Former TV network boss and lifelong surfer Dave Gyngell sells never-lived-in apartment at Snapper Rocks for $5.1 million.
Dave Gyngell, lifelong surfer, former network boss, makes close to a mill after selling never-before-lived-in joint he bought off the plan in 2021.

Ex-TV network boss and surfer Dave Gyngell flips never-lived-in Snapper Rocks apartment for $5.1 million

Scoops up nearly a million bucks profit in “wipeout auction”…

The former TV boss and lifelong surfer Dave Gyngell, who famously went toe to toe with the owner of his station in a wild scrap on the streets of Bondi, has flipped his Snapper Rocks joint for five mill, almost a million bucks more than when he bought it off the plan for $4.2 mill in 2021. 

The big-wave shredder turned real estate agent Ryan Hipwood secured the deal for his pal in the first sale of the newly completed Awaken building with 360 degree views overlooking D-Bah, Snapper, Rainbow Bay and the semi-sorta mountains out west.

The buyer was “a mystery surfer” according to press reports although, as reported a few months back, it was cashed-up surfing super-daddy and beer baron Josh Kerr who blew the auction out of the water with his $5.1 million bid.

Josh Kerr, who is forty and daddy to the incredible one-day-she’ll-be-world-champ Sierra Kerr, parlayed a fortune made on the back of beer start-ups St Archer and Balter into the whole-floor apartment or “sky home” as realtors call ‘em. 

The joint spans almost three thousand square feet, has three bedrooms, three bathrooms and the sorta German engineered appliances (Gaggenau, if you’re wondering) that bring a perverse joy every time you pull open their heavy stainless steel doors.

As pretty as that sounds, and it is, real estate prices on the Gold Coast, which is pretty to look at but has a dark underbelly, are inflated to hell and, one day, the reckoning will come, as it always does.

Josh Kerr, of course, came to prominence seventeen years ago when he unveiled what would come to be called The Club Sandwich (courtesy moi) in a heat with Mick Fanning at Snapper Rocks. 

Logan (right) Crosby (insert) and "the message" (left).
Logan (right) Crosby (insert) and "the message" (left).

Former World Surf League CEO Erik Logan greets replacement’s first day on job by dragging seemingly lifeless dog across ground

"The barely veiled message all too clear."

The premium subscription surf blog Stab has posted an open letter to the newest World Surf League CEO Ryan Crosby behind its famed paywall thereby forcing him to sign up for the seven day free trial. There is no telling what the onetime edgy publication is suggesting Crosby should do or not do but it is likely all warmed over versions of things surf fans have long been begging for. Only the best venues, fewer surfers, Kaipo Guerrero elevated to lead voice etc.

The former video game public relations manager was bullish after his announcement as CEO became public nearly two months ago, declaring, “”I am deeply honored to join the World Surf League family. What I love about surfing is that it’s an incredible competitive sport, but it’s also much more than that. It’s a way of life, a passion, and a deeply committed global community. I am excited to leverage my experience to elevate the WSL brand, deepen our connection with fans, and continue building something that surfers can be proud of.”

A word salad not nearly as delicious as those regularly tossed by the man he replaced.

Surfing will never forget Erik Logan. The Oklahoman with a magic wetsuit of armor came in hot, as chief of the newly formed WSL Studios, which he failed into early submission before failing up to the top post. It was there that he changed the spelling of “great” to “gr8” in honor of surf champion Stephanie Gilmore and wore Filipe Toledo’s breast skin. Logan was unceremoniously fired when he traveled to last year’s Rio surf contest. The World Surf League issued one sentence announcing his departure and offered no reason or thanks. Rumblings that he made women on tour feel “uncomfortable” became whispered but the Cone of Silence remains, the aforementioned Stab’s chief Sam McIntosh refusing to plumb in a recent sit down though, in fairness, he was likely very busy writing a Pulitzer Prize acceptance speech.

In any case, Ryan Crosby officially began his job yesterday. Erik Logan ominously celebrated by dragging a seemingly lifeless dog across the ground.

#dogwalking #cozyisaboggieboarder #dog #training

The barely veiled message all too clear.

Ryan Crosby on notice.

Open Thread: Comment Live on Day One of the El Salvador Pro

Punta Roca Roll.

