Surfer killed in shark attack near Santa Cruz, less than one hundred yards from beach, likely Great White: “There has been an exponential increase in shark births over the last ten years”

The man, who was twenty-six, was surfing a mile south of the Manresa State Beach carpark at Sand Dollar Beach, and was pronounced dead on the scene.

Pretty Manresa State Beach, in Monterey Bay, was the sight of a fatal shark attack on a surfer a little after one thirty today, real close to the shore, less than a hundred yards or so.

The man, who was twenty-six, was surfing, a mile south of the Manresa State Beach carpark at Sand Dollar Beach, and was pronounced dead on the scene.

The joint has been crawling with Great Whites recently according to locals who’ve lit up the Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s Office’s Facebook page.

I took a helicopter ride a couple of months ago and I saw so many sharks off of the beaches between Marina and Moss Landing. just swimming in the waves near the Shoreline. I would never for the life of me go swimming or surfing in that little stretch of beach

There were pics a couple of days ago with at least 5 great whites in the area, warm waters and not many people to disrupt them.

Folks the cement ship is a spawning ground for great whites. There has been an exponential increase in shark births over the last ten years. They have always been around just lots more of them now. A girl lost her leg standing in 3’ of water about thirty years ago. They are cranky and aggressive at mating time in the spring. There is also an exponential increase in water sports like kayaks, SUP etc with many more people in the water now. Best to stay out of the water. Life is a numbers game and gambling with sharks is a losing bet.

Four weeks ago, a SUP pilot, not Erik Logan, was hit by a White in nearby Capitola.

All beaches were closed from Capitola to Sunny Cove through April 1.

More as it comes.

The Goyim strike back! Little Jewish boy Eithan in mock crucifixion by Ventura Christians. | Photo: Ch11tv

Goyim Dane Reynolds profiles Israeli Olympian and Venturan Super Jew Ethian Osbourne: “You have no values. With you it’s all nihilism, cynicism, sarcasm, and orgasm!”

Too young to drink, old enough to defend brave desert nation from being driven into the sea…

Oh let’s not mess around with introductions, read all about Reynolds’ reboot of Marine Layer here, and swing straight into the second episode, a profile on Israeli Olympian Eithan Osbourne.

Too young to drink but not too old to defend his brave little country from its Arab enemies.

Eithan’s mammy is a “French-speaking Jewish humanitarian” with a Motorhead sticker on the back of her Volvo stationwagon.


“What is the measure of success for a surf career?” writes Dane. “Trophies? Titles? Covers? Not any more… Youtube subscribers? Money made? I’m forever grateful for guys like Taylor Steele and Kai Neville who gave my generation a platform to do tricks to music. And thankful for surf magazines that organized trips and employed surf photographers who took pictures of us which got printed in said magazines thus validating sponsorships. That system has collapsed, and it aint comin back. If Chapter 11 TV has any small part in guiding the next generation of surfers and keeping it fun while providing a platform the way magazines and video makers did for us, then for me that’s a success.”

Watch: French surfer punches attacking Great White Shark twice in the face at Bells Beach thereby shattering national stereotype!

Victory at any cost!

The French are mostly known for five things: Givenchy, Chanel, Hermès, Saint Laurent and surrendering when faced with both overwhelming and underwhelming odds. Oh, we all know, save the Battle of Waterloo, World War I, World War II, Vietnam etc., that the “surrendering” bit is a disgusting slur.

A nasty stereotype.

But for the ultra-xeno Francophobes still out there, though, the bravest man you ever did see paddled out, yesterday morning, to cold Bells Beach there on Australia’s south-eastern tip and punched an attacking Great White shark in the face.


An epic tale best told through The Sydney Morning Herald and let’s go there post haste.

A French surfer has fended off a shark near Bells Beach on Victoria’s Surf Coast, and escaped with just a few stitches.

Dylan Nacass, 23, was paddling at Southside beach on Friday when the shark came up behind him and latched onto his leg.

He managed to punch the shark twice in the face and was helped to shore by another surfer, Torquay man Matt Sedunary.

Mr Nacass escaped with lacerations to his leg, which required stitches, but is keen to get back out in the water.

“I really want to go back soon,” he told Nine. “Just when my leg, it’s OK. I’m going to go back to surf soon, I’m OK.”

“Just my leg?”

