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Congrats: Chas Smith becomes pro surfer!

Chas Smith

by Chas Smith

A major career move!

I would like you to take a few minutes this morning to congratulate me on becoming a professional surfer. Thanks! It has been an incredible run from surf journalist to professional surfer, one that I never quite thought I’d make.

And how did I become a professional surfer? Oh. I just decided and let me walk you through the process.

The kind people who run the Building the Revolution Instagram account messaged me the other day with a question:

How easy is it to become a pro surfer? Skaters, wakeboarders and snowboarders have to have a company think they are worthy enough for a pro model. Pro team sports athletes need to be picked for a team. Golfers need to be on tour. Surfers? Who decides if a surfer gets pro status.

And this really got me thinking. I know how difficult it is for skaters and snowboarders to go pro. As stated, it is your board company who “takes you pro” and you must jump though many hoops and even very talented kids never get “pro” status.

As things happen, I was chewing on this when I bumped into a very famous surf agent in the grocery store. After exchanging pleasantries I asked, “Is there any formal requirement to become a pro surfer?” He answered, “As long as a kid makes 100 bucks surfing, he’s a pro as far as I’m concerned…”

I have never made a 100 bucks surfing but I am riding a tester board right now from the gorgeous Album Surfboards in San Clemente and I bet if I ask they will give me a t-shirt and a sticker.

Which makes me pro.

A pro surfer. I probably won’t do the tour or be a video pro or a travel pro. I’ll probably be a writing pro, writing about my experiences pro surfing n stuff.

So long surf journalism. You were always only second best.