“Tone deaf” World Surf League rocked by mutinous fans seething over controversial “End of Era” post!

"Nothing but a facade pretending there isn’t a huge elephant in the room. Wall of positivity but no one’s buying it. It’s cringe."

The World Surf League is under siege tonight after an innocuous post celebrating Caroline Marks’ first world title lanced a boil of fury among surf fans seething over tour leader Carissa Moore’s second successive Finals Day failure. 

The WSL wrote, 

Caroline Marks just became:⁣

– Only the fourth Women’s World Champion since 2006⁣

– The first goofy-foot Women’s World Champion since 2005⁣

– The first mainland American


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All true and a beautiful moment for a kid who had to step away from the tour for a year to deal with unspecified but “recurring medical and health issues.” 

But WSL’s surf fans, many of whom, I’d predict, have yet to feel the sensation of wax underfoot, mutinied en masse in an orgy of fury not seen since the damn Cawnpore massacre in 1857. 

“What a bloody terrible caption for this post. What are you telling the others it’s time to retire. If it wasn’t an Olympic year it would not shock me to see Carisa step away from the WSL while this final five nonsense continues. And I say this as someone who is really happy for Caroline and picked her to win. This post though is in very poor taste.”

“You guys are changing the history of world surfing with bizarre rules. you already stole two world titles from Carissa Moore. Enough, right?”

“Carissa was the true champ! Bring back the old format. Marks just won trestles, but not the circuit.”

“Just tell us that it’s the end of this bullsh*t format era. Champions deserve to be fully supported by the fans, wich is not the case BECAUSE OF THE WSL. Athletes deserve better, fans deserve better. Pro surfing this days divides instead of federate…and it’s definetly getting worst.”

“Once again this completely unfair system has stolen a title from the real champ Carissa More. That’s 2 already. Stop this nonsense. You don’t see anyone supporting this format online.”

“Should be Carissa on 7. So shit, all for viewer ratings. When are WSL going to acknowledge what Carissa achieved this season?”

“Carissa should be celebrating a 3 peat. Best all year and lose title cause a subpar day at trestles.”

“The people’s word champ” 🏆. Marks the Trestles champ on 1 day. Great achievement for both. And I am sure the humble Riss will honor Marks title, and Caroline herself will undoubtedly know that Riss won overall this year and last.”

“Congratulations @wsl. You invented a format that prevents the best surfer of the year from becoming the champ.”

“End of wsl if they don’t go back to old format and end season in Hawaii, the birthplace of surfing, Carrissa is the true Champion.”

“Yeah right! @wsl people, keep saying this format gives opportunity to others surfers to have a shot for the world tilte but all sums to a 1 event,…and in the USA 🤔”

“This doesn’t make sense and its unfair for that 1 surfer that has been proving all year why the number 1 is number 1.”

“Now imagine if all the other sports adopted this stupid idea/format? U can’t right? Because it doesn’t make sense and it’s Not fair. Stop this format, please.”

“This is a very tone deaf post. Read the room. It’s like WSL is just trying lose as many fans as they can these days.”

When the WSL’s own Jess Miley-Dyer poked her head above the parapet she was met with a fusillade of anger as the blood lust reached fever pitch.

“read the room”

“old format back. You ruined the surf”

“Carissa got robbed two years in a row! It’s painful to watch.”

“We are all praying you end up with E-Lo 🙏 congrats on the trestle win Marks and congrats on four years in a row tittle wins Carissa.”

“Typical WSL hologram comment. Nothing but a facade pretending there isn’t a huge elephant in the room. Wall of positivity but no one’s buying it. It’s cringe. Everyone sees the truth for what it is, Carissa should be world champ.”

“Read the comments. 95% of fans don’t like the format. We all see @rissmoore10 as a champ. Changing history of surfing not crowing the best surfer all year for a profit format for you guys to keep your jobs is a ridiculous insanity.”

Again, I quite enjoyed all the tension with my midnight snack as I watched the drama unfurl, curled up like a baby in front of a heater in my jammies, fiddling away as well as fiddling with the keys. I certainly wasn’t involved in such a way during any of the other events.

