Blanco (left) celebrates being the best surfer in the world alongside Zeke Lau.
Blanco (left) celebrates being the best surfer in the world alongside Zeke Lau.

Caitlyn’s son, Kendall and Kylie’s brother Brody Jenner in committed amorous relationship with Ultimate Surfer Tia Blanco: “The pair had an instant connection over their shared love for the ocean!”

Hot couple summer!

It has been a hot minute, or two, since one of our kind, a surfer, officially dated a Hollywood celebrity and especially an honest-to-goodness Hollywood celebrity hailing from the most important, current, celebrity family but here we are, famous-adjacent. Page Six is reporting that Ultimate Surfer, and current world number twenty-two, Tia Blanco is officially dating Brody Jenner.

You, of course, may remember Jenner from his 2005 reality program The Princes of Malibu in which he, and his brother Brandon, lived the very good life in their mother Linda Thompson’s husband’s spacious home, much to his chagrin, but are more likely to recognize the classically handsome 38-year-old as half-brother of Kendall and Kylie Jenner who are, in turn, half-sisters to Kim, Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian.

Brody, Brandon, Kendall and Kylie share Caitlyn Jenner as a father.

Kim, Khloe and Kourtney share the late Robert Kardashian who successfully defended O.J. Simpson against his 1995 double murder charge.

Brody and Tia were, anyhow, photographed yesterday afternoon outside Erewhon Market in Calabasas, California just inland from the aforementioned Malibu.

According to the respected gossip page, the two met while Jenner was on family vacation in Hawaii and have been in a committed, amorous relationship since the middle of April, declaring:

The pair reportedly surfed together and had “an instant connection” over their “shared love for the ocean,” the source said, adding that it is “already a real relationship.”

It appears the Puerto Rican-born surfer still spends most of her time in Hawaii, so it has been a “long-distance relationship” so far, according to the report.

Jenner’s mom, Linda Thompson, posted about their “long awaited family vacation” to Hawaii on Instagram on April 11. She shared photos of Brody and his brother, Brandon Jenner, along with other family members.

Thompson, it goes on to say, regularly comments on Blanco’s Instagram page.

Blanco, you might recall, won last year’s The Ultimate Surfer competition guaranteeing her a certain amount of wildcards into World Surf League Championship Tour events. She recently became defeated by Carissa Moore and Stephanie Gilmore in the first round of the MEO Pro Portugal then became defeated by Tyler Wright and India Robinson in the elimination round.

Exciting days ahead as this spring love blooms.

Breakout Jackass star Poopies favoured to win Best Kiss at MTV awards over Robert Pattinson & Zoë Kravitz despite PETA labelling stunt with Texas Rat Snake “cruel” and calling for LA county prosecutors to “take appropriate legal action”!

Zoophilia hits the mainstream!

Carlsbad stuntman and former JOB fall-guy Sean “Poopies” McInerney has become the short favourite to win Best Kiss at the MTV Music Awards, held this June 6 at The Barker Hanger in Santa Monica. 

The kiss appears in Jackass Forever’s The Quiet Game sequence, where RachelnWolfson, Steve-O and Poopies are dressed as the French mime Marcel Marceau and are forced to do stunts without reacting to them. 

Poopies is asked to kiss a Texas Rat Snake, a non-venomous serpent popular in the pet trade, which bites him on the face. 

A second attempt yields the same result. 

Other nominees for Best Kiss include Robert Pattinson and Zoë Kravitz for Batman, Hunter Schafer and Dominic Fike for Euphoria, Lily Collins and Lucien Laviscount for Emily in Paris, and Tom Holland and Zendaya for Spider-Man: No Way Home. 

PETA, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, were made very sad by the man v rat snake stunt and called for a thorough police investigation.

If Poopies wins it’ll be the first time in MTV history a bestial love scene has won the prestigious award thereby mainstreaming the gentle art of Zoophilia.

Poopies was lucky to even make the movie after only just surviving a Jackass stunt for the Discovery Channel’s Shark Week where he jumped a shark enclosure on waterskis.

Poopies ate it straight off the ramp, the sharks hit, panic ensued, Chris Pontius wept, divers scattered the reef sharks and the kid was thrown in a speed boat and rushed to hospital for surgery.

“I thought I was going to die. There were ten sharks around me and… (pauses, breathes out)…there’s like ten sharks around me, I’m trying to swim out… (pause)… And I  I couldn’t swim out, dude, I knew I got bit and I thought I was going to be attacked by six more sharks.”

"End the wave with another layback snap!"
"End the wave with another layback snap!"

Professional surfers jumping back and forth from Challenger née Qualifying Series to Championship Tour support Albert Einstein theory of insanity!

Change is good.

You have certainly heard the quote, misattributed to the great thinker Albert Einstein, that the definition of insanity is “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” In truth, there is no record of Einstein ever uttering such a thing, the earliest reference likely being recorded in a 1981 Knoxville, Tennessee newspaper describing a meeting of a local Al-Anon, the organization that helps families of alcoholics.

