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WSL: Filipe Toledo Banned from Fiji!

Michael Ciaramella

by Michael Ciaramella

"No tube for you!" - WSL

The aforementioned ‘upset’ of Filipe Toledo in the Oi Rio Pro has recently gained new meaning.

Angered by the interference call in his round three clash with Kanoa Igarashi, Filipe proceeded to storm the judges’ tower once the heat concluded — a major no-no if your name isn’t Zeke Lau.

As a result, the WSL has followed protocol by fining and banning Toledo from the Tour’s next event, the Outerknown Fiji Pro. WSL Deputy Commissioner Renato Hickel explained:

Filipe is a really good kid and an incredible surfer. The WSL is very fortunate to have someone of his caliber on Tour and he is constantly progressing the level of surfing in the live arena. It’s disappointing when we have to pass disciplinary action for any of our surfers, but that behavior is not acceptable for the sport. Filipe knows this and we look forward to seeing his talent back on Tour very soon.

Filipe has since apologized for his behavior, stating:

I’m a passionate guy and surfing is my life,” Toledo said. “After getting an interference in my Round Three heat in Saquarema, I became upset. I just lost my mind and I’m really embarrassed by my behavior. I want to apologize to the fans, my sponsors, the media and the WSL. I take full responsibility for my actions and accept my suspension. I am disappointed to miss the next event, but looking forward to coming back stronger for Jeffreys Bay. Good luck to everyone in Fiji and thanks to everyone for the continued support.

Who knew Brazil was providing such drama? Not me of course, but such an incident certainly makes a man think! Maybe I’ll tune in for finals day after all.

As for Filipe… poor guy is too small to properly intimidate. When Zeke did it he got a walk-through, when Filipe does it — fined and banned!

Ain’t that the way of the world though? The powerful take what they want while the little people pay damages.

Speaking of which, Derek, where does this leave our bet?