Tony Hardy in 1976.

Former Australian champion surfer-shaper’s murder sentence delayed after psychiatrists disagree over his mental health on day of killing

Psychiatrists disagree over where surf legend sits on the "schizophrenic spectrum."

The former Australian champion Tony Hardy has had his sentence for murdering his ex-wife’s husband temporarily postponed after differing psychiatric assessments over how his mental illness affected him on the day of the killing in 2018.

Tony had belted his ex-wife’s husband, David Graves, who was seventy-five, with an aluminium pole fatally injuring the man; Tony’s ex-wife Jacqui was also hospitalised for injuries.

Tony, who is seventy, was set to argue he was not criminally responsible on the basis he was of unsound mind but changed his plea, admitting to his ex-wife’s husband’s murder and causing grievous bodily harm to his ex-wife.

The events on the day of the killing reveal a tragic stacking of grievances fuelled by Hardy’s schizophrenia.

As reported by WAtoday,

Mr Graves was married to Hardy’s ex-wife Jacqui and the couple had built a house in Holbrook Street, Margaret River, that they offered to as a rental to Hardy, who had taken to living in his car.

But during his time living at the house, he remained living in his car in the property’s garage, complaining about the heat and wanting the garage door painted white, the court heard.

Prosecutor Michael Cvetkoski told the court that Hardy and the couple had several arguments until they eventually called in a painter to paint the garage, which was expected to take five days.

Hardy took to sleeping in his car, parked at the local showgrounds.

The night before the murder, the couple were forced to stay at the house after access to their Augusta residence was cut off by bushfires.

At 3.40pm the next day, Hardy visited the property to get water for his 4 litre canteen and parked on the front garden.

Mr Graves was outside painting a windowsill when they got in an argument about where Hardy had parked his car, Mr Cvetkoski said.

The argument “exploded” into a physical struggle, with Hardy overpowering Mr Graves, who fell backwards over a shrub, the court heard.

It was then Hardy went for the 1.5m painter’s pole and struck Mr Graves to the chest as he tried to get up, before hitting him again to the left side of his neck.

Mr Cvetkoski said Hardy heard a “cracking noise” and Mr Graves did not move again.

Hardy left swearing “you bastards”, but didn’t think Mr Graves was dead, the court heard.

If you live around Margaret River, you’ll know Hardy and his brood. Amazing surf family. Tony is pops to surfer-bodyboarders Gene, Ryan, Brett and Josh.

All of ’em except Josh have won a State surfing title. Even his granddaughter Willow scooped one up to go alongside her two Small Fries crowns.

But Tony stopped surfing a while back; blamed age, injuries.

He was what you’d call, in polite company, an eccentric. You’d see him at Main Break, Margaret River, the wave he owned in the seventies, trimming the pig-face that has grown over the footpath. Or stopped at the side of the road in Margs with his shears trimming the bush.

The disagreement between psychiatrists in court centred around where Hardy sat on the “schizophrenic spectrum” and his “delusional thought patterns.”

Hardy told the court he was acting in self-defence over being constantly told “how to live.”

Next court date, May 27.

Shark discovered in Florida with striking resemblance to former U.S. President Donald J. Trump: “I think it’s funny and unique. I have never heard of anybody comparing a shark to a human!”

"Am I alone to see a trump hair shape?"

Underwater photographer and videographer Tanner Mansell from Jupiter, Florida snapped a still that has a Trump-starved public going bananas. And you are certainly aware that the 45th President of the United States has recently vacated the White House and moved south, to Florida, wherein an Office for the Former President has been established.

All run of the mill except for his doppelgänger swimming just off shore.

Mansell did not immediately see the resemblance but posted the picture of a lemon shark doing what scientists called “gaping.”

“After a meal, sometimes the ligaments and tendons can become stressed and out of place, so the sharks will open their jaws as wide as they can to re-align everything, and extend their jaws from the head.” Mansell said. “Kind of like they will do before chomping down on a big meal. I had been trying to get a photo of the ‘jaw gaping’ for over a year, I had seen them do it so many times but they were always too far away, facing the wrong direction, and I never had the opportunity to photograph it.”

Well, the stars came together, he nailed the shot and, immediately, the comments began to flood.

“I wanna apologise in advance to the shark but he looks like Trump.”

“Looks like Donald Trump Shark.”

“Am I alone to see a trump hair shape?”


You’ll recall that Stormy Daniels spoke about Trump’s relationship with sharks a handful of years ago, claiming he is “obsessed” and “terrified” also “hoping the entire species is wiped off the face of the earth.”

Do you think his opinion will change now that he can see himself in a shark’s face?


Mansell is now world famous and said, “I think it’s funny and unique. I have never heard of anybody comparing a shark to a human.”

I have.

Greg Norman.


Rafael Kroeff (pictured) top red circle.
Rafael Kroeff (pictured) top red circle.

Miracle on Maui: Brazilian surfer held underneath water for over a minute at Jaws saves himself through proprietary blend of mindfulness and breath control!

Sign up today.

Brazilian surfer Rafael Kroeff, 38, was out towing Jaws on the legendary January 16 swell when things went sideways. After letting go of the rope and realizing he was in an unfortunate position, Kroeff paddled his tow board over one wave but could not escape the second which also featured a windsurfer barreling down the line.

Of all the dirty luck.

A windsurfer?

Of all the dirty, rotten luck.

Kroeff did not panic though and worked the problem “I decided to hold my board to protect the windsurfer, I was worried that my board might hit him.” he said, selflessly. “I’ve been working with breathing for over 20 years using yoga and functional training to train surfers. I created my own training program five years ago mixing all that with the foundation on mindfulness of breathing.”

