Disturbing: Unsealed lawsuit photographs depict well-muscled SeaWorld trainer with large buttocks “surfing” beached baby Killer Whale!

Round, full but not fat. Heavy.

Oh we are living in the last days, the end times, stuck in our own houses peering mournfully out the window terrified of our fellow man and the diseases in his lungs. But doesn’t it make you slightly wistful for simpler times when we could become very angry about genetically modified foods or Killer Whales who had been enslaved for our entertainment?

Blackfish, the 2013 documentary, struck many nerves with its depiction of apex-apex predators with sad, droopy fins. Even the world’s greatest surfer Kelly Slater became affected, writing on Instagram, “Have you seen the film #Blackfish yet? I assumed a lot about #Orcas’ intelligence but had no real knowledge on the subject. Adults spend their entire lives in pods alongside their parents and swim up to 100 miles/day. They’re one of the most intelligent and self-aware species in the world (making them highly inquisitive and unsuited for captivity).”

Well, the film led to a lawsuit and, as a result, new photographs just became released today.

Shall we peek?


Disturbing photos released during the ongoing SeaWorld vs Anderson Court Case-⁠

Seen in the photo, two trainers stand on the backs of two orcas (Taima and Malia) beached in the medical pool, posing and smiling for a photo. You may notice how large the male trainer may seem – he’s standing on an 18-month-old calf, pushing her head almost entirely under the water. At such a young age, the cervical vertebrae in Malia’s neck and the thoracic vertebrae in her back wouldn’t have been fully fused or formed and would’ve been susceptible to irreversible damage.⁠
While it was a common sight to see trainers standing on the whale’s rostrums and backs during performances, these stunts were only performed when the whale’s weight was supported by the water. Beached in the medical pool, Taima and Malia lack this support and are vulnerable to the pressure of their own weight, as well as the additional weight of their trainers. While it wasn’t an immediate threat for Taima and Malia, a cetacean’s own weight will begin to crush its internal organs if left beached for a prolonged period of time. Short term, it must’ve been very uncomfortable for the pair – something these trainers should’ve considered before prolonging their suffering further by taking photos.⁠
Potential harm to the animals aside, perhaps the most alarming aspect of this photo is how comfortable the trainers seem to be with disrespecting their animals – comfortable enough to pose for a photo nonetheless.⁠

Does this make you sad or do you think everyone is having much fun here including the baby Killer Whale?

What would Kelly Slater say?

My only real wonderment is why the well-muscled trainer with large buttocks is on the baby Killer Whale while the petite woman is on the full grown Killer Whale.

Do you know?

Any guesses?

More as the story develops.

Tortured juvenile Great White (pictured)
Tortured juvenile Great White (pictured)

New Zealand’s Dept. of Conservation fears nation’s fishermen turning into “sadistic, unrepentant, gleeful” torturers of juvenile Great White sharks!

Disturbing trends in Middle Earth.

But what if you had a child that began displaying sadistic behavior? Going into the yard, for instance, finding a frog and ripping its little froggy legs off while the animal writhed in pain. Would you punish via spanking? A good, long time out? Or would you feel a sense of pride in the rigid enforcement of humanities superiority?

I feel New Zealand’s Department of Conservation is chewing over this conundrum right this moment for as it was just revealed, the number of juvenile Great White sharks usually teeming in those coastal waters is dropping precipitously, due the behavior of some “bad apple” fishermen and let us go directly to Aukland’s 1 news for more.

“The number of juveniles being caught on fishing lines is a concern because these sharks are endangered, and it means they won’t grow to maturity and contribute to the breeding population,” Mr Duffy said.

“We want fishers to understand that white sharks are protected and should be released in the water immediately. They shouldn’t be hauled up the beach or dragged backwards by their tails because that will cause further injury.”

The sharks are vulnerable to a variety of fishing methods, including trawls, set nets and longlines, and have even been found drowned in crayfish pots.

In several instances, the sharks were quickly released and probably survived capture.

However, according to DOC, there has been cases where the carcasses were found discarded on beaches, and in some cases they had been butchered or had their jaws removed. There was also one carcass found finned before DOC staff were able to recover it.

While it is not illegal to accidentally catch or even kill a great white shark, all fishers are required to release it immediately and report the event to DOC or a fisheries officer as soon as possible, the agency said.

It is illegal to retain any part of the shark for food or as a memento or trophy, even if it is dead.

This whole “dragged backwards by tails” and “drowned in crayfish pots” seems very “putting kittens in a burlap sack and tossing it in the river.” Very “holding a butterfly down while slowly frying its little butterfly belly with a laser beam of sunlight through magnifying glass.”


And did you animal cruelty in children is a great predictor of future violence and criminality?

Much to ponder.

Watch: Brave Floridians laugh in the face of Coronavirus Pandemic, flock to the beach en masse for surf, sun and socialization!

Screw restrictions!