Why so much hate?

World Surf League Chief of Sport Jessi Miley Dyer urinates on former CEO “Handsy” Eric Logan’s grave by touting insane growth after Finals Day!

"The momentum of the Championship Tour, the World Surf League and professional surfing is realer.”

This is Jessi Miley Dyer’s world, we just so happen to be living in it. The World Surf League Chief of Sport, hours ago, took to Instagram, once the main platform of deposed CEO “Handsy” Eric Logan, in order to present the fact that her 2023 finals day was up, in viewership, by nearly 30% as opposed to last year’s 2022’s iteration conducted by the aforementioned Logan.



You will certainly recall when, just before last September’s running at Lower Trestles showdown, Logan stood before an audience and declared, “We have not even had the biggest day in pro surfing yet and we’ve already eclipsed some of the most amazing milestones we’ve seen in the history of the sport. Already this has been the most consumed live digital audience in the history of professional surfing before this day has ever happened. We’re up 13.4%, precisely, we like precise numbers. We’re ahead of that before the biggest day in professional surfing. The momentum of the Championship Tour, the World Surf League and professional surfing is real.”

His momentum might have been real, as he could not stop that rolling stone from slamming into Brazil, making a sensual mess then getting disappeared.

But the World Surf League’s?

Objectively arguable.

Semi-legitimate sponsors were replaced by Bailey Ladders and Joe Turpel’s kitchen remodel services. No reflection of professional surfing, at its premier level, growing in a meaningful way.

Yet here we are again.

Miley Dyer urinating on Logan’s grave by claiming this year’s Finals Day was up a precise number 29% viewership over last year’s.

Here’s the question for you, though.

Is all this “growth” proof that our WSL is on the right path or is it merely an indication that Miley Dyer is on her way out the door for some bit of unseemly behavior?

Uh oh.

History and repeating, or some such.

Aniston (left) home.
Aniston (left) home.

Beloved Friend Jennifer Aniston buys mansion off Oprah Winfrey in California’s most exclusive surf burgh

Right at home. (Get it?)

A decade ago, who would have ever imagined the entertainment dynamo, known to all simply as Oprah, would be so entwined in our surf world? But here we are, twisted and tied together. Basically one flesh. The tycoon, who hails from Chicago, first cracked in by purchasing large portions of Maui then doubled down by lending us the “Oklahoman with a magic wetsuit of armor” Erik Logan, who became Chief Executive of the World Surf League before disappearing in a cloud of scandal. Winfrey also owns much property in California’s most exclusive surf burgh, minutes up the coast from Rincon, a stone’s throw from Britt Merrick’s gated manse.

Yes, Montecito.

You are certainly aware of the ocean-front enclave, home to Prince Harry and Princess Meghan amongst other extremely famous neighbors including the always kind Ellen DeGenerate, Ariana Grande and now the most beloved of Friends Jennifer Aniston.

According to reports, the 54-year-old actress just scooped up a Tuscan-style villa from the aforementioned Winfrey for a tidy $14.5 million.

The property, built in 1998 and purchased by Oprah in 2021 for a clean $10.5 million from a New York hedge fund manager, features one large complex and two smaller bungalows plus gardens, ponds, plants, a pool and a ten-ish mile drive to California’s second most famous point break.


Aniston is, clearly, the best of all Friends, a list that includes Phoebe, Chandler, Monica, Ross and Joey and made some $90 million from the show’s run, though what are your thoughts, exactly, on those who purchase their local status?

Would you give Rachel a free pass? Would you blame her if she punched out your fins?

Most importantly, though, if you could live in an exclusive surf burgh, which would you choose?


The Hamptons?


Much to ponder.

Big Daytona. Photo: Surfline
Big Daytona. Photo: Surfline

72-year-old Florida surfer loses life as Hurricane Lee pushes potential “100+ foot wave” toward eastern seaboard

Big Daytona.

Hurricane Lee, massive and wild, slowly churning in the Caribbean as a Category 3, has been on surfers minds for days. Last week, we learned that the beast might just push 100+ foot waves to Florida, exciting Garrett McNamara, Laird Hamilton and others who have made their names riding giants.

