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The Facts: WSL vs Breitbart!

Derek Rielly

by Derek Rielly

WSL pulls ads from right-wing website, not the other way around…

Mea culpa etc. Yesterday, it was revealed, here, that the WSL had banned Breitbart ads from appearing on the site during the broadcast of the Billabong Pro Tahiti final.

A victory for echo chambers, safety spaces and so forth.

Breitbart, as we might as well explain again, is a right-leaning website created by two Jews in response to what they saw as the relentless leftism of popular media and its demonisation of Israel.

It ain’t my bowl of hummus, if I’m to be honest, but neither are the flabby opinions on Salon, Mother Jones or the Huff Post. But  I do like to read both sides and find a position somewhere in the middle.

Anyway, thanks to sharp-eyed reader and podcaster David Scales, we got it the wrong way around. It wasn’t Breitbart ads appearing on the WSL broadcast and subsequently getting removed by the WSL (at the behest of noted San Diego surfer Richard Kenvin) but the other way around.

The WSL was shovelling paid ads onto Breitbart! 

Kenvin had sent a screenshot of the Breitbart home page to the WSL who, in an understandable panic they’d be labelled as an offshoot of the KKK only a day after race riots in Virginia, quickly pulled the ads.

The WSL has since assured BeachGrit the “appropriate filters are in place” so this sorta thing “doesn’t happen in the future.”

Oh, and here’s my little exchange with Kenvin.

DR: I just saw that you’d singlehandedly managed to get the Breitbart ads off the WSL site. 

RK: Little old me? Oh, I’m such a homebody! I like cats and serious non-fiction books.

DR: At least, I think so, I missed the previous post.

RK: Yeah, I deleted it.

DR: I want to run a story on BeachGrit. So I ask…

RK: BeachGrit? Whats that? Oh I get it. BeachBart. BreitBeach.