Breaking: World’s most beautiful surfer bejewels himself in possible nod to Britany Spears; World Surf League CEO Erik Logan responds “oh boy” very cryptically!

Oops, he did it again.

Debate is what makes sport so entirely fun and this very much applies to surfing, even though it isn’t actually a “sport.” Who rode the biggest wave of the year? Scored the best barrel? Is Dane Reynold’s gouge better than Matt Archbold’s? Will John John or Gabriel emerge as this generation’s best?

There are only two things that each and every one of us agrees upon: The world’s greatest surfer is Kelly Slater and the world’s most beautiful surfer is Luke Davis.

The later has been spending much time scoring much in Morocco, Mexico and Indonesia but took time out to post the above selfie with a swipe left to a photo of vintage Britney Spears (below).

Well over 2000 people liked the photo series including World Surf League Erik Logan who also commented “oh boy” without any elucidating punctuation.

What could his “oh boy” possibly mean?

Like, an eye-roll “oh boy”?

An excited “oh boy”?

An exasperated fatherly “oh boy”?

Is the “oh boy” related to Britney Spears and not Luke Davis?

If we had punctuation, again, we could well solve the riddle but as is, near impossible.

Frustrating, per the norm.

Maybe the punctuation got lost in the patented Cone of Silence along with the Pipe Pro and Backdoor Shootout or maybe it got put behind a paywall.


Watch: Koa Rothman keeps his word, goes on whatever wave he wants at Pipeline with no hard feelings, bags a “Wave of the Winter” candidate!

Rare and wonderful.

A man who keeps his word is a rare and wonderful thing. An almost forgotten thing in this day and age of flimflam and wish-wash. Of bent spines and reeds in the wind. But you will certainly recall when, at the very beginning of this North Shore season, Koa Rothman, son of Eddie, declared via Instagram:

What’s happening you guys. I have an announcement. This year, this winter here in Hawaii, 2020, 2021, I will be going on whatever wave I want at pipeline. So. That being said, there is only a few people out there that I will not drop in. So. Yeah. No hard feelings. I’m not trying to be a dick. I’m just letting you know now that is what is going to be happening. So have a great day and watch out.

True to his word, young Rothman just bagged an entirely impressive Wave of the Winter candidate right in front of… who?

Who is that?

Clearly not one of the few but also without hard feelings. Derek Rielly regularly speaks to the joys of being dropped in on by professionals. How he can observe their technique from behind. A front row seat to greatness. Whoever was front seat at Koa’s performance is very lucky and also BeachGrit‘s number 1 candidate for Witness of the Winter.

Very cool.

Happy Great White. | Photo: @outcast_sport_fishing

New Year Miracle: Pastor hooks two Great White sharks on the one fishing trip after dreaming of seeing one for fifty years: “This is probably the closest thing to being in heaven without crossing over!”

"Battling the baddest fish on the planet"

It’s churlish, I think, to dismiss the metaphysical outright.

The cosmos never fails to astound.

Ed Young, a pastor, had dreamed of seeing a Great White for fifty years. And, then, on the one fishing trip, Young hooked two eleven-footers off Hilton Island in South Carolina.

“We usually get one chance a day to hook a Great White,” Young’s guide, Chip Michalove told Fitsnews. “Occasionally we get two, sometimes even three. But very rarely do you see another swim up 45 minutes later… I remember our conversation while the fight ensued. With a flat calm sea, the sun setting, we discussed how this is probably the closest thing to being in heaven without crossing over. It’s not very often we see an ocean so flat it blended in with the sky… It helps when you have a pastor to even the odds.”

Chip is licensed to tag Great White sharks in conjunction with the Massachusetts Division of Marine Fisheries as they swarm the South Caroline coast from December through March.

Chip estimates a thousand Whites swim down from New England every year.

Both Whites released etc.

Here’s Pastor Young “battling the baddest fish on the planet”.


Epic fire sale: World Surf League slashes price on most popular jerseys including Conner O’ Leary, Mick Fanning and the great Matt Wilkinson!

Get four Mick Fannings for the price of one Bronte Macaulay!

Are you a deal hound?

Knowing when and where your favorite brand or store is going to release its merchandise for less than full freight and pouncing once you see that little red line crossing through sucker price?

Or do you just buy whenever the spirit strikes?

Well, either way, our World Surf League is holding an epic fire sale right now on some of its most popular products including:

The Corona Pro Gold Coast Sunrise Tee (once $35 now $10.50).

Conner O’ Leary, Mick Fanning, Zeke Lau, Adriano de Souza and Matt Wilkinson jerseys (once $70 now $21).

Italy, Australia, Brazil, France, French Polynesia (which is technically part of France), USA and South African jerseys (once $25 now $7.50).

Literal steals but how do you think the rest of the World Surf League’s merch program is faring? Do you ever see a Kelly Slater in the wild? What about a vintage Joel Parkinson?

Very slick.

Also, do you think Con O’Leary, Zeke Lau and ADS are sad that they are not technically retired but their jerseys are going for 1/3 of the original price?

It’d be cool to get that Corona Pro Gold Coast Sunrise Tee and tell people that you were there, on Snapper’s sand, for the kickoff of the 2019 World Surf League Championship Tour. Almost as cool as when you wore that Oasis 2019 European tour tee.

Much trickeration.

A still from Great White, a horror thriller released 2021.

Marine biologist sparks uproar amongst colleagues by suggesting problem sharks should be identified via DNA profiling and executed: “That’s not how fishing works!”

Introducing "biteprinting."

Do you recall, last month, when dear Stab magazine tossed its wetsuit advertorials behind a paywall but took time to kick your BeachGrit before locking the door? “For those left it will be a race to the bottom, and speaking from experience, when you’re chasing clicks, you get lost in the outrageous and contagious. Think graphic shark attacks and Ellie-Jean Coffey nudes.”

Well, The New York Times, getting lost with BeachGrit in the outrageous and contagious, just published a fascinating portrait of marine biologist who has an entirely progressive theory on how to deal with “problem sharks.”

Dr. Eric Clua, a professor of marine biology at the École Pratique des Hautes Études in Paris, has taken issue with mass culls after attacks noting that, “They are killing sharks that are guilty of nothing.” The good doctor has found a way to identify sharks that have attacked people, though, through a form of DNA profiling he calls “biteprinting” and believes these incorrigible few can be singled out and executed.

He recently published his findings thereby infuriating his colleagues.

“That’s not how fishing works,” said Catherine Macdonald, a lecturer in marine conservation biology at the University of Miami. “Even when you have a satellite-tagged shark and you know where it is, if you turned up at the site and put a hook in the water, there’s no reason to think you would definitely catch that shark.”

Christopher Pepin-Neff, a public policy lecturer at the University of Sydney who has studied human perceptions of sharks, said the problem, or “rogue shark” theory, is neither cool nor true. “They are basically saying that the shark from ‘Jaws’ is real.”

Blake Chapman, who studied shark neuroscience at the University of Queensland in Australia said removing these guilty sharks “…would be more or less impossible. “I don’t think that the removal of ‘problem individuals’ as a result of this information is a realistic application for the data.”

David Shiffman, a marine conservation biologist and postdoctoral researcher at Arizona State University said, “This idea makes no sense on any level that I’ve been able to find.”


Dr. Clua is unperturbed, though, and fighting on for the good people of Réunion Island, setting up his biteprinting operation there to prove that it works.

“I’ll let them bite a pig leg,” he says, “or something else with flesh, muscle and bone.”

Scientific research in the field of Ellie-Jean Coffey nudes is forthcoming.