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George: “Fanning didn’t discover shit!”

Chas Smith

by Chas Smith

Lost legend Sam George returns to the ring!

Mick Fanning’s gorgeous wave has been my favorite surf development of the week. Maybe even my favorite surf development of the month. Not only was the video dreamy, not only did it spark such wonderful visions in such generally pessimistic times, not only did it create some fine debate but it also midwifed some wonderful surf writing!

First Matt Warshaw spoke beautifully about it, as he always does…

Every time this happens, I think, “That has to be the last one.” At this point, with surfers everywhere and Google Maps and cameras in every pocket, I can’t believe this waves keep turning up. How many more? I guess, like you say, if they’re ephemeral, then unlimited. Best wave in the world today, closeout next month. And vice versa.

…but then Sam George. THE Sam George came out of the woodwork and threw down! He punched Matt Warshaw right in the mouth! Let’s read from Surfline!

Now what does this tale of cinematic license have to do with the estimable Matt Warshaw’s very transparent case of head-high, sand-bottom tube envy? Simply this: Fanning’s “discovery” is no discovery at all. As in virtually every single case of surf spot outing, no contracted film crew accompanied by a professional surfer has ever discovered an epic new wave.

George then goes on to slap down every other claim of a film crew + surfer discovering a wave from Endless Summer to Surfing’s Google Earth Challenge. Slap slap slap!

And when Matt Warshaw pulls himself off the ropes and swings back do you know what we’ll have?

A Blood Feud. A real life Blood Feud.

Son of a bitch it’s good to be alive…