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Jordy Smith: “The Big South African!”

Chas Smith

by Chas Smith

Jordy Smith is set to win Trestles. Set to win Trestles big!

I read a wonderful piece on the World Surf League’s website this morning about Jordy Smith, the big South African, and his special connection with Trestles. Did you know that Smith, who clocks in at 6’3/190, has won the event two out of the last three times?

Amazing and you should certainly read the rest here.

I, for one, had forgotten but the big bru’s special relationship with that wave could easily solidify his grasp on the top slot and made it very difficult to derail his all kinds of husky momentum.

Wonderful. And it the World Surf League story the phrases “big South African” “big bru” and his height/weight were all included, which gave me slight pause (husky momentum this author’s own addition).

Oh of course I was kidding when I blamed the League of fat shaming Jordy with their web ad “194 lbs of boom” but it is impossible to read his name in any surf media without also seeing the words “big South African” attached.

Do you think Jordy likes it?

But more importantly, what if there was one phrase attached permanently to your name? What would it be?

I think mine would be “reed-like Chas Smith.” Or maybe “unfortunately trim Chas Smith.”

But what about you? What’s yours? And be honest.