As dirty, rotten luck would have it, the wave pushed him down, down, down but thankfully he had those breathing protocols.

“I used a manoeuvre we use to close the glottis so you don’t drink water and sink, I was aware of everything and never lost my consciousness.” he said. “I felt the pressure on my ears because I was super deep but super quickly, I had equalized my ears. I was very focused on being calm but it was the longest ever time underwater for me.”

After being under for over a minute, he resurfaced and was snatched up by many skis, giving him time to assess the damage.”My neck got stiff and my throat was kind of blocked for 24hours, but I’m 100% now. I never took medicine or went to the hospital, got back home to Oahu and went straight to my ice bath, and after that I was 80%.”

Very fine and do you think the Rafael Kroeff School of Mindfulness and Breath Control will have very long waitlist?

I know I’m on it and I recommend the same for you.

4 – 6 ft Cardiff Reef will cease to stalk my nightmares.

Watch both Kroeff and the windsurfer get pounded here.

Breaking: The near magical State of Florida, sensing bold opportunity, offers to host 2021 Olympic Games if Tokyo decides to opt out!

Hello, Aaron Cormican!

Fortune favors the bold, they say, and most things they say are silly but this is entirely and completely true. The only multi-billionaires hedging bets, being careful, not acting boldly are multi-billionaires who have inherited their fortunes and are ashamedly dithering them away.

In any case, the United State of Florida, sensing bold opportunity, offered to host the 2021 Olympic Games today just in case Tokyo is not up for it.

You may have read the leaked missives, released days ago, suggesting that Japan may be cooling on the idea of hosting a once-every-four-years bacchanal in the heat-adjacent of Covid-19. Officials quickly denied the cold feet though Florida, smelling bold fortuity, declared desire.

Per Yahoo Sports:

Florida’s chief financial officer on Monday told the International Olympic Committee that the state would be happy to host the Olympics Games amid speculation that current hosts Japan may back out.

Jimmy Patronis sent a letter to Thomas Bach, the head of the IOC, “to encourage you to consider relocating the 2021 Olympics from Tokyo, Japan to the United States of America, and more specifically to Florida.”

“With media reports of leaders in Japan ‘privately’ concluding that they are too concerned about the pandemic for the 2021 Olympics to take place, there is still time to deploy a site selection team to Florida,” he said.

The letter, signed by Patronis and posted online, cited the supposed strength of state’s vaccination roll-out, its economic re-opening and sports events it has hosted during the pandemic, as well as the fact that its theme parks, including Disney World, are open for business.

How happy is Yahoo not to be Twitter or Facebook right now with all those monopoly issues? But also, conundrum. I love Japan more than any country save Yemen. I love Florida more than any state save Wyoming.

Where does that leave me?


Team Japan, clearly.

But good on Team Florida.

Fortune favors the boozy.

Kanoa Igarashi better get ready to claim a love of hush puppies, tax-free livin’ and tomahawk chops.


But where would the surfing in Florida be conducted.

New Smyrna, obviously, but where else?

Man left "shocked and confused" when Hawaiian vacay goes wrong.

VALS offer roadmap to peace as “laidback” Byron Bay surf spots revealed to be terrorised by violent, dog-hating misogynists: “I want men to use their power, their privilege and their social status in the surf to condemn that behaviour rather than allowing it.”

"Some guys will just paddle straight past you to the inside and catch the next wave even if you’re right there in the spot waiting."

Two weeks ago, the VAL surfing world was rocked after an almost-violent episode at The Pass in Byron Bay with insult added to injury when “older white men” made fun of the surfer’s plight on the Instagram account @lordsofbyronbay, which described the event as “tragic” and “emotional.”

(Read here.)

Now, it can be revealed that the incident wasn’t isolated and that hell-raisers are terrorising Byron Bay surf spots, including popular beginner waves The Pass and Wategos. 

In a story that appeared in the Byron shire’s Echo Net Daily yesterday and headlined “When the Endless Dream Turns Sour”, the surfer reported in our previous story, Ben Mallinson, is interviewed on the near-fight that left him “shocked and confused”.

For Mr Mallinson, and a significant number of other local surfers, the issue has a deeper cause – an unhealthy surf culture in which aggression and abuse are deemed acceptable behaviours by men.

‘Somehow, we’ve arrived at this point in coastal culture where it’s totally justifiable and okay for men to abuse other men,’ Mr Mallinson says. ‘We seem to be stuck in this loop that comes from these old legacies of behaviour.’

Ominously, reports the Echo, “It was an ugly incident, but far from an isolated one.”

The region’s most popular surf spots such as The Pass, Wategos and Tallows regularly feature acts of aggression, anger and abuse, including a number of serious assaults.

One particular surfer at Wategoes is infamous within the local surf community for his aggressive and violent behaviour towards both men and women.

‘I was paddling out over the white wash as he was riding in on the wave,’ said one surfer who asked to remain anonymous. ‘He targeted me by coming as close as he could with a cut back… even though he had no need to. [Then] I get my foot squished [by his board]. You can’t say anything to him. He’ll fight you – man, woman, paddle boarder, dog, whoever.’


Fellow local surfer, Ellen, believes it’s time for surfers to have ‘a calm conversation with their mates’ when they behave aggressively. She said the unhealthy side of local surf-culture included men not respecting women in the line-up.

‘Some guys will just paddle straight past you to the inside and catch the next wave even if you’re right there in the spot waiting,’ she said.

Which side do you fall, calm conversations over fair trade coffee, or beach justice?