At that time, the storm was located some 650 miles off shore with crazy sustained winds and a big mean eye.

Now, Hurricane Lee is still out in the Atlantic, though has taken a northern turn striking fear, or envy, into the hearts of New Englanders who might just receive surf magazine cover-worthy bombs.

“On the forecast track, the center of Lee will pass west of Bermuda Thursday and Thursday night and then approach the coast of New England or Atlantic Canada late this week,” according to the hurricane center.

Still, while the generally placid waters off of Florida’s east coast didn’t necessarily rise to the occasion, they did become extremely dangerous, all rip currenty and nasty, even claiming the life of a 72-year-old charger seeking infamy.

According to Florida authorities, a Daytona Beach lifeguard spotted the man when he was about 100 yards away and became concerned when she noticed he had become “disconnected” from his board. She raced out to him though he became unresponsive once arriving to his side.

“He was removed from the water by multiple lifeguards,” Volusia County Beach Safety said in the statement. “Medical interventions were started,” though the measures were not effective and he was pronounced dead at the scene.

That was one of four cases of surfers being caught in rip currents and needing assistance.

Rip currents don’t have nearly the shine of a 100+ foot wave and it feels like Florida got ripped off on this one.

But back to New England?

Will heroes rise?

More as the story develops.

World’s most feared surf gang The Wolfpak destroyed by OxyContin says former member, “They had a pharmacist living in the house giving them huge prescriptions!”

"It turned everybody against each other, turned the most solid friend group ever in surfing into a shitshow.” 

The former tour surfer, pro MMA fighter, activist and one-time member of Pipe regulatory unit The Wolfpak, Dustin Barca, has revealed how that troupe of Kauai surfers came to rule, briefly, Pipeline only to collapse under the strain of drug addiction. 

Barca, who is forty-one, was barely out of his teens when the Wolfpak formed at the turn of the century, and says he was the gang’s “little hitman” who’d be sent down the beach to deal with various offenders by co-founder and world jiujitsu champ Kai “Kaiborg” Garcia. 

“They used to make me fight people on the beach,” Barca tells the QuiverCast. “If somebody burned one of the boys, like, Kaiborg would tell me, you better go pound that guy right now or I’m going to pound you. I’d be, like, fuuuuuuck, then I’d have to go down and fucking smoke the guy on the beach or wait for him to come up.” 

His justification was simple.

“If you drop in on someone on a ten-foot wave at Pipeline it’s like attempted murder. That’s where it is today, a shitshow where there’s no authority out there. It’s just like anybody from anywhere can go out there and paddle around the locals and catch the wave of the day and nobody does anything about it… what we did was we created a rule system. It made everybody realise that they were at someone else’s home and they should take off their shoes in their home.”

And then came OxyContin, legalised heroin, a wildly addictive painkiller with its ability create an insanely intense euphoria. The pharmaceutical industry’s aggressive marketing of OxyContin in the late 1990s and early 2000s played a significant role in its widespread abuse. Misleading claims about the drug’s safety and low risk of addiction contributed to its over-prescription and the subsequent rise in addiction rates.

You know the story. Tens of thousands of deaths, lives, families, entire towns, even generations ruined. 

Read, The Family That Built an Empire of Pain from the New Yorker and learn what a ruthless game the Sackler family played. 

Barca says the Wolfpak collapsed when “a large number of my friends got hooked on drugs and they had a pharmacist living in the house with them giving everybody huge prescriptions of OxyContin. It was a bad scene. I never did drugs since I was young cause I almost died. All my friends who Coke or whatever, they all started snorting OxyContins and it turned everybody against each other, turned the most solid friend group ever in surfing into a shitshow.” 

Barca laughs but he don’t think it’s funny.

“Fucking OxyContin’s heroin, you know. So, all your life revolves around surfing and having fun and then your life revolves around getting high. It’s a whole ‘nother world. Everyone went from focussing on surfing and having a good time together to all everybody cared about was finding a fucking pill.” 

Listen here. 

And spend a day with Barca at home, here.