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Beach Grit

Watch: Surfwear making a comeback!

Chas Smith

by Chas Smith

You've been patient!

I think I’ve written this story twice before since the birth of BeachGrit and each time I’m more hopeful than the time before. That surfwear is making a comeback. Because don’t you want it to in your heart of hearts? Don’t you want to break out your favorite Maui n Sons tee and rip around town? Don’t you?

Well, today’s version of surfwear making a comeback is ripped from hip blog highsnobiety which writes:

In the early ’00s it was totally okay to wear head-to-toe surfer brands, even if you had never set foot on a beach. You could wear Quiksilver with a wooden beaded necklace, maybe some Mambo cargo shorts and still be valid, cool, even. The goal was to look like a surfer, not actually be one. It speaks a lot about the inauthenticity of fashion trends but that’s another story for another time.

And then goes on to discuss how cool Stüssy was and is again.

The BEST part, though, is all the new brands that are coming up and engaging your surf lust. Like Surf is Dead, Token Surfboards, Palm Angels etc. And look at the above example from Ex Infinitas. Wetsuit pant and vest combos. Very surf. Very chic.

Are you ready not just to be ironically retro but progressively now?

Well, are you punk?