Law firm signals intent to sue “surfer website Quiksilver” over alleged violation of California privacy laws

Come make $5000!

The ink is just barely dry on the Authentic Brands Group acquisition of every surf brand that every existed and look, trouble already. Quiksilver, very iconic and important counting Kelly Slater, Tom Carroll and Mikey Wright amongst its former/current stable of stars is being fingered by “privacy protection attorneys” for potentially “violating California privacy laws” in a scintillating post.

“You may be entitled entitled to compensation of up to $5000,” it begins with eye-popping wow before settling in.

“If you’ve visited’s website they may be violating your rights under the California Consumer Privacy Act. You could be entitled to up to $5000 in compensation.”

Those who call Riverside home are instructed to visit the Swigart Law Group.

“Welcome to the Swigart Law Group!” its website reads, “Thank you for trusting us with your legal needs.”

“We are helping customers file individual arbitrations for alleged violations of California’s invasion of privacy laws. We are not filing a class action. We are handling these cases as individual arbitration claims.”

“Please answer the following questions to help us determine if you are eligible to file an individual arbitration against”

A series of questions are asked, sussing out if the Fresno resident qualifies.

I bet you wish you were more supportive of the Mountain and the Wave now that 5000 big ones are on the line, don’t you.

Well, lesson learned.

Dozer Dave (right) with Shane's boy Jackson. Photo: Instagram
Dozer Dave (right) with Shane's boy Jackson. Photo: Instagram

Brother-in-law of surf industry fixture who died on medical retreat Shane Dorian vociferously defends big wave stud

"Dave was an adult and made his own decisions, this is in no way on Shane and it would anger David that anyone thought that was the case."

Yesterday, the surf world lost one of its own. “Dozer” Dave Barnett, podcast host, surf history buff, fixture, died of cardiac arrest in Tijuana, Mexico whilst on a medical retreat with Shane Dorian. The big wave stud, very banged up from years upon years of taking poundings, had traveled south of the border in order to receive stem-cell therapy not available in the United States.

Dorian, ever gracious, shared details of the journey with legion fans very interested in the life-altering properties of the aforementioned stem-cells. Dozer Dave, as it was later revealed, traveled with Shane and was very excited to find relief from his own nagging injuries.

Alas, things went sideways near the end, Dave losing his life, surf fans seeking scapegoat.

Well, Dozer’s brother-in-law came swinging in, defending Dorian from blame in a message to your li’l old BeachGrit, writing:

I am Dozer’s brother-in-law and a physician. David had severe health issues that he doesn’t mention in his video, and his sudden respiratory arrest causing cardiac arrest could have happened at any time. Did the intense week of therapy precipitate this? Possibly, but David knew the risks and despite being counseled by myself and others to wait on this until his health improved through more traditional therapies, he pushed the clinic to treat him. Dave was an adult and made his own decisions, this is in no way on Shane and it would anger David that anyone thought that was the case.

Powerful, no? So eager are we to nanny others that we forget the gorgeous beauty of free will.

Many condolences, in any case, to the Barnett family.


Increasingly furious baseball fans join surf fans in rage against truncated finals formats: “The Dodgers and Braves have been Carissa Moore’d!”

Ire in the autumn air.

It is October in America, that time of year when Laird Superfood Pumpkin Spice fills the air and baseball the soul. Yes, while the World Surf League may claim to be the nation’s pastime, baseball has long occupied that slot. The season, which kicks off in spring, consists of 162 games winding through the dog days of summer and culminating in autumn.

The Fall Classic.

Now, in times past, the top three teams from each of the three division, both National and American Leagues, punched their playoff ticket to the playoffs alongside the National and American League team with the best record that didn’t win its division as wildcards.

The Major League Baseball powers that be, though, wanted to add some spice and expanded the wildcard portion, allowing a few more teams a shot at the Big Dance. These teams play a three game series, then the winner plays the team with the best record in its league.

This tinkering has been compared to the World Surf League’s decision to implement “Finals Day” wherein the top five surfers, male and female, head to Lower Trestles to compete in a winner-take-all showdown.

While the intention was to “increase excitement” in both baseball and surfing, the results have also benefited upstarts that just so happened to “get hot.”

Take Stephanie Gilmore’s worst-to-first 2022 performance in which Carissa Moore, the champion all year, was unseated.

Or, over on the baseball side, the Arizona Diamondbacks sweeping the Los Angeles Dodgers even though the Dodgers were ahead of the D-Backs by sixteen games at season end.

