Outfall from “Malibu Karen” and BIPOC surfer’s “localism = racism” claim continue to rock California surfing: “Why do you think most of the people you consider local to Malibu or any of these expensive, beautiful beach towns are white?”

"I’m sure you can see how localism here is undeniably linked to systemic racism."

A week or thereabouts ago, “Professor” Carla Zamora from The Surf Institute, used Instagram to launch a Qassam rocket into the kingdom of VAL, at those vulnerable adult learners who’d gotten to crowding Malibu.

It was an overshoot and more than a little rich, Zemora behaving as if it was 1965 and Miki Dora was still patrolling the lineup. Malibu, I don’t think anyone needs to be told, was lost, long ago, to overcrowding. 

It happens. 

Y’deal with it, maintain your hold on the joint via the threat of violence (see: Pipeline), or you search further afield. 

Zemora self-identifying as a “master of our spot” also didn’t sit well.

BIPOC surfer Jae Bella, you’ll recall, quickly hit back with localism = racism, also an overshoot, I believe. 

“For the record, we’ll be at Malibu, or wherever else our hearts desire, smiling, happy and free. Connecting with the ocean and earth that belongs to no one but god. Taking up space. At peace and unbothered.⁣⁣”

Now, in her latest salvo, Bella has hit back at a surfer who asked if she might explain the link between localism and racism. 

From Jake_Steel,

Would love for you to explain how localism = racism. It is outlandish and intellectually lazy to make such a claim and then refuse to elaborate on it. Some of the most localized spots I’ve surfed are in countries where the locals are people of color. Are they racist? Localism has nothing to do with what color your skin is, it is simply an issue of respect, some locals deserve it some don’t. As you continue your journey into the world of surfing perhaps you will learn this. Or you can continue viewing every bad interaction you have through the lense of race.

Bella writes, 

The audacity to say I am being “intellectually LAZY” bc I don’t want to teach you something that you don’t understand. To come into a black woman’s space and demand educational + emotional labor from her, and declare that if she doesn’t meet your demand for that labor then she is “lazy” is what is OUTLANDISH.

Also, I wasn’t speaking about other countries. I was referring to localism here in American surf culture – specifically in southern California. You have Google at your fingertips. But I’ll give you a little thought starter. 

WHY do you think most of the people you consider “local” to Malibu or Manhattan Beach or any of these expensive, beautiful beach towns are white? Start there if you’re missing the link between localism + racism. You surely know the history of why certain people live where they live here. You certainly understand the reasons for access to certain places for certain groups of people. I’M SURE YOU UNDERSTAND THIS. I’m sure you can see how localism here is undeniably linked to systemic racism. BC what makes someone “local” to one area is linked to it! It’s simple math. 

All very exciting.

Click here, if you want to read Bella’s fans taking up the cudgel against Steel. 

Many buzz words, systemic racism, gentrification and so on, and all through a continual buzzing of passive aggression.

Interesting to note that in Australia, beach suburbs, until maybe twenty years ago, were the ghettoes of the poor, Cronulla, Coolangatta, Bondi, Maroubra, Scarborough.

Same with Brazil, Mex, Indo, not so much Hawaii.

Open Thread: Comment Live on day one of World Surfing Games in sunny El Salvador!

Come play with us!

Much fun.

Surf looks nice.

The deadly Irukanjis lurking.

Watch here, comment below!

Breaking: Australia’s deadly Irukandjis opt to skip World Surfing Games opening ceremonies as Covid-19 cases spike bravely putting their Olympic dreams on the line!


Oh boy oh boy oh boy and that all took a nasty turn quickly. As you know, the World Surfing Games in El Salvador kicked off yesterday under a grey cloud of frustration and rage. The International Surfing Association, which is in charge of the Olympic qualification, and its chief, Fernando Aguerre, had pressed advantage ahead of the Tokyo Games in wresting power back from the World Surf League and was forcing every Olympic-bound surfer to attend the entirely of the World Surf Games including the opening and closing ceremonies.

Kelly Slater exempted due a years old foot injury.

The WSL and Surfers’ Union were allegedly furious about the power grab and tried to assuage Aguerre in many ways, hoping they might be able to change his mind and not have those already qualified WSL surfers travel excessively.

No dice.

And now all the surfers are there but, as unluck would have it, Covid-19 cases are said to be raging amongst the competitors forcing Australia’s deadly Irukandjis to opt to skip the opening ceremonies thereby putting their Olympic dreams on the line.

