Jackie and sad-making IG story from Sarah Brady.

After boiling ex-boyfriend Jonah Hill’s eggs, Sarah Brady goes after previous lover, the pro-Russian MAGA zealot Jackson Hinkle in humiliating multi-pronged attack!

"Omg now your stories are filled will you going after your OTHER ex!! You just don’t see how unstable and disloyal you look do you?"

After a final fifty-two pronged salvo at the Hollywood star Jonah Hill, and with anti-Hill ammunition seemingly exhausted, spurned ex Sarah Brady has now pointed her fury at the conservative firebrand Jackson Hinkle, a man she dated more than three years ago. 

In a series of stories designed to embarrass the hell out of the San Clemente native, Brady has sport with his switcharoo from democratic socialist and dedicated anti-plastic environmentalist to pro-Russki right-winger, even mocking his fragile mental health post-breakup. 

“He was very angry when our relationship ended and said he was going to therapy because of me,” writes Brady, adding, “Lol.” 

(A quick recap for those coming in late. A little under two weeks ago, surf instructor Sarah Brady lit a very public fire, dumping a series of what she said were private texts between the pair on Instagram. Brady claimed to be a “survivor” following the  end of a relationship with a man she described as misogynistic and a narcissist. Brady said Hill was made sad by her posting bikini shots, the inference being these languid poses suggested sexual availability. Then,  delivering what was thought to her stunning coup de grâce two days ago, the banning of Hill from Hawaiian waters, with Brady triumphantly dancing upon the Superbad star’s grave, one might’ve expected a return to normal transmission on her Instagram channel. However , encouraged by a whirlwind of support from spurned women worldwide, Brady then launched a fifty-two pronged fusillade on Instagram stories, screenshots of DMs between her and fans, and including comparisons between her short dalliance with Hill and the five-year-long marriage of playwright Arthur Miller and fifties sex symbol Marilyn Monroe.) 

Brady, who amazingly survived her eighteen-month dalliance with the “misogynistic and narcissistic” Hill, has told followers she suffers PTSD, a condition usually reserved for combat soldiers who’ve accidentally put a bullet in the head of some kid.

“PTSD is a part of my diagnoses and I do actually get ‘triggered’ in the way that people who not have PTSD use the term,” writes Brady. “Me having an emotional reaction to something you say because I am triggered…”

Etc etc etc.

Meanwhile, on Brady’s own account people been lighting up in the comments. No so favourable in most instances.


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Please stop using the word survivor. You are not a survivor. I understand you went through a lot and he’s a very difficult person I get that but you are not a survivor. Stop using that word. And move on. Your wasting your energy. You crazy person .

You need therapy. Just stop. This is going to embarrass you for years to come and no man will ever want to send you a text again. Disgraceful what you’ve done. Yea he had weird and insecure demands and rules. You walk away and not accept them. End of story. Grow up. This is awful what you’ve done. I wouldn’t date him. He’s too insecure. But you didn’t have to either. And he did not ABUSE you so stop using that word and making real victims of abuse feel horrible!!!!! Grow up

Thank god internet is here to stay and your name will be remembered. you sure look like a narcissist to many. Playing victim, not acknowledging standard bounderies, seeking attention and being as reckless as you are by trying to destroy someone’s reputation.

Omg now your stories are filled will you going after your OTHER ex!! You just don’t see how unstable and disloyal you look do you? Is this all for attention, or are you just flying high, unable to see future consequences?

Gas lighter, manipulator, and emotional abuser…. and I’m not talking about Jonah. Such an insanely narcissistic stance to take.

she got her 70k followers from this and is now on a crusade to destroy no just jonah but any ex she doesn’t like as a ode to “mental health” and “doing the right thing” ngl you look crazy and need to take a break there’s no way being on social media like this is healthy, jonah was right you live to be validated through social media by people who don’t know you,

Good times for all! And who next when Hinkle ammo runs out?


Unbent surf journalist (left) with Logan. Happier days. Photo: WSL
Unbent surf journalist (left) with Logan. Happier days. Photo: WSL

Deeply worried about viciously disappeared former World Surf League CEO, surf journalist books passage to Brazil in order to save onetime friend Erik Logan!

Help is on the way.

Erik Logan, former chief executive of the World Surf League, was fired in the rudest way almost three weeks ago. Since then, the Championship Tour has traveled to South Africa, Chief of Sport Jessi Miley-Dyer has reignited her love affair with swimming pools, Kelly Slater has lost another heat but Erik Logan, himself, has vanished completely.