It is, nevertheless, a nice quote and I was thinking about it, today, while chatting with David Lee Scales during our weekly get together.

I had watched very much of the just-wrapped Boost Mobile Gold Coast Pro. Too much, perhaps, and was left with the impression that those who filter in and out of the Challenger née Qualifying Series to the Championship Tour are insane. That is, they surf the same exact way but expect different results.

It’s exactly good enough to get out of the second tier, exactly bad enough to drop them right back in.

Why don’t any radically experiment with technique, board choice, strategy? The great Kelly Slater, love him or adore him, has never been afraid to throw absolutely wacky design into the mix. Sometimes it serves him, other times it does not but it certainly keeps things interesting.


But wouldn’t you be refreshed by an angry Leonardo Fioravanti back-paddling everyone and causing water fights or an airborne Sally Fitzgibbons committed to launching whenever and wherever possible?

Change is good.


Listen here.

Cape Hatteras beachfront homes fall into sea at prime surfing location as shifting environmental landscape continues haunting the rich and famous!

Calling all illegal burritos.

The same exact problem facing the noted environmentalist, and 11x world champion, Kelly Slater and his beachfront Oahu neighbors is also foiling likeminded wealthy friends from Miami all the way up to Cape Hatteras, North Carolina’s premier surfing destination.

Namely, the ocean creeping up and up and up, flooding multi-million dollar properties, eroding front yards, destabilizing foundations.

Slater, of course, solved his immediate trouble through the usage of illegal burritos but apparently his wealthy friends in Cape Hatteras did not receive the memo as, days ago, their houses plunged into the sea.

Per ABC News:

Two beach houses have fallen into the waves along North Carolina’s coast, U.S. National Park Service officials said in a statement Tuesday.

The unoccupied homes were located along Ocean Drive in the Outer Banks community of Rodanthe. The park service confirmed both collapses Tuesday and has closed off the areas around the houses.

Debris from the first fallen house was spreading widely. Officials from the Cape Hatteras National Seashore, which is part of the park service, said they will be working closely with the homeowner to coordinate cleanup activities.

This is the third time a home has fallen into the surf this year. A house in Rodanthe collapsed in February and spread debris across many miles of beaches before the homeowner and volunteers were able to clean most of it up. However, clean up efforts for smaller pieces of debris continues.

“Unfortunately, there may be more houses that collapse onto Seashore beaches in the near future,” David Hallac, superintendent of National Parks of Eastern North Carolina, said in a statement. “We proactively reached out to homeowners along Ocean Drive in Rodanthe after the first house collapse and recommended that actions be taken to prevent collapse and impacts to Cape Hatteras National Seashore.”


But might these destroyed homes make for bountiful new reefs?

One man’s trash another’s treasure?

Or should Kelly Slater teach the ways of illegal burrito to east coaster southerners who are more accustomed to illegal grits?


Zac Efron (left) not with Jason Statham and not wearing OuterKnown.
Zac Efron (left) not with Jason Statham and not wearing OuterKnown.

Living legend Kelly Slater receives much needed lift as august Hollywood Reporter endorses lightly worn OuterKnown: “Zac Efron and Jason Statham are among the Hollywood stars who have worn pro surfer Kelly Slater’s brand!”

It IS Ok!

Our Kelly Slater is, without any shade or shadow of doubt, a living legend. His accomplishments, in the surf, far too vast to be able to list here. Eleven-time world champion, Pipeline Master and Pro Pipeline, Eddie winner, ageless wonder and, at time of writing, current world number thirteen.

His exploits out of the water, though, are decidedly mixed.

On one hand, he dated Pamela Anderson.

On the other, Purps.

And it really is his various business exploits that have me worried most. For every Surf Ranch there is an Endorfins, quickly touted then disappeared without success or further mention. But, so, where does his sustainable clothing brand OuterKnown land on the K-Brand spectrum?

I have never, not once, seen it in the wild. No fathers of middle-school children at the coffee bar, no fathers of high-school children on the way to “casual Friday” and so I worry much but, as it turns out, needlessly.

The Hollywood Reporter, an august publication detailing lifestyles of the rich and famous, just released its list of the “best sustainable men’s brands 2022” and Slater’s OuterKnown fell right in behind Patagonia.

Founded by pro surfer Kelly Slater, Outerknown ensures that its products are entirely organic, recycled or regenerated — which is among the reasons why wave riders and everyday wearers (including stars like Zac Efron and Jason Statham) are drawn to the comfy, carefree brand. The company champions fair labor practices, aims to be fully circular by 2030 and shares its full supplier list online. The blanket shirt and S.E.A. Jeans are among the seven-year-old label’s best-selling pieces, and Outerknown also sells pre-loved clothing, too.

Zac Efron and Jason Statham?

Pamela Anderson 2.0 and whew.