Per Surfing Australia’s Instagram post:


@theirukanjis have arrived safely in El Salvador and are self isolating amidst the news of active Covid cases in and around the @isasurfing World Surfing Games. On the advice of @ausolympicteam the team did not attend the Opening Ceremony to mitigate risk. The team is optimistic regarding the current situation. @owright @stephaniegilmore @sally_fitz @julian_wilson @ryancallinan

Oh boy oh boy oh boy.

Do you think chief Aguerre will bend on his initial demands of full participation or strike the Australian team from Tokyo thereby breaking the heart of a nation?

Also, that hotel lobby looks pretty bleak. I can just picture the rooms featuring boxy televisions with three Spanish language channels and a fan spinning languidly overhead.

Live footage of Ryan Callinan enjoying isolation?

Maybe Sally Fitz?


But also important as Aguerre has promised surfing, and the World Surfing Games, will bring peace to Ireland and England.

Worth the pain.

Much-loved world number two surfer launches wild anti COVID vaccination fusillade; tells 326,000 followers, “Wake up and stand up Australia!!! Do not get the poisonous needle!!”

No jab for Tez.

The two-time runner-up to the world surfing title, Australian Taj Burrow, has issued a dire warning to his 326,000 followers, writing of the folly of inoculation against the, likely, man-made and imported from China virus COVID-19.

Using his Instagram story function, Burrow, who is a few weeks off hitting forty-three can y’believe, don’t it make you feel old etc, ran, first, this.


And, some comedy, “The greatest!!!” he writes.



And, TB suggested y’watch Doc Ryan Cole’s slam dunk on a disease that kills, almost exclusively, the old and the fat.

Interesting times, as they say.

Aguerre (pictured) choked up at prospect of making peace between English and Irish.
Aguerre (pictured) choked up at prospect of making peace between English and Irish.

Report: Bad blood gushing in El Salvador ahead of World Surfing Games as furious Olympians, forced to compete, point to Kelly Slater’s exemption as patently unfair!

"Once again, we will get to unite the world in peace through our sport’s community, youth, and love."

Well well and well, the World Surfing Games kick off today in beautiful El Salvador, sun shining overhead, waves lapping coarse shores, but reports coming out of El Sunzal and La Bocana, which infuriated Huntington Beach by dubbing itself Surf City, are filled with frowns and wailing.

Much gnashing of teeth.

As you know, International Surfing Association chief Fernando Aguerre, who’s organization is in charge of selecting Olympic qualifiers, forced every Olympic hopeful to attend the entire event, from opening ceremonies to closing ceremonies. Even those who have already qualified through the World Surf League Championship Tour like Australia’s deadly Irukandjis.

The WSL and Surfers’ Union have, apparently, fought hard for those already qualified not to have to make the trip to El Salvador in this still-exhausting time of Covid, attempting to placate Aguerre in various and sundry ways, but he was having none of it.

“The surfers must surf and march and flag wave in El Salvador!” is a relatively accurate summation of his general line.

“Except Kelly Slater!”

Frustration has continued to mount over Slater’s doctor’s note for a years old foot injury, exempting him from traveling to El Salvador but not from barreling in Hawaii or the upcoming Surf Ranch Pro presented by Corona. Joanne Defay has allegedly been given a doctor’s pass allowing her to pool but not Salvador too.

Bad blood running in the gutters.

Aguerre, unbent, released the following statement..

“These are historical times for surfing. We will crown ISA World Surfing Games champions and complete the qualification for the Tokyo 2020 Games. Once again, we will get to unite the world in peace through our sport’s community, youth, and love. While we had to wait a year, the 2021 edition of the World Surfing Games will certainly be one of the most special in history. It has been a challenging time for all around the world, but we have demonstrated our resilience. Our sport and community are stronger than ever. From a record number of women, to the world’s best surfers flying their flags, there are many reasons to be excited about what this event and the future of surfing behold. I would like to give a huge thanks to the Government of El Salvador, the organisers of the event, as well as to the people of El Salvador for the warm welcome and strong support.”

I suppose if surfing’s Olympic debut will unite the world in peace, youth and love then a few hurt feelings are worth it.


Surfline believes so, running the biggest banner ads I have ever seen in my life featuring a video presentation of chief Aguerre.

At time of publication, 966 people have viewed.

Surfline, man. Let’s double it for them. Aguerre seems like a sweet guy, bringing peace between the English and Irish etc.

Do your part to end The Troubles here.