Katharine (pictured) sassy in all the wrong ways.
Katharine (pictured) sassy in all the wrong ways.

“Misunderstood but sassy” female Great White Shark seemingly comes back from the dead, packs on an extra 1000 lbs, “terrifying” scientists and researchers!


We human, we wily, wacky humans have all, each of us, been in at least one unhealthy relationship on our lives. Maybe a boyfriend who wore, used, Mick Fanning’s signature bottle opening sandal. A girlfriend who flashed around all over town. A husband who refused to do laundry. A wife who disappeared without a trace before suddenly returning very much overweight and vicious.

Sharks are no different and one particularly popular yet extraordinarily dangerous Great White named Katharine, who vanished off the face of the earth for over a year, just re-emerged likely 1000 lbs heavier and lookin’ for dysfunctional love.

Katharine had been fitted with a tracking device, much like an ankle monitor used for Mama June, but the signal went dead.

Where did Katharine go? She describes herself as “misunderstood but sassy” on her personal Twitter account, terrifying scientists and researchers alike as both descriptors are favored by the most problematic exes.

Extremely scary but let us turn to The Gray Lady for the absolute latest.

For years, Katharine, who is named after Katharine Lee Bates, the writer of the verses to “America the Beautiful,” delighted the public, especially when she drew near coastlines, as reports of her whereabouts appeared on Ocearch’s online tracking map.

Her Twitter account (“misunderstood but sassy girl just tryin’ to get some fish”) gained more than 61,000 followers.

“The people in Florida just fell in love with her,” said Chris Fischer, the founder of Ocearch. “She became the ambassador, the diplomat for the ocean.”

And then came May 12, 2019. A ping placed her about 150 miles off the coast of Charleston, S.C.

After that, nothing. She was not heard from again.

Had she died? Was she looking for a bigger boat? Was she practicing social distancing?

Then at the end of March came a single faint ping. It was first thought to be a “ghost transmission,” said Bryan Franks, an assistant professor of marine science at Jacksonville University in Florida, who works closely with Ocearch.

On April 4, three more pings came in less than 24 hours. Mr. Franks said that many signals in a compressed time led researchers and the satellite company that collects the data to believe it was indeed Katharine.

Rough guesses based on those transmissions put her about 200 miles off the coast of Virginia. Katharine was not considered a full adult when she was tagged in 2013, but she has likely added 1,000 pounds since then, Mr. Fischer said.

Do you think Florida will take her back?

Let’s hope the state has more sense.

Let’s really hope that lessons were learned as they relate to “toxic” relationships and that Florida is ready to prioritize emotional health.

More as the story develops.

Watch: Bucolic North County, San Diego town explodes into fiery protest against draconian “stay at home” orders!

A love story.

I was drinking my second cup of coffee, yesterday morning, when I saw the news helicopter floating above what I assumed to be Swamis, the semi-famous surf break located in Encinitas, California.

Hovering low.

Immediately, I guessed there must be a protest of some sort. Frustration has been palpable over the past few days as North County San Diego has seen no new Coronavirus cases since April 11 yet city councils continue to close public spaces, lock the beaches and misdeamean people who dare to sit in their car, watching the sun set, or eat Asian fusion cuisine outdoors.

“Time to be a surf journalist…” I thought to myself, hoping the protest involved a defiant paddle-out.

It did not and I missed most of the scene as the protesters had marched up a street leading away from the beach and made their way through a neighborhood. A few remained, holding signs that read “Your fear doesn’t cancel my rights.” and “Free the beaches.”

As I sat on the hood of my truck, pondering these wild times, a early 2000s minivan came screeching up, its driver a early 50s hippie with frizzy brown hair, teeth clearly brushed with Tom’s of Maine and a giant placard in her window that declared “VEGAN.”

“Did I miss it?” She asked.

“I think they’re up in the neighborhoods now.” I responded.

She whipped out an early 2013 iPhone and bid me over as she was tracking the band of rebels via Instagram Live.

“I take it you think they went to far with all these closures, tickets and trouncing of our civil liberties.” She said as I got within her 6 foot bubble in order to see how many protesters there were, both of us maskless.

“It’s ridiculous.” I responded.

“A complete joke…” she interjected “…the fault of big Pharma and the industrial animal farms.”

I didn’t know what the industrial animal farms had to do with any of it unless the Wuhan bats were raised on one.

We chatted a bit more then she clunked off to find the action.

