Bombshell claim the “WSL gifted win to Filipe (Toledo) because they’re too scared of what would happen to Griffin Colapinto in Brazil if he won”

“It’s amazing what a good old death threat will do.”

Brazilian fans are rejoicing tonight and singing the praises of the WSL’s expert judging panel after the reigning world champ Filipe Toledo demolished American Griffin Colapinto in the final of the Surf City Pro in El Salvador. 

On an unremarkable wave Filipe, who was brave as anything in the weak two-foot surf, turned the heat when he hammered four identical turns for a nine-point ride, something no one saw coming. The wave pressured Colapinto into a series of throwaway airs and his eventual loss.  

This time last year, of course, Griffin was being hammered with “violent, gruesome threats” for beating Filipe in the same contest, Brazilian fans claiming the fix was in for the gringo, a white conspiracy and so on, the hashtag, #worldshameleague a viral hit.

Even Filipe’s daddy got into the mix, “We really hope that something will be done, and that this will change, as it is becoming unbearable to see and hear the things we are hearing. during the events, I am embarrassed for the others.”

(Read, Brazilian surf fans apoplectic following Californian Griffin Colapinto’s “shock” win over world title favourite Filipe Toledo, “World Shame League! This event was a joke!” and Latin surf fans vow to create chaos at next World Tour event in Brazil following Filipe Toledos controversial loss to Californian in El Salvador, “The biggest protest in history in Saquarema! Bring banners, balloons, planes, boo all the time! Make them leave due to emotional stress!”)

Two weeks ago, after Brazilians Gabriel Medina, Italo Ferreira and Filipe Toledo were put to the sword by Ethan Ewing and Griffin Colapinto at the Surf Ranch Pro, Ethan was told he was going to be killed (“Here in Brazil, we will kill you. Saquarema will be your funeral,” one Brazilian fan wrote via DM), Gabriel wrote a sad post about bad judging, Italo went teen girl passive-aggressive mode (“After a long day, of many thoughts, analyses, news and arguments, I realized that I am tired, psychologically exhausted… We want nothing but fair. Nothing beyond what is our right. We need our voice to be heard and respected”) and WSL CEO Erik Logan was forced out his panic room to address the rampaging elephants with a searing open letter. 

The WSL judging panel, architects of six Brazilian world champions over the last nine years, were accused of ineptitude, bias and racism by Brazilian fans. 

Now, the bootie is on the other foot, as they say, with some surf fans claiming the judges and the WSL were too damn scared to let Colapinto win again. 

“WSL gifted that win to Felipe because they’re too scared of what would happen to Griffin in Brazil if he won. WSL has to protect their most prized American surfer rn, can’t risk Griffin’s safety in Brazil.”

Imagine winning but not knowing if you really won because you know all the death threats judges received so you can’t tell if you got overscored.”

“WSL relieving for Felipe… They don’t want to take shit in Saquarema. The decadence is assumed.”

“Letting overzealous claims (from Felipe) and loud cheers and whistles from (Brazilian) supporters influence the scoring is wrong. There needs to be more judges, with better knowledge of the sport, that are unable to be influenced by anything other than the surfing.”

I liked the wave, each incision being made as if with a razor as he planted his stake upright into the lip, but it wasn’t no nine, an eight if you’d had a few drinks, a little knuckle duster and were feeling generous.

Rewatch the heat and give me your learned opinion.


International crisis averted, riots called off as Brazil’s Filipe Toledo beats America’s Griffin Colapinto to take El Salvador Pro!

Turns take the day!

The waves were not very good for the Surf City El Salvador Pro final’s day, no not very good at all, but the sun was shining and Chris Cote was speaking and our choosing is unchill when combined with our begging. The World Surf League gonna World Surf League, after all, and to expect more is to be a silly goose.

The day began, anyhow, with crackling tension cutting the Central American air. Namely, would there be riots if Griffin Colapinto, who hails from the United States, once again beat the best small wave surfer on the planet, Brazil’s Filipe Toledo, for the second time in as many years?

Before we get there, though, Caroline Marks defeated Tyler Wright in the women’s final and was very excited, splashing the water vigorously etc. Wright, who seemed to be on a runner at the end, floated to the flats and appeared to injure herself.

It was not mentioned by the booth for fear of saying something true.

Important advertisements cut off the start of the men’s final, spicy stress lingering. But you certainly recall the insurrection at Surf Ranch wherein Colapinto beat Gabriel Medina setting off a series of wild open letters that appears to have culminated with World Surf League CEO Erik Logan going into the witness protection program.

Strider informed the audience that Toledo gifted Colapinto inside position at the start of the heat and was challenging the Californian to beat him directly. “Above the lip surfing,” was to be the bar.

The world’s current number one did, indeed, paddle first and slid his board around then bonked his head. He was rewarded with a 4.00.

Toledo stayed on rail for his opening wave, slapping and tickling down the line. He was rewarded with a 5.17.

Peter Mel called it “Paced and cruisy.”

Corona beer celebration.

Colapinto went next, going down in the middle of the wave after a fine first two turns. 4.23 put him into a tentative lead. Under priority, he went again going to the sky but became unstuck and Kaipo Guerrero sounded nervous.

Tide talk.

Strider then speculated that Toledo was hurt after Colapinto caught yet another but, almost on demand, the King of Saquarema went to he air and knocked some turns. Mel continued to describe the possible injury as “cruising.”

The two went back and forth, back and forth until Colapinto caught the first proper wave of the day midway through the heat, carving and slashing, punting and pumping, and took the lead.

