Heartbreak as authorities confirm discovery of slain Australian surfers in Mexico

A dark day.

Mexican authorities are now officially confirming that three dead bodies discovered earlier in the day, roughly 130 miles from the United States’ border, belong to two missing Australian surfers and their American friend. Callum and Jake Robinson, originally from Western Australia, and San Diego-based Jack Carter Rhoad had traveled south in order to surf around Ensenada and Rosarito. Concern was first floated when they failed to check into their vacation rental near K38.

While the brothers’ mother took to social media pleading for any help, the story took an ominous turn when the white Chevrolet pick-up the three had been traveling in was found burned. Later, their tents were discovered abandoned.

The bodies were discovered in an isolated area near La Bocana though officials say it is too early to determine cause of death.

Three persons have been arrested in association with the case thus far including a woman who had one of the surfer’s phones.

Baja California Attorney General María Elena Andrade Ramírez declared that authorities lost valuable time because the men were not immediately reported missing. The last word the family had was six days ago though anyone who has traveled, or camped, knows that communication is not always constant.

It is a sad day for the Robinsons and Rhoads, certainly, but also surfers everywhere.


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Celebrate good times.

Truck Australian brothers and American friend were traveling in found burned on a ranch near Ensenada.
Truck Australian brothers and American friend were traveling in found burned on a ranch near Ensenada.

Tents of missing Australian surfers found abandoned on Baja beach

"All lines of investigation are open at this time. We cannot rule anything out until we find them."

The story of two Australian surfers and their American friend who went missing on a surf trip to Baja California took a troublesome turn, today, as authorities have said they have found their tents, abandoned on the beach, along with other “evidence.”

Three people have, thus far, been arrested in connection to the disappearance as answers continue to be sought.

Brothers Jake and Callum Robinson, along with Jack Carter Rhoad, traveled south of the border to enjoy a little swell near Ensenada. After they failed to check in to their Rosarito accomodations, alarm bells were sounded.

Brothers Jake and Callum Robinson
Australian brothers Jake and Callum Robinson

Initially, a woman was arrested who was said to have one of the brother’s phone and drugs. Later, the burnt out shell of the truck was discovered on a ranch near Ensenada leading to the arrests of two men. One of them was “in a relationship” with the woman.

Andrade Ramírez, the state’s chief prosecutor, shared with local news, “A working team (of investigators) is at the site where they were last seen, where tents and other evidence was found that could be linked to these three people we have under investigation. There is a lot of important information that we can’t make public. We do not know what condition they are in,” she added. “All lines of investigation are open at this time. We cannot rule anything out until we find them.”

The unfolding drama continues to highlight growing cartel unrest in the region. Australia’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade has issued a stern warning to any foreign nationals in Mexico.

Paul Fisher NSFW.
Paul Fisher NSFW.

World Surf League in major damage control after famed DJ Paul Fisher rides NSFW board on live broadcast


If there is one personality all surfers can agree to be tip top, it is DJ Paul Fisher. The Gold Coast native, who tried his early hand at various Qualifying Serieses, soon pivoted to interviewing his pals with a NSFW microphone, causing a ruckus and generally bringing a libertine flair to the otherwise extremely conservative professional surfing.

He, of course, went on to much fame and fortune as a world-famous turntable maestro while professional surfing became further backwatered, snarling and sick, insisting on squeezing out any remaining flavor. Jessi Miley-Dyering it to death.

You can imagine the horror, then, when Fisher hopped on the sled and motored into the lineup of the currently running Bonsoy Gold Coast Pro during the live broadcast, for the “Fisher & Friends Freesurf” holding… a NSFW surfboard.

He proceeded to rip the iconic craft, introduced almost twenty years ago with the help of Kai Otton.

It must be assumed that calls are flooding the World Surf League’s veterinarian offices. Angry parents demanding apologies or more. Maybe banishment from the airwaves? The demotion of the aforementioned Chief of Sport Jessi Miley-Dyer who did, actually, just get demoted back to Commissioner?

Surf fans, meanwhile, overjoyed.

You can too!

Coffs Harbour stabbing
Police forensics and dead surfer's board.

Young Aussie surfer dead after being stabbed in beach carpark; alleged killer still on run

"All I could see was his black legs in his wetsuit. I just thought it was another guy on his phone."

A young surfer is dead after being stabbed in the neck in a Coffs Harbour beach car park minutes after wrapping up a pre-work surf yesterday. 

The twenty-two-year-old surfer and stone mason was found suffering multiple stab wounds beside an orange sedan just before seven am and taken to hospital where he died. 

A BeachGrit source from the area reckons a pal of his drove past the kid “but thought he was bending down to dry off.” 

A local homeless man told local news he saw the surfer drive into the carpark at six.

‘This guy’s been coming about six o clock, last three or four days, putting on a wetsuit and going surfing even when it’s flat./ Likes to get wet, I guess. I just saw him drive in… did some stretching, came back, and it looked like he was sitting down on the ground against his driver’s door. All I could see was his black legs in his wetsuit. I just thought it was another guy on his phone.”

Coffs Harbour mayor Paul Amos described the attack as “random” adding, “I like other people in Coffs Harbour do the early morning swim, have the early morning walk along the beach … and some poor person has decided to do just that and for some random reason this event has occurred.”

Yeah, it ain’t that big a surprise. 

One of the darker secrets of the supposed milk-and-honey run from Sydney to Byron is how soaked so many of these supposedly happy holiday hamlets are in meth and its various cuz’s, its mesmeric pull and fascination swallowing so many souls, as well as the accompanying gun-wielding outlaw motorbike gangs and a general gangster mentality. 

Sharks, too. 

A crime scene has been set-up and the cops are looking for the alleged killer who, if rumours are to be believed, is a homeless ice head.