When Nick Carroll (insert) speaks, we listen. Photo: Instagram
When Nick Carroll (insert) speaks, we listen. Photo: Instagram

King of surf journalists openly declares that Filipe Toledo should give his Olympic spot to Italo Ferreira

"Italo... won the first surfing Olympics, battled with form and disillusionment, and just won the best contest since that title at Pipe."

When Nick Carroll speaks it is best to listen. The king of surf journalists, adroit surfer himself, brave, intelligent and brother of Tom, knows a thing or two about a thing or two. Carroll has been writing about this pastime of kings for the better part of five decades yet is as sharp as ever.

And moments ago, he added much gravitas to the growing sentiment that sitting World Surf League champion Filipe Toledo should vacate his slot on Brazil’s Olympic team so that Italo Ferreira can give it a crack. Taking to Surfline and discussing how Teahupo’o has changed, or hasn’t in the past ten years, Carroll penned, “Italo, well in that long decade, he’s come from poverty to a world title, won the first surfing Olympics, battled with form and disillusionment, and just won the best contest since that title at Pipe. Vahine’s now full-on favorite for the approaching Games at what’s pretty much her homebreak. Maybe Filipe should give Italo his spot.”

Mic dropped.

Only the most mentally slovenly surf fan is unaware that Toledo famously fails to paddle at Head Place and, if the waves are good, may well reprise his historic 0.00 heat total there or even that time he got out-surfed by not one but two geriatrics. It is, no doubt, a scary wave with a story of near amputation making the rounds today but Toledo is a champion with cat-like reflexes and lightly more is expected.

The timid lion was in Tahiti, ahead of the just-wrapped Pro won my Ferreira, “training,” as it were, for the Olympics but only shared a video of him not completing a baby barrel.

Again, I am holding out that Toledo is merely roping us all as dopes and will deliver one of, if not the, greatest sporting stories of all time by overcoming fear and mental anguish etc. to win gold.

Nick Carroll thinks otherwise.

To whom will the brave coward listen?

More as the story develops.

Teahupo'o pay to play.
Teahupo'o pay to play.

Dire warning ahead of Olympics as Australian surf champ reveals foot almost amputated after brush with Teahupo’o reef

"Well, I'm a bit of a pessimist but this could be really, really, really bad. As in, she could go [die]."

I was on the phone, just yesterday afternoon, with a wonderful writer doing a piece in mainstream magazine about the upcoming summer Olympics. Tahiti will, of course, host the surfing portion right there at Head Place. Surf fans are well-acquainted with Teahupo’o, that gorgeous nightmare that rises from the deep and folds onto an ever so shallow slab. The rest of the world will be introduced for the first time in a few short months and the writer asked me “What could go wrong?”

My answer, “Someone could get seriously hurt.” We take for granted watching the best of the best claw over the ledge, pushing themselves deeper and deeper, but the Olympic draw will feature surfers who have extremely limited experience, there, and also Filipe Toledo.

Now, I was thinking someone getting bonked, hard. I was not thinking about potential amputation due reef cut but that is what stalked Australian junior champ Olivia Ottaway. The young woman was surfing Teahupo’o last August when she “nicked” the reef. Seeming like a minor injury, she didn’t pay it much mind until collapsing while shopping after she had returned home. “I was fine and then legit a couple of hours after I landed back home in Sydney, I went for a swim in the hotel pool and my skin was just feeling so irritated,” she told New Corp.

Her parents rushed her to the hospital and doctors feared that her blood may have been infected. Her mother asked, “How bad is it?” Not exhibiting much decorum, she was told, “Well, I’m a bit of a pessimist but this could be really, really, really bad. As in, she could go [die].”

Olivia Ottaway (pictured) fighting.
Olivia Ottaway (pictured) fighting.

Pessimistic doctors. Amirite?

Ottaway was a fighter, though, and never wavered during her weeks long hospital stay, buoyed by messages from no less than Steph Gilmore who told her, “I know you’re going to get through this and we’re going to see you back in the surf very soon. I can’t wait to see you back in Tahiti charging again, you’re an awesome surfer.”

Eight months later she was back surfing in competition with the goal of returning to Teahupo’o once again.

Brave and inspirational.

But back to the Olympic Games. Do you worry or… not?

More as the story develops.