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Dear Friends: Thanks for 2017!

Chas Smith

by Chas Smith

We've reached the end (of the year)!

2017 is basically all over and it appears that many people are happy to see it go but not me and all thanks to you. Every day you put a smile on my face. Every day you made me chuckle with your delicate balance of wit, good-nature and cynicism. Every single day of this past year. I’m not nostalgic, due partially to a very bad memory, but I feel I will look back on 2017 with much fondness. Do you have a favorite moment?

Mine might have been the man who “baptized the savage” Gabriel Medina. Do you remember him?

Or maybe Sabre Norris’ profile on Derek Rielly.

Now that I think about it, though, yesterday’s evisceration of first-world surfboards  was all-time.

Oh I’m not about to make this a listlicle but……

I’m tired.

And a little boozy.


I love you.