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Just in: Quiksilver Changes Name!

Michael Ciaramella

by Michael Ciaramella

High Times was just the tip of the iceberg! Say hello to...

Is this not a uniquely exciting time in the world of surf? What with the WSL losing Samsung and the WSL gaining Facebook and girls maybe doing full rotations? And then, just today, a company of nearly fifty years and hundreds of world championships goes and… changes its name? Yes!

Yahoo Finance reported just ten half-hours ago that Quiksilver, Inc. has officially changed its name to…

Drum roll please…

Boardriders, Inc.!

The scoop, via Yahoo:

In February 2016, the Company’s U.S. entity emerged from Chapter 11 reorganization and began an aggressive turnaround program led by the Company management team and the Special Situations team for funds managed by Oaktree Capital Management, L.P. (“Oaktree”). Since that time, the Company has dramatically right-sized its cost structure, re-engineered its entire global development engine, streamlined distribution, reduced excess inventory and instilled clarity, rigor and discipline throughout the organization.

The renaming of our company signifies the beginning of a new day at Boardriders. Our teams around the world have been building our resurgence brick-by-brick. Their passion and tireless execution, along with the loyalty of our customers, suppliers, and partners, has allowed us to complete the restructuring phase of our turnaround and to begin shifting our focus to growth,” said Pierre Agnes, Chief Executive Officer of Boardriders. “As we pivot to growth, we think it is important to recognize the importance of all three of our iconic brands, and the passion of the boardriding culture that those brands support.

Now readers, I ask you: is Boardriders, Inc. the most drab name one could ever conceive, and in that way destined to fail? Or is it so simplistic, so un-esoteric, that it will achieve Quiksilver’s I mean WSL’s I mean Boardrider’s lifelong goal of acquiring genuine mainstream appeal? Or should they have named it LatterKnown, as a really funny prank on Kelly and Dane and Craig?

It’s important to note that Boardriders, Inc.’s properties of Quiksilver, Roxy, and DC will retain their namesakes. But will their branding schemes be altered? Like, what gives for Quiksilver’s latest and greatest marketing scheme — starring Mikey Wright as the new-age Michael Peterson — High Times? And, could there be a new logo in the works? The mountain and wave is still, in my opinion, an idyllic and historic symbol that will stand the test of time. But maybe I’m wrong?  Throwing Disqus, this could be your big break!