I read her bumper sticker “Billions of animals are abused & violently killed because you eat meat” and continued pondering. Never in my life have I had common cause with an aggressive, older vegan. Never been on the same team, as it were, and will this be an unforeseen but wonderfully welcomed outcome of the Coronavirus Clampdown?

A bulldozing of the incredibly dull left/right trenches and a new, funner war pitting those who love state security versus the jackboot skeptics?


More as the story develops.

La Jolla's Dez Dunfee ain't one for commie lockdowns either. | Photo: @derekdunfee

Californian Mayor turns on state’s no-surfing ban: “Since when did catching a wave turn into an illegal activity worthy of a $1,000 fine and a misdemeanor?”

"Enforcement of these prohibitions is not in the public’s interest. These orders are an abuse of power that infringe on basic civil liberties and defy common sense."

Little Coronado, that pretty little quasi-island in San Diego Bay famous for its Navy SEAL training camp, has become ground zero for the surfing-ain’t-a-crime movement.

In a missive released by the town’s mayor, Rich Bailey, and headlined, Can We All Agree That Surfing Should Not Be a Crime, he writes:

A viral video from earlier this week shows a lone surfer, in the ocean near La Jolla, fleeing the water as multiple law enforcement officials chase him down in a powerboat.  As the surfer exits the waves and runs up the sandy bluff, dozens of spectators are seen cheering on his display of civil disobedience.


Since when did catching a wave turn into an illegal activity worthy of a $1,000 fine and a misdemeanor?

Although state and county health officials have credited social distancing for reducing the spread of Covid-19 in our region, effective April 10, county health officials made it illegal to participate in a variety of activities, regardless of whether social distancing was possible, including surfing.

With rare exception, the public has practiced social distancing as part of the collective effort to protect our most vulnerable population. The success of these efforts is evidenced by the low case and hospitalization rate in San Diego county. However, the latest county health order is unreasonable threatens to erode the public’s trust and compliance.

In addition to turning lone surfers into criminals, the county health order also criminalized fishing alone on your boat, paddle boarding in the bay, and even watching a sunset from your car.

For a policy to be effective, it must be evenly applied, logically sound, and in the public’s best interest.

If social distancing can be maintained, does it really matter if you are social distancing in the ocean or on land? Does it make a difference if you are six feet apart from one another while walking on the sidewalk versus walking on the beach?

If you are catching fish from your boat, are you more of a danger to the public’s health than buying fish at the grocery store?

Of course not. Six feet is six feet.

Enforcement of these prohibitions is not in the public’s interest. These orders are an abuse of power that infringe on basic civil liberties and defy common sense while putting the health of the public and enforcement officers at risk.

The public deserves to be treated with trust and respect. Policies that are arbitrary, inconsistently applied, and criminalize harmless activities erode the public’s trust.

As politicians, economists, and health officials begin to deliberate on how to safely reopen the county and state, many consequential decisions will be made with lives and livelihoods hanging in the balance.

Before we get too far ahead of ourselves, can we at least agree that surfing should not be a crime?


“We are equally as aggressive in the development off-platform space as we are for the on-platform and even social space that you’re seeing,” WSL CEO Erik Logan told Front Office Sports.

#HomeBreakChallenge: Make up to $2500 as WSL casts net for “REAL SURFER WHO IS MAKING ‘SURF’ FILMS AT HOME”

'Looking for REAL surfers who have been getting creative at home while in lockdown and have made films of them 'surfing'"

A few weeks ago, the WSL, a content generation company that was once a front for a world surfing tour, launched an initiative called #HomeBreakChallenge.

If you self-identify as a “surfer” you are encouraged to post videos of you, or kid or pal, pretending to surf.

According to the WSL website, “The WSL Home Break Challenge has been going off! We will be crowning the world’s first 2020 WSL Home Break Challenge champ, so good luck!”

Entries include,




All inspiring, welcoming, inclusive and so on.

But did you know there was a casting call for “real surfer” to star in the making of these little videos, offering up to $2500 for adults, $1500 for kids and a minimum $500, adults, and $250, kids, for a four-hour filming session?

Here’s an email doin’ the rounds.

Project Falconbear

Commercial, Non-Union Posted: 4/6/2020

Union Status Non-Union

Conflicts N/A – but it is for a major social network platform

Run(Usage) 3 months TV North America, and paid online media. 12 months non-broadcast, industrial, unpaid online media, internal, PR.

