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Awards: Enchantment under the sea!

Chas Smith

by Chas Smith

The first time since Endless Summer that surfers have worn proper suits!

I have spent the better part of my surf journalism career mocking professional surfers for what they wear to awards’ shows. Always so funny! Such combining of bag with unfortunate. So many bad decisions. Most get stuck somewhere between kind of trying and kind of not and the results are performance art.

But last night, our favorite surfers absolutely sparkled! Everyone did their damndest to find fitted button-ups, tailored jackets, pants that hug the waist. It was the finest display I’ve ever seen out of professional surfers and so I stand and applaud. Bravo young men and women!

Best in show went to Pete Mel who paired a tight black sweater with perfectly snug black slacks.

Worst in show, and it wasn’t even very bad, went to John John Florence who ended up in something one size too big.

Scientology in show went to Kelly Slater. Audit me champ!

Maybe Kelly’s Scientology look was actually the WSL’s fault. The podium trophy design was so L. Ron and when Kelly stood behind it in simple white shirt, black tie it just felt very… Bridge to Total Freedom.

Watch and swoon here!