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Watch: Africa’s Second-Best Surfer!

Michael Ciaramella

by Michael Ciaramella

Say hello to Brendon Gibbens!

Belt me if I’m wrong, but is Brendon Gibbens not Africa’s second-best surfer of today? Of course we could get semantical and insist that Ando is technically Saffa, or that Ramzi Boukhiam’s backhand is a downright weapon, but no. I believe Brendon Gibbens plays Africa’s second fiddle.

For those who believe that Sean Holmes has a timeless flair or that Michael February is an actual human who exists on this planet, allow the clip below to sway you in Brendon’s favor. Also feel free to hit mute and add your own soundtrack, if dungeon metal ain’t your schtick.

I find Brendon’s flexibility a thing of wonder. No one’s legs bend like that except for John and maybe Alex Knost. The inward compression allows Brendon to absorb massive airs without fear of blowing an ankle or knee. It also helps him click some crazy nosepicks when desired.

And what of that last tube? You know it’s a good one when a professional surf filmer stops panning.

All I gotta say is watch out Damien Fahrenfort, this guy is coming for your throne!