The judges seemed scared to offer scores.

Tyler Wright’s injury was revealed to be a bruise.

Toledo then caught a wave and made angry turns and made hyped faces at the end. Pete Mel went berserk. Kaipo called it excellent. It was a 9.00 ride and catapulted him into the lead. I will like to know what our JP Currie feels about that.

Back and forth they continued to go, Toledo staying on rail, Colapinto taunting the air gods.

He did not land and was thrust into the dreaded Combo-land.

And that was at. Riots in Rio averted.

Henry Kissinger back off call.

Complete wrap soon.

Surf world rejoices as Australian prodigy Jack Robinson announces Brazilian surfer/model wife pregnant with first child!

Tribes united?

There has been much polarization in the surf world, of late, and how sad. The World Surf League has pitted itself against its Brazilian fanbase. Australians and Americans, not wanting to side with the World Surf League but unable to help themselves from calling Brazilians “whingers,” opening up a new front. South Africans doing South African things. Europeans wondering who the next Great Jeremy Flores Hope will be.

Overall much tension.

But might all these factions be brought together as one, joining hands and remembering that the things that unite us are far greater than the things that divide us?

It would take a miracle and maybe, just maybe, we have it with the just-announced pregnancy of Australian prodigy Jack Robinson and his wife, the Brazilian surfer/model Julia Muniz.

“About to embark on the most amazing ride ever,” the current world number five shared on Instagram with a shot of an ultrasound.

Praise was universal and from all corners.

“Yeah congrats brother!!!!” Conner Coffin exclaimed.

“Uncle life engaged,” Griffin Colapinto added.

“Congrats jack boy,” Italo Ferreira said.

“Congrats brother (heart emoji) god bless your family,” Joao Chianca followed.

On and on it went, American or Australian sharing excitement. Brazilian and Brazilian sharing joy.

And could this child be the one to unite the tribes?

Heavy lies the crown but maybe. Just maybe.

The only bit of weirdness came from Surfline which declared, “Forecast: your grom is going to be a legend!”


Comment live, Finals Day, Surf City El Salvador Pro, as Griffin Colapinto readies to break spine of Brazilian Storm with back-to-back wins!

Or will Filipe Toledo wipe away the tears to steal win or maybe dark horsies Liam O'Brien or Ian Gentil!

As vigil continues for DJ Khaled who suffered crippling injury while surfing online sleuths reveal best-selling artist’s near-death jetski misadventures!

"The key is don't panic! God is good God is the greatest! Let’s win more.” 

The Miami-born Khaled Mohammad Khaled aka DJ Khaled, well-known for the catchphrase “We the best music”, was forced to seek medical treatment over the weekend following an e-foiling accident that left him undergoing x-rays and suffering a debilitating pain. 

Thoughts and prayers poured in for the beloved plus-sized musical artist, with BeachGrit’s celebrity stringer and e-foil expert Chas Smith asking fans to light a candle for the star explaining, “The manner in which he tumbles is particularly worrisome, as either the foil or the propeller could have removed his head from his torso. Deadly. Mercifully the damage only required a light massage. Still debilitating.” 

Smith’s use of the epithet plus-sized drove fans into a fury, “rounding on the beloved surf tabloid with fangs bared.” 

Karma J Perez wrote, “Hope The Great Artist Dj Khalid is recovering okay , but what’s with the plus size comment . Why would you comment on his weight . Very tacky ! Especially in today’s world . He couldn’t just be a Great Artist we all love . It’s deplorable that this header was allowed to be printed. It’s 2023 commenting on a person’s size is so out of style in any decade . Get it together Beachgrit !”

Roldy added, “I don’t care that it’s a poorly written click bait article. I came here because you wrote ‘plus size’ in the title. Wtf does that have to do with anything about this story? Why does a person’s physical appearance here matter in the slightest? That alone told me you’re a trash writer. The alleged content you authored simply backs up my initial impression. I hope you have the day you deserve. Cheers.”

Kellie Lynn piled on, “You should pay someone to slap you so hard you’re put to sleep for hours for such click bait and goofy bragging arrogance.”

Elizabeth added, “What does him being ‘plus sizes’ have to do with anything? Come on, light a candle a for him, because he got hurt so badly be needs a massage? All around horrible article. You can do better, and if you really can’t, it’s time to look for a new profession.”

Now, online sleuths have revealed Khaled’s e-foil misadventure is only one in a long string of near death incidents. In December 2017, the creator of the triple platinum hit All I Do Is Win, was injured in a waterskiing collision that left him trapped in a labyrinth of tree branches. 

“The keys is don’t my panic!!!” said the star. 


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Two years earlier, Khaled was lost at sea while riding his jetski off the coast of Miami and had to be rescued, posting the entire terrifying ordeal on Snapchat. 

“It’s not easy to make it. The key is to win,” the devout Muslim wrote adding, “God is good God is the greatest! Let’s win more.” 

In Smith’s series on the e-foiling accident, readers were asked to submit their favourite DJ Khaled song although Smith conceded it might be an impossibility. “Each are works of pure art and impossible to rank. It would be like asking Megan Fox or Brian Austin Green “Who is your favorite daughter?” Futile and, frankly, rude.”

Still, what do you get when you put Justin Bieber, Lil Wayne, Chance the Rapper, the wonderful Quavious Keyate Marshall aka Quavo and DJ Khaled in a studio?

Well, listen and tell me popular music didn’t reach its zenith in 2017.