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Lunada Bay Boy’s Alleged Hate Crime!

Teen named in suit against Lunada Bay Boys charged with racist beat-down… 

A new and interesting development is coming out of the Lunada Bay saga as a named defendant in the ongoing class-action is being sued for participating in an unrelated hate crime.

In September, 2015, the Golden Lion Liquor store in Palos Verdes Estates was robbed by three teenage boys. Two of them proceeded to attack the owner, Shuja Oberoi, with baseball bats, while the third served as lookout.

According to The Daily Breeze:

The crime occurred about 8:45 p.m. Sept. 11 as Oberoi worked at Golden Lion Liquor, a store he opened in 2000. One of the boys, a 16-year-old from Palos Verdes Estates, walked inside first as a lookout. He told detectives the intention was to rob the store of money, police said.

After he walked out, two 17-year-olds, one from Rancho Palos Verdes and one from the unincorporated area on The Hill, barged into the store, police said. Both wore Halloween skeleton masks and black gowns and carried metal baseball bats.

Outside of the community sanctioned harassment of outsiders at the nearby beaches, there is little violent crime in the immediate area. Local residents were shocked and rallied around the store owner, raising $7000 to help with medical expenses.

The three teens were quickly arrested but there was more trouble to follow for the fine young man who played lookout.

Almost two months later, the boy who served as the lookout was named in an unrelated class-action lawsuit filed against the Lunada Bay Boys which seeks to break the stronghold of multigenerational surfers long accused of threatening and harassing outsiders who try to share the waves.

Anthony Falangetti, the attorney defending the boys and their parents in the lawsuit, claims the nationality of Oberoi is an “unfortunate coincidence.” No doubt the boys would have viciously beaten the owner regardless of his nationality.

But Oberoi’s lawsuit alleges otherwise.

[Oberoi’s lawsuit] claims that the father of one of the older boys flies a Confederate flag at his home and “regularly used racially derogatory terms to describe African-American neighbors in the presence of his son throughout his son’s early childhood.”

The boy used racial slurs toward his neighbors as early as the age of 3, the lawsuit alleges, and his father used “similarly derogatory language to describe Muslims.”

The suit also accuses the father of allowing the older teens to sell narcotics in his home, and says he also failed to provide supervision and guidance for his son, whom he knew had a history of criminal and violent behavior.

The Daily Breeze is declining to name any of the boys who attacked Oberoi, and I suppose I should follow suit. However, because the lookout is named in the Lunada Bay class-action, it would be relatively easy for anyone with access to the complaint to puzzle it out using a simple process of elimination.

And, what do you know? You can read that very same document HERE. 

Gab Medina seen here in happier times.
Gab Medina seen here in happier times.

Parker: “How to kill pro surfing!”

What kind of missteps would it take to kill the WSL?

I’m having a hard time focusing on surfing at the moment. Been too wrapped up in our glorious election, in the implosion of the Republican party. Beyond fascinating to watch someone hit their own self destruct button. And that’s what this is.

Hateful hate-filled straight white dudes, and their mid-west Schlafly-esque counterparts, are loud as fuck. But they are a minority. Something of which they are well aware. Which explains the terror and acts against their own self interest. We all know how they feel about minorities.

I’ve been struggling to think of a similar meltdown within the surf industry. Lots of failures out there. Nature of business within an industry that relies heavily on being trendy. Like skateboarding, it’ll always be up and down. Feast and famine. Hold on tight and hope you can ride it out until the kids wanna look surfy again.

What kind of missteps would it take to kill the WSL?

Like, if Speaker made a public comment about the lack of black surfers on tour, claimed, “It’s because of their higher bone density. They don’t swim well. Ask a scientist, I know what I’m talking about.”

Would that do it? Maybe not. Hard to alienate an audience you don’t really have to begin with.

Maybe something anti-woman?

“We don’t have a women’s Pipe event because of the physical dangers they’d face. Their vaginas could fill up like balloons during a wipeout, damaging their wombs, rendering them infertile and therefore useless to society.”

That’d surely piss a few people off.

I think the problem with the two aforementioned examples, they’re obviously not true. So they wouldn’t be said, and if they were they’d be largely ignored. We all like to watch surfing, and the WSL is the only game in town.

You know what might do it?

Actually drive people away, rather than fail to attract new eyes, like they’re already doing.

Tell the truth. Call a press conference, get up on stage, and tell it like it is.

“We’re only in this for the money.”

Radiation: “Passion bigger than risk!”

Would you risk radiation poisoning for a few empty waves? Why not!

We chat here so often about surfing and the increasing variety of obstacle one must hurdle in order to do. Sharks everywhere, SUPers riding guillotines, crowds, The Brazilian Storm, etc. etc. And we discuss because the only thing we have to fear is fear itself! If we look these various conflagrations, directly, then we’ll truly know their heat doesn’t even come close to matching the flames burning in our own hearts!

We love surfing! It’s anti-depressive and nothing but nothing will stand in our way!

Except maybe a massive nuclear meltdown spilling directly into the lineup!

Of course you remember 2011’s Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster. The Japanese facility perched right the Pacific coast not three hours north of Tokyo melted straight down after the Tohoku earthquake.

A whole town decimated. Finished. Abandoned still and the scientists tell us poisoned for centuries to come.

Except surfers don’t care! The flames in our own hearts licks eats nuclear waste for breakfast before slapping its lip! NextShark, an online magazine focusing on Asian youth, has a fascinating piece of photojournalism on Japanese surfers who brave growing extra limbs.

The photographer, Eric Lafforgue, declares, “The surfers say their passion is bigger than the risks and the truth will not be known for 20 years.”

In 20 years who do you think will win, surfers or radiation?

I say surfers! It’s the anti-depressive answer!

Go here to view the gallery!

It is only bag upon bag of radioactive sand there in the background. Totally worth the lack of crowds!
It is only bag upon bag of radioactive sand there in the background. Totally worth the lack of crowds!

#tournotes: “He must be proud of hisself!”

Keanu Asing! He soar! Still!

And is your spirit still soaring over Keanu Asing’s World Championship Tour victory? How could it not be! Next Gen Rudy! The best sporting story on earth!

Peter King? Are you there? With your Samsung Galaxy 7 (iPhone 5)? Can you give us the love and up close?

Of course! It is what the man is paid to do (I think)!

And my favorite moment is when Gabi Medina says, “He must be proud of hisself. I want it so bad but I’m pr… I’m happy for him.”

Don’t be a hater! That is the sweet honey of a broken-hearted but very good loser.

I’m a fan! Gabi for 2016 World Champ!

Gabi for President!

Just in: Great White Breaks Into Dive Cage!

Y'ever wondered what'd happen if a Great White really wanted to get inside a dive cage?

Clickbait, yeah we do. And this is as wonderful as clickbaitery gets.

A Great White, maybe a dozen feet long, bangs into one of those shark dive cages in Mex, the sorta thing you pay a thousand bucks to ride in down in South Australia.

I’d always had it in the back of my mind as a fun thing to do, maybe later in life, hand over the shekels, and get real close to a Great White. But I always had the fear: what if a White really had the shits and got into the damn thing?

Like here.

Shark goes crazy. Gets stuck in cage.

There’s plenty of “oh my gods!” until someone asks:

“Is there anybody in there?” 

“Nobody’s in there.”


“Somebody’s in the cage.”

What happens?