Ain't she a peach. Probs gonna be knocked down, however.

Iconic surf shack bought for $48,000 during first-ever man-on-man surfing contest sells for $7 million!

Slice of history to be bulldozed to make way for "standout family home."

In 1920, a modest wooden house was built at number 10 Goodwin Terrace, Burleigh Heads, a joint typical of the period, elevated to snatch northerly breezes, a covered wrap-around balcony to shelter from the pretty damn relentless Gold Coast sun.

Six decades later, as man-on-man surfing was being debuted at the Stubbies Pro by Peter Drouyn, the house was sold for $48,936 and occupied thereafter, and for many years, by the winner of the 1980 Stubbies, Burleigh Heads local and the town’s postman, Peter Harris.

(Correction: An overnight email from John Lambert, the great-grandson of the man who built the house, reveals Stubbies winner Harris actually lived in the joint next door and that the house wasn’t sold in 1977, despite records suggesting otherwise, but was bequeathed to his dad from his great aunt that year. Lambert writes, “Because of our ongoing Burleigh connections & friends, this article hits all my family’s social media and its pretty insulting to read something so woefully researched and ludicrous in its sloppy facts. We have to deal with the fact its being knocked down and then also deal with your fiction! C’est la vie!”)

With sizzling views of point carpark and waves just beyond.

Now, a little after the hundredth anniversary of the house’s build, the iconic surf shack has traded for seven-million dollars, almost two-and-a-half mill more than it sold for in 2016.

The couple who bought the joint had been trying to buy it for the past three years. After the last refusal by the owner to sell, the pair bought a six-mill penthouse a little further down the street.

The agent that sold ‘em the penthouse then  convinced the owner of 10 Goodwin to sell ‘em the house, too, for seven mill.

A nice little pair of boltholes, although the historic house is gonna be bulldozed to make way for a “standout family home.”

Burleigh Heads in 1920.

Once one of the grittier parts of the Gold Coast, third in shittiness behind Coolangatta and perennial winner Palm Beach, has been transformed into a paradise for investors, including the Chinese man who bought the Old Burleigh Theatre Arcade, the former home of Surfing Life magazine, for eighteen-mill.

TMZ first major media outlet to declare Makua Rothman’s weekend Jaws wave to be over 100-feet: “Rothman beat out the other surfers to catch a Holy Grail type of ocean ride!”


I’ll be honest with you here, I forgot that a 100-foot wave was the “Holy Grail” type of ocean ride but I forget more and more these days. I do recall a day where the mystical 100-feet seemed both atmospherically impossible and physically impossible. No way could a wave ever get that big. No way could a human ever ride.

Then, climate change, then very progressive tow-surfing et voila.

The “100-foot wave” moniker has now been hung on a few different ocean rides, notably Tom Butler, Garrett McNamara and Sebastien Steutner’s Nazare beasts but much debate as to where the trough, or lowest point, of those Portuguese Mamas actually is.

Eddie’s son Makua Rothman, anyhow, was out at Jaws over the weekend, feasting on that ridiculous run of swell and TMZ is now the first major media outlet to declare his wave to be 100-feet or over.

Is Jaws easier to measure than Nazare?

Is this a 100-foot wave?

This is BeachGrit where you are judge and jury.

How do you rule?

Gimme: Former world number two surfer Taj Burrow adds ”stunning” 11-acre Yallingup property to $10-million property portfolio!

A slice of bucolic heaven.

The Western Australian surf great Taj Burrow is one of the few high-profile shredders from the nineties who didn’t invest his formidable bankroll in hookers, Balinese bars and coke.

Instead, Burrow, who will turn forty-three in June, has squandered his fortune building a property portfolio that includes a Tuscan-inspired villa overlooking Mackenzies Bay in Tamarama, Sydney, bought for 2.3 mill and valued six years later at four-mill and, now, eleven acres of bucolic loveliness fifteen minutes from Yallingup’s white-sand beaches and unforgiving reefs.

