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Podcast: Forced marriage, Wilko’s hair etc!

The Editors

by The Editors

Chas Smith and broadcaster David Scales tackle the big issues!

Recently, Chas Smith had his bi-weekly frolic with the podcaster David Scales on his show Surf Splendor. Usually, I find podcasts an ordeal, a torture likely to put me in bed for a week or longer.

Does anyone know how to cut the dead air? The gags that don’t work? The eternal diversions that stretch the things beyond an hour?

Mr Scales, however, is a passionate broadcaster, and pedant, whose fury when the rules of grammar are broken is something worth listening to. Last week, Albee Layer had his neck wrung; today it’s Martin Potter for using the world literally instead of figuratively.

(Will someone point out to Mr Scales about his own grammar crimes, such as the unstoppable onslaught of the word, like, as a filler word, the Californian semi-colon.)

Chas, meanwhile, talks about Wilko’s hair, why forced marriage is a good thing, the ideal body shape for surfers, front-foot deck grip, soft surfboards and so forth.

It’s light but it ain’t indolent.