If we could clone young Dylan Nacass and send those carbon copies back in time they’d be speaking French in London, Berlin and much better French in Saigon.

None of that ugly Yankee inflection.

The entire drama was caught on film by another local, Graham Blade, who had posted up on the bluff and didn’t for one second pull focus from a potentially grisly scene.

Steely resolve.

Afterward, Sedunary said, “When you’re out in the water, you know sharks are out there. I’m pretty keen to get out there this afternoon. Get back out on the horse, as they say.”

À votre santé all around.

May the Kronenbourg 1664 flow like champagne tonight in Torquay, Sydney, Cardiff-by-the-Sea and anywhere the Legionnaire x ANZAC sprit reigns supreme.

"The surfers are coming, the surfers are coming!" (The Dead Don't Die)
"The surfers are coming, the surfers are coming!" (The Dead Don't Die)

Quaint Bay Area town turned into Coronavirus Hellhole as countless “toxic, disgusting, likely-infected surfers” descend en masse!

"Unnecessary risk!"

But, no, you cannot tell me that you have forgotten about Bolinas, California, a stone’s throw from San Francisco, already. You cannot say that an ode to the cathartic benefits of surfing and its natural social distancing, penned by the great Transhumanist Zoltan Istva, who traveled there to glide free, has disappeared from your memory.

Of course it hasn’t.

The sensible surf media, filled to the very brim with Modern Surfers, pounced on the recklessness, the wanton recklessness of leaving home for any reason whatsoever, much less to participate in something as egregiously criminal as surfing but it appears that its judicious advice has gone unheeded for now, thanks to Zoltan, Bolinas has been completely overrun with toxic, disgusting, likely-infected surfers.

A true Coronavirus Hellhole.

But let’s turn to a local on the ground and writing letters to The New York Times‘ editor for more.

Bolinas, a tiny, once isolated California town, has become a surfers’ mecca. The community is now completely overrun on a daily basis with countless out-of-town surfers.

During the coronavirus pandemic lockdown, local authorities have finally seen fit to make the effort to control the chaos brought on by the surfing masses. Mr. Istvan advocates an exception to lockdown regulations and using Bolinas as a surfing zone for all. He places his surfing wishes above the health of the people of Bolinas, who are obliged to shelter in.

Bolinas has just been shown to be disease-free by a unique townwide test organized for scientific purposes. Crowds of out-of-town surfers and their families streaming into Bolinas in violation of shelter in place would put the people of Bolinas at unnecessary risk.

Jeffrey Labovitz
Bolinas, Calif.

Stab? Is there not anything you can do to stem the tide?

World Surf League? Maybe a second, delightfully whimsical, round of #HomeBreakChallenge?


Irony: Cape Town police station where surfers taken and charged after being arrested on beach for “standing still” closed after cop tests positive for COVID-19!

The cops may not have used "logic or common sense," says police commissioner after notorious "standing still" arrests.

No shortage of absurdities in the pursuit of evildoer beachgoers during these past few weeks of closed beaches.

A real quick recap:

The season opened on April 3 in the US with a high-stakes game of cat and mouse at Malibu when a SUP pilot took on the amphibious division of the local sheriffs. The springsuit-clad man was led, in chains, up the famous beach, now home to television actress Meghan Markle and her former royal husband, the now neutered and gunless, Haz.

It snowballed, real quick.

Arrests, fines, helicopters with armed cops inside monstering surfers from the Atlantic to the Indian Ocean.

A few days ago in South Africa, in pretty little Muizenberg in Cape Town, surfers were arrested during a #backinthewater protest, although one shredder did humiliate the local cops by escaping on a pushbike.

Two parents, Liam Bulgen and his fiancé Tereza Cervinkova, chased their kid after she’d run onto the beach. The family was arrested, thrown into a police van and taken to Muizenberg police station and charged with, shee-it, what’s the crime again?

Standing still? 

Bulgen wasn’t real thrilled about the arrest, especially since the the arresting officers and the staff who charged him and his woman for being lockdown runners hadn’t worn masks and gloves etc.

Now, it can be revealed, that the police station they’d been charged at has been closed after a staff member tested positive for COVID-19.

The joint is being decontaminated right now and Provincial police commissioner Lieutenant General Yolisa Matakata said his cops may not have used “logic or common sense” when they made the arrest.

A common thread, yes?