The overactive social media user has silenced his channels, refused to respond to messages, is no longer asking young men to “take your shirt off” because he is wearing their skin. He has appeared on no red carpets alongside the effervescent Jessi Miley-Dyer, given no speeches about vectors and synergies, is just… gone.

The World Surf League, for its part, is pretending the former Oprah Winfrey Network boss never even existed.

My initial mirth at his dismissal soon turned to sorrow but now hovers in deep, deep worry.

While collaborationist surf media is moving on without care, praising the ELo years by spackling the Wall of Positive Noise, I am not able to rest. Sleeplessness haunts my nights. A spectre of Logan wearing latex, duct taped to a wall, ball gag in mouth. A shadow of Logan wearing leather, strapped to a table, ball gag in mouth. The owner of the World Surf League, Dirk Ziff is, as you know, a billionaire and… well, I’ll just leave it at that.

Stab is not going to help. We must.

I must.

We were friends, once.

Logan was last seen in Brazil, getting uncomfortably close to his employees and praising a bright future while the WSL ran the Vivo Rio Pro in waist high slop. Thus, I must start in Brazil and find him or at least find rumors of where he might have gone.

I have booked last minute passage to Sao Paulo. Did you know the most populous city in the Americas has a motto declaring, “I am not led, I lead”? It’s true and I feel Ziff might either be sending a message to the surf fans he so loathes or Logan will have beaten it out of Rio in order to enjoy Adriano de Souza’s home, knowing that it has been essentially erased from surf history thanks to the aforementioned Slater.

I leave first thing tomorrow morning. Forgive the 24 hours of silence. No wonder Kelly Slater refuses to travel to the land of Progress and Order.

It’ll be my first time down under and am certainly looking forward to the much-ballyhooed “passion” but will also not let racist dog whistles derail my mission.

Hold on, Erik Logan. I’m coming for you.

It takes forever.

Online sleuth uncovers complete footage of Italo Ferreira’s gruesome J-Bay knee injury in World Surf League vault!

Hurry before it is gone!

Thanks to our own dear Twillsy, surf fans everywhere, alongside amateur virologists, can study Italo Ferreira’s gruesome knee injury, just suffered hours ago in the elimination round at the J-Bay Open against Ian Gentil, in great detail.

The World Surf League, increasingly Stalinist, attempted to erase the moment, clipping it entirely from the heat recap, but it has yet to be disappeared from the entire day’s footage, a fact pounced upon by the aforementioned Twillsy.

What is your diagnosis?

Will Ferreira be back in the water at Teahupo’o?

More as the story develops.

Italo post and pre fall. Photo: WSL
Italo post and pre fall. Photo: WSL

Brazilian champ Italo Ferreira suffers grotesque knee injury at J-Bay though footage quickly disappeared by increasingly Stalinist World Surf League!

"I had to ditch the drums and go straight..."

The second day of the J-Bay Open, men’s division, is currently underway but surf fans, everywhere, have thoughts fixed on the fate of Italo Ferreira. The Brazilian champion was not having the greatest season of his still young life. Early stumbles had him comfortable above the dreaded cut line, as the tour rolled into Margaret River, but nowhere near challenging for a top five slot. A little fire in Lemoore, though, and it seemed like the effervescent muscleman was back.

Alas, average El Salvador and Brazil showings had him in 11th place coming into J-Bay but surf fans, everywhere, held high hopes for a dominant showing in South Africa and a dominant showing in Tahiti.

Ferreira was forced into the elimination round but looking very good against Maui’s Ian Gentil…until, that is, he took a high line to floater to flats and demolished his right knee.

The World Surf League, increasingly Stalinist, quickly scrubbed the closeup footage and mention of injury from on its quick recap vid leading surf fans, everywhere, to wonder if that right knee has been deposited in the same place as former CEO Erik Logan.

Thankfully, the beloved Brazilian has more clout than Logan and took to social media himself, declaring (in translation from his native Portuguese), “I had to ditch the drums and go straight p/ the hospital after making a mistake and injuring my right knee. Unlike last year I was unable to carry on after being in so much pain. I’ve been working hard to be strong and avoid this kind of injury, but unfortunately there is the risk! Hope it’s nothing major and I can go back as soon as possible, just with other plans! Because i cannot achieve my ultimate goal. Everything has a purpose and if it’s meant to be that way, one way or another in the future I’ll figure it out and God will show me the best way. Thank you for the strength.”

Logan sleeps alone.

Comment live, Corona Open J-Bay, as Kelly Slater fights for life in elimination round!

Can world title contender Jackie Robinson put the GOAT to the sword or will ageless Kelly undulate, again, like belly dancer of old?