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Steal: WSL buys Mav for 1/2 price!

Chas Smith

by Chas Smith

But wait... That's not all!

Oh forgive the lateness on this reporting. I was flying back from Mexico yesterday etc. etc. and feel very badly for not being first to market on the revelation that the World Surf League just completed purchase of the Titans of Maverick event and got it for a song.

1/2 price!

Jake Howard of Stab beat me to this punch though his write up is boring seeing as he didn’t defame any fathers of young big wave surfers. There wasn’t even any high horse moralism. A total bummer.

So allow me to take over!

The WSL just agreed to purchase the permits for the Mavericks contest from Griffin Guess, the owner of Titans of Mavericks, and for 1/2 price.

A song!

You may recall that Mr. Guess tried to auction it away a few short months ago with starting bids of $1,000,000.00.

No one bid.

The WSL just bought it for $525,000.00 and is going to return it to the Big Wave Tour fold. And you think so what, right?

Well you are wrong!

The San Jose Mercury News buries a plot twist in their coverage. Griffin Guess is keeping the name Titans of Mavericks so he can turn it into a siiiiiiiiick clothing label.

Hell yeah!

Titans of Maverick!

Sickest new brand out HMB! (Half Moon Bay)

Who do you think it should sponsor? How many t-shirts will you buy?

This one?

Sorry. It’s sold out.