Rate Adults: $500/4 hr session, $2500 buyout if featured in final edit, Kids: $250/4 hr session, $1500 buyout if featured in final edit

Submissions Due By 4/18/2020

Audition Dates 4/9/2020, 4/10/2020, 4/11/2020, 4/12/2020, 4/13/2020, 4/14/2020, 4/15/2020, 4/16/2020, 4/17/2020

Shoot/Performance Dates 

4/13/2020, 4/14/2020, 4/15/2020, 4/16/2020, 4/17/2020, 4/18/2020, 4/19/2020

Shoot/Performance Dates Note


Project Notes 


Adult Session Fee: $500/shoot day || reshoot fee (if required) $250

Child Session Fee: $250/shoot day || reshoot fee (if required) $100

Adult Buyout: $2,500/ 3 months TV North America, and paid online media. 12 months

non-broadcast, industrial, unpaid online media, internal, PR.

Child Buyout: $1,500/ 3 months TV North America, and paid online media. 12 months

non-broadcast, industrial, unpaid online media, internal, PR.


-Designated as a 4 hr period to be directed from home via laptop or phone/mobile device


-An additional 2 hr period to be directed from home via laptop or phone/mobile device


TERM: In Perpetuity

TERRITORY: Worldwide

Special terms

● The Contributor/Artist waives any right to approve of the Materials, Campaign, Creative, works.

● The Contributor/Artist waives any right to enjoin or impair CLIENT’s use of the Materials Any footage (UGC) shot/supplied/shared by contributors for the purpose of this campaign

is fully cleared for the use on the above Media/Term/Territories and no further fees are applicable.

● The Contributor confirms that they have the absolute right to or permission to grant to us the right to show on film photograph and recordings all or any part of their Property and no further consents are required from any person(s) with respect to them entering into this





REAL SURFER WHO IS MAKING “SURF” FILMS AT HOME / Non-Union / Principal / Male or Female / All Ethnicities / 13-99

We will be hosting Skype and FaceTime interviews ONLY – do not submit talent if they do not have access

Looking for REAL surfers who have been getting creative at home while in lockdown and have made films of them “surfing” – please see reference videos:




[email protected]

1. Name, Age

2. Location (city, state)

3. Contact info (cell, email, Skype/FaceTime)

4. Tell us about yourself and your love of surfing. Please include links to your stop motion videos

5. Recent photos

Wardrobe: Surf attire – we will want to see your set up during your interview

Rate: Adults: $500/4 hr session, $2500 buyout if featured in final edit, Kids: $250/4 hr session, $1500 buyout if featured in final edit

As WSL CEO Erik Logan told Front Office Sport, “I’m very bullish that the other side of this is going to be a more robust media property with the World Surf League and a more inclusive media property for our endemic partners, our surfers, and our fans. And, I think, a more widely consumed product than we’ve ever had before because of the platforms, so I’m energized by the opportunity we have to think about the business.”

Watch: Police storm, forcibly shutter, surf shop as “sport of kings” becomes bigger threat to public than heroin, terrorism, human trafficking!

"Surfing isn't essential."

Who would have ever prognosticated this day, right here, arriving when surfing becomes more deadly, more dangerous, a bigger threat to the general pubic’s well-being than drug smuggling, violent terrorism (all varietals), Ponzi schemes and motorcycle gang shenanigans?

But here we are.





And let us travel to Oceanside, California where an evil surf shop dared to exist in the Time and Coronavirus.

The gall.

Thankfully, SurfRide was stormed, forcibly shuttered by the Gestapo.


“Surfing isn’t essential” -Oceanside Police Dept.

OPD has officially shut us down from doing appointment based shopping. Apparently surf retail isn’t deemed essential, and 1 person in a 10,000 sqf building doesn’t seem to comply with 6’ social distancing. Our appointment based sales weren’t crushing it by any means, but the extra couple dollars it was bringing in helped us cover basic expenses like electricity, Internet, trash (which we couldn’t temporarily cancel because retail wasn’t required to shut down…) and other basics. Along with the sales we were able to provide the community with Birthday Presents, surf Necessities, an escape from being locked up if only for 15mins, and that glorious smell of wax as you walk in the front door.

There’s never been a time when we need the support from our local community now more than ever! I know we don’t have a ton of stuff online yet, but any sales help. The best thing is to purchase a gift card, that way once this is all over you will be able to come load up on all your surf essentials and finally enjoy the ocean once again. #SurfingIsEssential #SurfingIsNotACrime

But surfing is a crime. A crime worse than human smuggling, serial murder and identity theft.

Should we make leather jackets etc?

More as the story develops.