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Bonus: Stab goes super nuclear II!

Chas Smith

by Chas Smith

"It’s pathetic, it really is."

Yesterday you were treated to a rare interview with Stab magazine’s co-founder Sam McIntosh pulled from new website The Business of Surf in which he became very publicly angry with BeachGrit for its general tone.

So nuclear!

He felt it is a “shitty look” to talk about an ex in business, that Derek and his “little biz partner mate” get “giddy” poking holes in Stab, that we get more pleasure from veteran surf writer Nick Carroll rolling in and throwing punches than we do making money, that Derek is not saving the environment or following John John Florence’s each and every move but rather “fixated” on the business he sold a decade ago.

So super nuclear!

But there was a giant chunk right in the middle of the interview that I missed because it was a pull quote. I generally pass pull quotes over, assuming they are in the text somewhere, but this one was not and so Derek gets a bonus thumping in the question:

Are you and him (Derek Rielly) still mates? Theres often a few digs at STAB via Beachgrit but is it all fair in love and war?

Let’s read!

The stories about Stab whirred back to life almost immediately, however, and it hasn’t really stopped since. So it’d be strange if I were close to someone whose biz was publishing so many stories about my business so, no, we’re definitely not friends. It’s pathetic, it really is.

Right in the gut!

Oh of course it goes without saying that Derek has never written a negative word about Stab on BeachGrit. Sure he covers the demise of Stab’s parent company SurfStitch but his work on that matter is cool and detached. He also regularly asks me to tone it down on the Stab matter but I don’t listen because, and again, I long for the yellow journalism days when Pulitzer fought Hearst and the world was entertained while whole wars were accidentally kick started.

But maybe I am wrong.

Maybe it is not fun at all. Maybe it is truly pathetic to joke about Stab, The Inertia, etc.

Is it pathetic?

Am I the only one having fun?

I’m actually asking seriously!

And Nick Carroll…. could you please stop rolling in and throwing punches and give me some money instead?

Thank you!