Surfing monkey re-emerges as physical representation of great evils caused by marijuana use in shameful public service announcement evoking WSL’s war against longboarding!


Now, this is an older public service announcement, first appearing on air over a decade ago, but has recently re-emerged, being freshly rolled out by the Partnership for a Drug-Free America as a perfect metaphor for the great evils associated with marijuana usage.

In it, a surfing monkey bank can be seen rotating while an announcer sells it as “great for graduations” etc. then throws to caller “Scott” in Nashville who just bought fifteen of them. His friends can be heard chuckling joyously in the background while “Scott” answers “Yeah” then joins their mirth.

The ominous words “Marijuana. A very expensive habit” pop onto screen.

Now, this would have been left a relic but as previously stated it has been re-issued and what could better represent the internecine war between the World Surf League and its longboarders? WSL played by the hostess who is trying to lowball the surfing monkey, slashing its price by near half while sneering at the fine young man and his happy friends wanting to save it.

Absolutely uncalled for and extremely rude.


Oklahoma proud.
Oklahoma proud.

United States House of Representatives candidate from Oklahoma does state’s first son and World Surf League CEO Erik Logan proud by harshly criticizing pre-teen girls at party then vomiting in their shoes!

“judgy f–ker”

There was much consternation, years ago, when it was revealed that a man from Oklahoma would be taking the reins of our World Surf League. “Oklahoma?” Santa Barbarans, San Clementarinos, Haleiwaites muttered under briny breath. “What can Oklahoma know of this grand ocean? What can this Sooner teach us?”

Well, he taught us that professional surfing can be successfully moved inland (See: Kelly Slater’s Surf Ranch) and it has also just been revealed that Oklahoma is homa to a mother who could absolutely shatter the Sprinter van set and raise the greatest legend since Andy Irons but have you read the reported tale of Abby Broyles candidate (democrat) of Oklahoma’s 5th congressional district?

Now, the story goes that she went to the house of a friend who was hosting a sleepover with “multiple middle school girls present.”

Broyles, it is alleged, began drinking red wine, chasing that with red wine, followed by a flight of red wine then, according to the New York Post:

The report states that Broyles insulted the girls attending the sleepover after becoming intoxicated, according to multiple people interviewed by the news outlet, who said she allegedly said one girl was an “acne f–ker,” and hurled multiple insults at other young girls as well.

“Hispanic f–ker,” she allegedly said to one girl, and “judgy f–ker” to another.

One of the young girls left the room in tears after being insulted by Broyles, according to the report.

Broyles also allegedly vomited into a laundry basket as well as a girl’s shoe, according to the report.

Now, imagine how the mothers of up-and-coming professional surfers with names like Landon or Bradon or Wolf or King would deal with this full frontal assault. They would not, pack up the Sprinter and retreat to trampoline parks leaving Broyles and her kin to continue dominance on the future of professional surfing.

You’re doin’ fine, Oklahoma. Oklahoma O.K.

Moana Jones Wong, the twenty-two-year-old Hawaiian who beat Carissa Moore to win Pipeline Pro. | Photo: WSL/Brent Bielmann

Surfing heavyweights throw support behind Pipeline champion Moana Jones Wong after WSL denies her entry to upcoming Portugal event, “If Barron Mamiya or any guy was in third place… you think the WSL would not include them?”


The surfboard shaper Jon Pyzel, whom you know as the stud who gives world champ John John Florence wings. has joined a chorus of voices demanding the winner of the Billabong Pro Pipeline, Moana Jones Wong, be gifted a wildcard to the Portugal event, which begins in four days. 

Pyzel reposted an Instagram story from Peter King, the outspoken photographer and former bandmate of Kelly Slater.

“Good point!” writes Pyzel. “What’s the story WSL?”

You might remember Peter from his #TourNotes series, candid, funny, and which was bought, watered down into a bad cordial and subsequently killed by the WSL.

“Wow. If Barron Mamiya or ANY GUY was in third place in the rankings, do you think the WSL would not include them?” wrote King. “What a joke. #radiosilence #WSLshame #WhatEquality??? Moana should be in Portugal. Equal pay but not equal play.”

Jones Wong, who won the Pipeline women’s event as a wildcard and who was subsequently given a wildcard into the second event at Sunset where she finished seventeenth, wasn’t invited to event three on the card, MEO Pro Portugal. 

