinese interlopers.

Damn Chinese.

Then I read the story.

Steve Barrett of Offshore Surf Reefs has been working on a new concept of artificial reef for more than 10 years.

After successful wave tank trials at the University of NSW he is ready to put it to the test.

Mr Barrett has approached Tweed Shire Council for support to apply for a grant to help him build a prototype of his reef design.

If successful, he wants to trial his concept on the Tweed, with Dreamtime Beach at Kingscliff flagged by council officers as the likely test spot.

The artificial reef would be made of fabricated steel off site and floated 150m off shore where it would be attached to the seafloor.



Ummm. Have you ever surfed an artificial reef? Do you think they are more or less viable than Kelly Slater’s Wave Ranch technology? But do you think my idea of an outside jail is even more viable than either?

Me too.