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Black death: Killer whales eat sharks!

Chas Smith

by Chas Smith

Have surfers found an ally in the fight against the evil great white?

Another day has passed and another great white sighting near Trestles. Oh the horror! Oh the absolute horror! There they lurk as big as ice-cream trucks waiting to eat thigh and glute and backbone. What has southern California done to deserve such terror? Who will save us?

Maybe the killer whales that live happy lives in Sea World just a short drive from San Clemente?

Oh yes!

Unlike humans, it appears that killer whales have no problem targeting the great white. Let’s read about their activity in South Africa!

Orcas have only been spotted attacking great white sharks a handful of times. But this past week, two mangled great white carcasses washed ashore in the town of Gansbaai on the South African coast. And the corpses definitely showed signs of being leftover orca lunch.

“This is the first confirmed account of an orca predation on a white shark from South Africa,” ‎Marine Biologist Alison Kock from ‎South African National Parks told Gizmodo in an email. “It’s mind blowing to think that a white shark of that size (almost 5m) was a target.”

“It seems likely that orcas are again the cause of death but we will confirm after the autopsy,” wrote Towner in the Marine Dynamics blog. “Obviously this is a very sad time for us all, nature can be so cruel and the dexterity these enormous animals are capable of is mind blowing, almost surgical precision as they remove the squalene rich liver of the white sharks and dump their carcass.”

And isn’t this just brilliant? Just wonderful? I know how much Sea World’s killer whales enjoy their all-inclusive resort lifestyle but do you think they would go out for a shark liver buffet real quick? Just real quick?

Also, do you think BeachGrit should design a killer whale looking wetsuit and sell it as shark deterrent? Black with big white sides? It would look very chic and certainly intimidating to the wussy shark.

Also, do you think killer whales argue online about the ethics of culling?