It was reported here, yesterday, that spring break had been cancelled in the state of Florida as hotels, restaurants, even the iconic Ron Jon Surf Shops, shut their doors and sent workers home. The Coronavirus Pandemic, having already eaten Chinese and Italian, is now hungry for American home cooking. Hamburgers, hot dogs and lungs used to breathing freedom. All reports suggest the novel disease is here in far greater numbers as reported due a shortage of testing and the best way to beat it is to stay home alone.

Well, nobody puts Floridians in the corner and the nation’s bravest population rushed to the beach, en masse, to enjoy warm albeit little waves, full sun and closeness with wonderful neighbors.

According to the local NBC news affiliate:

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis refused to issue an order to close the state’s beaches, despite fears regarding the spread of the coronavirus.

He instead signed an order that would limit parties on beaches to 10 people per group and force any businesses authorized to sell liquor to reduce occupancy by half, DeSantis told reporters Tuesday. The governor said that local governments can make their own decisions but that his order would follow the latest guidance issued by the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention.

“What we’re going to be doing for the statewide floor for beaches, we’re going to be applying the CDC guidance of no group on a beach more than 10 and you have to have distance apart if you’re going to be out there,” DeSantis said. “So that applies statewide.”

Aside from sporting the nation’s bravest population, Florida also boasts the highest percentage of elderly folk, whose lungs appear to be Coronavirus’s favorite treat, making the rush to the beach all the braver.

And do you think the aging Boomers will defeat the disease exactly like they defeated communism?

Through sheer American grit?

More as the story develops.

Watch: Julian Wilson and Red Bull Reprise Chris Coté/James Catto’s twenty-year-old surf-skate box grind!

Experience the magic of déjà vu…

Earlier today, and shortly after rewarding my triceps with loving strokes for completing ten consecutive push-ups, I received, via text, an Instagram post announcing a world first: Julian Wilson, on skate rail, in wave pool.


The story, if you click through to sugar drink factory website, makes for compelling reading.

Growing up 100m from the beach in the Australian town of Coolum, Julian Wilson’s life revolved around two things: surfing and skateboarding. While other childhood pastimes came and went – golf, motocross and more – the two board sports had Wilson’s heart from day one.

Although the 2014 Pipe Master clearly found his true calling in the ocean and the occasional injury saw him put away his deck for a month or two here and there, he never turned his back on skating, and last year he started to imagine combining his two passions. That’s where the idea for The Rail Project, building and then riding a skate-style rail in the waves, first sprang from.

Here, I felt the sensation called, in French, déjà vu or, in English, already seen.

In 2010, Julian was in a Canary Islands wavepool when a skate rail with floats attached, laboriously transported from Australia for a Stab magazine photo shoot as well as to form part of Kai Neville’s Lost Atlas, was shoved into his, Kolohe Andino, Evan Geiselman and Adam Melling’s path

A pointless exercise, I thought at the time, although Adam Melling refused to let that bone go and lost his FCS fins in the process.

Later, so much cocaine was served at the hotel party (no pro surfers involved) doors were flung open at a local brothel and several stubbornly flaccid cocks were called to arms.

Of course, we weren’t the first to think of the rail grind.

Western Australian surfer Jame Catto, a contemporary of Taj Burrow, some say even better, set his up at a Perth beach in, when was it, 2002?

And noted commentator and troubadour Chris Coté mounted his own rail in the water a few years later for a Transworld Surf shoot.

“Ricky Whitlock did it first I’m pretty sure, me second, Kalani David third. Julian’s is different though ’cause it’s a moving rail, his line to get to the rail was insanely difficult.”

History is written by the victors, as they say.

Jon Pyzel. Hero.
Jon Pyzel. Hero.

Coronavirus Silver Lining: Surfboard shaping, once the most toxic job in the world, now healthy, safe, encouraged by mothers!

It's a whole new world!

Our surfboard builders, our blue-collar heroes, put their very health at risk every single day so that we can have much pleasure. Oh we’re not like the World Surf League or Kelly Slater. We don’t have to build a massive wave pool in a drought-stricken desert and call it “environmentally sustainable.” We don’t have to lie to ourselves for we know that surfing is toxic both metaphorically and truly.

Toxic attitudes, toxic chemicals, toxic foams, odors, cleaning products, painting products, glassing products etc.

No sane mother would ever encourage her child to shape surfboards. She would rather her son take up the gigolo life as a healthier alternative. She would prefer her daughter stripping at clubs in the industrial part of town.

But Coronavirus has tipped our crazy globe upside down and who wears a fancy gas mask every day at the office?

Surfboard builders.

Who self-isolates in small rooms, alone, wearing a fancy gas mask?

Surfboard builders.

Who has a cranky, generally misanthropic attitude while wearing a fancy gas mask?

Surfboard builders.

Yes, surfboard builders will be one of the few classes of worker who survive this Coronavirus Zombie Apocalypse and I have no doubt mothers are instructing their children right now not to go back to school when those doors eventually swing wide. I have no doubt those same mothers will winking at any surfboard builder they see strutting down the street, gearing up for a future mate.