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Beach Grit

BeachGrit TV: The Sunny Garcia Movie!

Chas Smith

by Chas Smith

A revealing documentary made by the creator of vampire porn!

Surfing is often a beige tableau. Not very anti-depressive but true! Personality gets squeezed from the littlest fruits. Lack of opinion carries the day. Etc.

And then there is Sunny Garcia and then there is Michael Oblowitz.

Sunny you know, or at least think you know. His fire, his surfing, his drive, his life. He is the rarest of exceptions.

Michael Oblowitz you may not know but should. The South African filmmaker most notable for vampire pornos is a gift to the surf world and one we don’t deserve. He is unafraid. He is brash. He is bold.

(He also made the never-released drugs-in-surfing movie Sea of Darkness.)

So much like Sunny!

He started this film very many years ago, he calls it the “Boyhood of surfing” referencing the famous Linklater film that took 11 years to make. He references incidents in Sunny’s life, like showing up late for his Pipeline heat in 2009. All he had to do is paddle out and he would have won the Triple Crown. But he didn’t show.

I happened to be on the beach that day too and watched Sunny fight over his singlet with Randy Rarick and smiled. Not at Sunny’s bummer but at his rage. There was enough spark to light surfing for a decade and that is what we need more than anything else.

We need Sunny Garcia!

The film will be released soon and obviously much watch but in the meantime come and listen to its director. Come bathe in a sea of personality.

Oh, and count how many dead people appear in the film!