Happy fan at earlier Surf Ranch contest. | Photo: Steve Sherman/@tsherms

Rumor: Top five World Surf League pro boycotts allotment of Surf Ranch practice waves ahead of competition, “Feels the whole thing is an abomination, anti-nature, soulless and not the only one feeling this way!”

A masked mutineer!

A hot rumor from a well-placed source floated across my horizon this morning, wafting on the cool ocean mists blanketing coastal San Diego and Orange counties. Allegedly, a professional surfer on the World Surf League’s championship tour who is currently in the top 5 has boycotted her or his practice waves ahead of tomorrow’s Surf Ranch opener out of “sheer dread.”

As you may, or may not, know, each surfer who competes in the Surf Ranch Pro gets a set number of practice waves on the days before the event. If memory serves, two lefts and two rights. It is important for any professional to re-familiarize themselves with the Ranch, its peculiarities etc., and turning the opportunity down is akin to mutiny.

My source says, “(The surfer in question) did not want to go to Lemoore ahead of the heat wave but now dreads it. Hates the wave, hates the heat, hates Lemoore and really hates the hotel. Doesn’t care about missing practice or where they finish in the comp due to lack of practice. Feels the whole thing is an abomination, anti-nature, soulless and not the only one feeling this way.”


And by the sheer numbers of professionals not showing up for various injuries and whatnot it would seem the mutiny is well under way.

Back to international bodyboarder Ronaldo and his single-handed sinking of Coca-Cola, how many mutinous surfers would it take to sink Surf Ranch?

Also, let’s speculate wildly as to who the above top 5 pro is!

Kings of the world, Musk and Biolos.

Better than Bitcoin: Tesla x Matt Biolos surfboard records almost six hundred percent increase in value in three years!

Two free-market geniuses walk into a bar… 

Three years ago, Tesla and Lost surfboards announced a surfboard collaboration. Two hundred of ‘em. Fifteen hundred American shekels apiece, fins extra. 

Three hundred grand in potential sales.

Two days after the launch, all 200 boards had been sold, tech YouTuber Marques Brownless typical of the sorta consumer who’d buy a $US1500 Tesla board. Brownlee’s fans went nuts, the tweet liked 11,000 times and retweeted 800 times.

Now, that surfboard is worth around ten gees, according to a recent post on craigslist, the American classified advertisements website. 

An unopened six-eight El Patron with “a rounded pin tail allowing confident navigation in crowded line ups and wide variety of surfs” is for sale in Concord, California, a few blocks west of the Forgiveness Ministries and thirty miles east of homeless utopia San Francisco. 

The board will ship in its original wrapping, although, as per the original sale, FCSII fins are not included. 

Biolos said the collab happened after “one of the WSL athlete’s managers reached out and told me that Tesla was looking for someone to partner with on a ‘special surfboard’. ”

Matt says he had a little chat with the “Tesla people” and told ’em what was realistically possible, i.e. the sled wasn’t gonna have interplanetary ability or a built-in television screen.

“The bottom line,” said Matt, “is the boards are works of fully functional art. The Black Dart build is legit. They work really well. It’s such a true collab because we are delivering a sanded finish board and they do the flood/matte finish in the car factory! I’ve never really heard of a major product collab where both brands actually contribute to real construction and labor on the finished product. It’s not like Burton X Star Wars or anything.”

Biolos says while there was no direct contact with Elon Musk himself (note to reader: all three images featured in our stories have been manipulated in Photoshop) “he signed off on the concept and was well aware of our progress and execution and got the final approval.”

Controversy: The famed BSR wave tank in Waco, Texas appears to be rebranding as “The Surf Ranch!”

Cease and resist!

A fine BeachGrit patron, as fine as any I’d imagine, regularly makes the roughly two-hour drive from Austin, Texas to Waco, home of the very famous BSR Cable Park and accompanying wave pool. He enjoys himself amongst those American Wave Machine waves and surfs well and the drive is pleasant enough with burger joints dotting the roadway.


Today, though, when he prepared himself to check-in ahead of his time he was greeted with new signage.

And there we have it.

An apparent re-branding turning BSR into “The Surf Ranch.”

Kelly Slater and the World Surf League will certainly be vexed and send cease and desist letters followed by nastier, angrier cease and desist letters but I wonder if it is all so cut and dry.

Kelly Slater’s Surf Ranch, in Lemoore, California is surrounded by dairies. Waco, Texas is surrounded by cattle ranches. If the matter went to court, couldn’t a judge properly rule that dairies are not ranches, ranches are ranches, thus Waco has a greater claim to the word “ranch” and, therefore, “Surf Ranch?”

George W. Bush has a ranch near Waco, Texas. I’d imagine he also has friends on the court.

Which side do you take in this War of the Surf Ranches?

Exciting days ahead.

Brother versus brother etc.

Breaking: Scientists fear mass spontaneous human combustion event as Surf Ranch Pro forecasted to get underway during blistering heat storm!

Not cool.

The Surf Ranch Pro presented by Adobe gets underway this Friday June 18 and we know this, for a fact, because nature is not responsible for the waves but rather 11x World Champion Kelly Slater and his custom built sled.

Very cool.

Not very cool is that Friday June 18 is forecasted to have a daytime high of 111f or 44c.


Social scientists know that 111 in Lemoore actually feels like 164f 73c due the way heat sticks to bovine flatulence then expands.

Real scientists are generally worried about a mass spontaneous human combustion event.

According to Encyclopedia Britannica:

Descriptions of spontaneous human combustion date back to the 17th century, with a large number of cases recorded in the 19th century and a handful in the 20th and 21st centuries. Altogether, there are a few hundred recorded possible cases. Although the scientific support for spontaneous human combustion was weaker than Dickens stated, it was a widely discussed phenomenon in his time. The public largely accepted it as a reality on moral grounds. The victims were often alcoholic and overweight, and more were female than male, so there was a general perception that it was a kind of retribution for a debauched lifestyle. This idea was reinforced by lurid newspaper accounts of suspected cases. It made intuitive sense, after all, that a body saturated with a flammable substance—alcohol—would become flammable.

Nothing says “debauched lifestyle” like Surf Ranch.

Retribution imminent.

Sorry Kelly Slater.

Coca-Cola loses $4b in value overnight after famous international bodyboarder Ronaldo removes two iconic bottles from his press conference table with disgusted look on face!


Famous international bodyboarder Cristiano Ronaldo made waves, overnight, by tanking the value of juggernaut Coca-Cola by $4 billion after he removed two bottles from his press conference table, plastered a disgusting look across his face, found a bottle of water and said “Agua.”

Ronaldo, best known for putting his body on a boogie, also plays the sport of soccer and was in Budapest, Hungry for the UEFA Euro 2020 tournament.

After Portugal’s win he sat down, per the norm, and readied himself to field questions from reporters but was stopped by two smaller than normal bottles of Coca-Cola that had been placed on the table. He slowly slid them to the far end of the table, as far as possible and spruiked his beverage of choice.

The market reacted instantaneously with shares of Coca-Cola plummeting.

A Coca-Cola spokesperson, trying to stop the bleeding, responded, “Everyone is entitled to their drink preferences with different tastes and needs,” and also let it be known that Coca-Cola also owns water brands.

4 billion dollars.


It makes me wonder about the general star power of our surfers. If Gabriel Medina, say, removed a box of Barefoot Wine from his post-Surf Ranch presser would the stock go down?

What if John John Florence removed it?

Kolohe Andino?

Carissa Moore?

Kelly Slater?

If they all removed a box of Barefoot Wine together could they tank the brand entirely?

I’m smelling another crowdfund…

More as the story develops.