Last year, the Dodgers were undone by the San Diego Padres in similar fashion, leaving Dodger fans furious and wanting the playoff format changed back to the way it was.


Message boards and op-eds are filled with “salty” messages from Dodgers, and Braves, fans decrying the “Carissa Moore-ing” of teams that proved their worth all season only to get “Lower Trestled.”

Surf fans not named Richard Toledo nodding quietly.

Will the grousing lead to changes?

Do you have thoughts on the matter or a horse in the race?

The Texas Rangers take on the Houston Astros tonight for the American League pennant.

All action, no lulls.

Tahitian surfers protest building of $5 million Olympic judging tower on Teahupoo’s coral reef as part of “sustainable” Paris 2024 Games

“It will completely destroy a large part of the lagoon in the face of the most beautiful wave in the world!”

A few weeks back the vaguely humorous story of Olympic organisers tearing down the old WSL wooden judging tower at Teahupoo and replacing it with a magnificent aluminium structure for the three-day event at a cost of five mill US.

Necessary, I suppose.

The old tower is rickety as hell, and who wants to be responsible for besuited officials plunging to their doom after a cross-beam snaps and brings the whole thing down, but a little rich, given Paris 2024 has positioned itself as the “sustainable” Games. 

Tahitian surfers ain’t so thrilled, as you can imagine.

It’s their home and they surf and fish and play on these reefs. 

Local surfer Tahurai Henry, therefore, has organised a protest against the construction on Sunday at eleven am, Tahitian time. I’m writing this at nine pm, Saturday, Sydney time, so in fourteen hours or so. 

“We’re up against this judge’s tour project that will completely destroy a large part of the lagoon in the face of the most beautiful wave in the world! A construction worth over 500 million francs for 3-4 days of competition that won’t be reused for our local surfers! ( No Inheritance )

“We will begin the walk from Teahupo’o town hall to the tip in front of the surf spot! Come one come all 🙏



View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Tahurai Henry (@tahuraihenry)

Support for the action is being felt worldwide.

Eli Olson, a thirty-year-old jiujitsu black belt who grew up shredding alongside the Florence bro’s, posted a before and after of the Tahitian paradise along with the fighting words.

“Taking advantage of the local community and their kindness. I stand with my Tahitian brothers.”

If you happen to be in French Polynesia tomoz, swing on over to Tahiti-iti and put some boots on the ground.

And, in the interim, thrill a little to Henry’s post of Lucas Chumbo at Teahupoo.



Dorian (left) with Dozer Dave. Photo: Instagram
Dorian (left) with Dozer Dave. Photo: Instagram

Tragedy strikes in Mexico as Shane Dorian’s traveling companion for “life-altering” stem-cell therapy dies

"Crying watching this video of you my brother. Love you."

Very sad news has trickled up from south of the border that “Dozer” Dave Barnett has died in Tijuana after traveling down with Shane Dorian for stem-cell therapy. Dorian thrilled his legion fans, days ago, when sharing that he was at the Cellular Performance Institute and ready to undergo injections of life-giving stem-cells.

Barnett, a much-loved figure in the surf industry, podcast host etc. was very excited, taking to Instagram, like Dorian, and sharing, “I’m about to get some stuff that’s life-changing. You guys haven’t seen me lately because… everything is going to shit. Getting old sucks.”

He shares all of his ailments, blown out knees, blown out ankles, bulging disks in neck and more.

“It kind of sucks,” he continues, pivoting to how he’s been given such a wonderful opportunity to undergo the stem-cell treatment. He shares about the vitamin preparation, saying one in particular “messed with him.”

Shane Dorian, always effusive, responded, “We got this bro! This post is so damn funny. Do the start about how you’re falling apart is amazing. This is going to be good for you. I’m excited for you. Don’t fall asleep in those MRIs ha ha.”

Dorian, taking to his own channel hours later, shared, he and Barnett spent the previous evening together after treatments, watched the Hangover then went to sleep. At some point, Barnett went into cardiac arrest and was unable to be revived even though many doctors were right there.

Tributes are pouring in.

Vintage surfboard collector Buggs penned, “Doze lost w words, lived life to the fullest . Had a big heart . Classic , funny , Witty, . Will truly be missed by many. I was looking forward to connect in MT . Will miss the frequent calls . RIP Brother and will catch one for you today in your honor.”

The musician Mike Love added, “Crying watching this video of you my brother. Love you.”

Surf industry legend Bob Hurley left crying eye emojis.