The wildcard was given to Hispanic surfer Tia Blanco, the winner of ABC’s Ultimate Surfer.

Still, it ain’t just Pyzel and King throwing their support behind the Hawaiian Jones Wong. 

A few weeks ago, the baseball -bat swinging, send-the-king-of-the-Hui to jail hell-raiser Ian “Kanga” Cairns called on the WSL to gift Jones Wong a wildcard to compete in every event for the remainder of the Championship Tour season. 

“She has singlehandedly put the WSL Women’s CT on her back and she’ll make Margaret River, Grajagan, Teahupoo and even Super Tubos electric,” said Cairns. “To earn respect and to build a sport, that’s what Moana can catalyze in women’s surfing. Today’s waves have changed the game. Every young girl at BSR or Urbansurf now knows the pendulum has swung.”

Facebook founder and multi-disciplinary waterman Mark Zuckerberg shares his secret for conquering giant surf: “I train hard so if I’m gonna go out in a 15-foot wave then I’ll make sure we have the right safety gear.”

Extreme sport type stuff.

Loathe him or dislike him Mark Zuckerberg has embraced surfing and surfing adjacents, these jewel in the extreme sport type stuff crown, with bottomless abandon. There he is, on Fourth of July foiling across a lake flying the American flag. Oh look now, there he is with best friend Kai Lenny tow foiling off a beautiful Hawaiian shore.

The world’s 5th richest man, and Kauai local, is passionate about our game and game adjacents shared some secrets to success recently on the very popular MIT professor, artificial intelligence thinker Lex Fridman’s podcast.

Zuckerberg, dressed in a black sweater and leaning into his iconic Caesar haircut, was asked about his own mortality and paused long before answering, “I do a fair amount of, like, extreme sport type stuff so I’m definitely aware of it.”

Fridman told him that he was “flirting with it” a bit, presumably death. Zuckerberg chortled then responded brave and confident, “I, uh, train hard. So if I’m gonna go out in a 15-foot wave then I’ll make sure we have the right safety gear, make sure I’m used to that spot and all that stuff.”

Fridman, still probing, interjected “But the risk is still there.

Zuckerberg, acknowledged, “You take some head blows along the way.”

Very interesting but will this peek give you a leg up next time 15-foot surf steams into your local?

Will you prepare better?

Flirt less?

Watch the whole interview here (surfing conversation kicks in around 1:48).

WSL in legal stoush with Women’s Independent Soccer League over latter’s trademark registration!

The WISL is dedicated to furthering women’s equality in soccer, “a league created by women for women” and “an equality project.”

Earlier this month, the World Surf League (WSL) challenged the trademark registration of the Women’s Independent Soccer League (WISL).

The WISL is dedicated to furthering women’s equality in soccer. The league will operate as a secondary, sort of minor league for the National Women’s Soccer League, providing women a path to pro soccer.

The WISL is self-described as “a league created by women for women” and “an equality project.”

The WISL was founded in response to the flourishing of Major League Soccer (MLS), the top men’s soccer league in the US. According to Soccer Today, “Our U.S. Soccer Women’s National Team is the most successful in the world and can proudly claim four FIFA World Cup titles. The men cannot even claim a final match and yet today there are three professional men’s leagues in the USA and several large lower-level leagues as well.”

In April of last year, the WISL announced its first club, the Los Angeles Force, which already has a men’s team.

As you may know, the WSL has long made gender equality a cornerstone of its image. In September 2018, it announced that it would award equal prize money to male and female athletes, making it the self-described “first and only US based global sports league . . . to achieve prize money equality.”

But, recent months have revealed cracks in the equality façade. Questionable decisions in the Pipeline contest, leading noted surf writers to question the WSL’s motivations and one female pro to claim, “It was a fucking joke and a disgrace to all equality in sports pushes ever.”

Then, current Men’s Longboard champ Joel Tudor, delicately as ever, pointed out the WSL’s alleged failure to pay its women’s longboarders at a rate commiserate with their worth.

“They use women’s longboarding to promote everything,” said Tudor.

The Trademark Trial and Appeal Board is currently hearing the dispute.

Will the WSL strike another blow against equality?

More soon.