Maccas joint, Tama.

The property, bought in November for a million dollars, was marketed as the “perfect blank canvas for your new dream home.” 

Right now, the joint has a shed that’s been converted to a house as well as a small dam. 

Burrow’s principal residence is the award-winning “nautilus shell” house in Wardanup Crescent, Yalls, aka “millionaire’s row” by architect Dane Richardson. The property was bought for two-milll in 2004 and the new place was built in 2011, winning the overall Design Excellence Award at the 2012 Building Designers Australia WA.

“I pushed through with many questions but the owner travels most of the year and was young without family so it was hard to pin down exactly what was required. The brief then developed to include a small pool, a lot of storage space, small home office, games room large enough for pool table and a large open fire place for ambiance,” Richardson told Architect and Design.  “The master bathtub was positioned to have a commanding view of the clients favourite surf break. This was managed by loading our 3D model into Google Earth and tweaking the alignment of this particular window to the surf break. Another nice touch was to include a roof top deck; this is a small space sitting high on the concrete roof deck, fully exposed but an incredibly dramatic space for the old glass of wine.”

Neighbours still recall, fondly, the demolition of the old place.

“He had a pretty nice place before, but he knocked that one down. He had a demolition party and everyone came around with sledgehammers and knocked the walls down,” neighbour Candice McKiernan said. 

Chart-topping British singer Anne-Marie rudely slapped in the face by Great White Shark while visiting South Africa: “It swam past then slapped me in the face with its tail. I was in shock!”

Blame Erik Logan.

The Sunset Pro was supposed to start today at Sunset Beach, North Shore, Oahu where Surfline is calling 18-20 feet, four times overhead. Oh what fun we would have had live chatting, willing Pip Toledo to use his newfound mass, generally carrying on but alas, World Surf League CEO Erik Logan, just last month, became the poster-child of what not to do during Covid-19 and single-handedly destroyed professional surfing as we know it.

Which leaves us here, with British singer Anne-Marie vacationing in South Africa and becoming slapped in the face by a Great White Shark.

Per her report, “Exciting activities are a must when I’m on holiday. When I was on tour in South Africa with Rudimental we got in a cage to see sharks…” except that’s where things took a nasty turn. Inside the cage, “It was freezing cold and one of the sharks came really close. It swam past then slapped me in the face with its tail. I was in shock.”

I dearly hoped the #MeToo movement would have cancelled this sort of boerish behavior but South Africa, am I right?

Get it?


I’m sorry.

Blame Erik Logan.

"It's an eight oh, bro."
"It's an eight oh, bro."

Volume calculator: In semi-annual “celebrities who love to surf” featurette, Page Six reveals Tinseltown’s favorite board is the 8-foot egg for 20-years running!

'Til death do us part.

Yesterday, it was revealed the actor Ben Affleck was broken up with by his beautiful Cuban-Spanish girlfriend, actress Ana de Armas, after one year together. Sources claimed the pair really seemed to be in love though work/family constraints provided simply too much pressure in the end.

Alas, they will always have their 8-foot egg shaped surfboards.

Hollywood’s enduring love affair with the Ashton Goggans of wave craft is legendary and especially in a town not known for fidelity. Let us celebrate the union while scrolling through Page Six’s semi-annual “celebrities who love to surf” featurette. Let us toast the passion in all of its glory.

Ah, Ben Affleck’s pal Matt Damon and his trusty 8-foot Becker…

…Gerard Butler and his eight-feet of flow…

…Saturday Night Live’s Colin Jost feeling eight-feet of fun…

…funny man Daniel Tosh.0 doin’ it x8…


On and on the featurette goes with appearances from Reese Witherspoon, Joel Kinnaman, Liev Schreiber and many more all staying true to 8-feet of foam with gently rounded curves.

Laird Hamilton even makes a special appearance though he is riding an eFoil.

Back to the eggs, though, does it make you want to add one to your quiver?

It should.

People will think you are famous.