Conservative firebrand Candace Owens savages Jonah Hill’s surf instructor ex Sarah Brady following public dump of damning text messages!

“Basic respect for your partner is now being labeled as ‘misogynistic’ from insecure women”

The Malibu-based director and actor Jonah Hill was comprehensively lashed in the public square yesterday when his surf instructor ex Sarah Brady dumped screenshots of what she claimed were private text messages between the pair on her instagram account. 

Brady split from Hill almost two years ago whereupon Hill found love with fashion maven Olivia Millar who is now the mother of his new kid. 

Sharp-eyed paparazzi first photographed Hill and Millar, the co-founder of the online vintage shopping site Chasseresse, in a passionate clutch near Malibu; Hill in scarlet surf trunks pushing his hot hollow against the port thigh of Miller in a green and gold bikini.

Perhaps related to Hill becoming a daddy and finding joy with another gal, Brady lit a very public bonfire with the fusilldade of unflattering texts claiming it was for the benefit of her mental health. Response was mostly on the side of Brady, you go girl, smash the patriarchy and so on, although support for Hill has started to come from the most unlikely source… conservatives. 

Right-wing firebrand Candace Owens, a black author and talk show host who once appeared alongside Kanye West in a White Lives Matter tee and who says she “broke Black Lives Matter” with her documentary The Greatest Lie Ever Sold, has savaged Brady in a series of tweets to her almost four million followers. 

“Women say there are no good men,” writes Owens. “The truth is there are plenty of good men but many women don’t want to rise to the level of being good women. Basic respect for yourself and your partner isn’t a tall ask. Again, there is nothing wrong with Jonah Hill’s leaked text messages.”

Response, as expected from her followers, mostly agreed. 

Nothing wrong with the above.  He was respectful and stated clearly what he wanted to take the relationship to the next level.  We should all strive to be this forthcoming in our relationships.

You can CLEARLY see she crossed boundaries based on his comment. 

My guess:

Her friends hyped her up and told her she could do better, she posted thirst traps, a man messaged her using surfing as bait and something happened.

Him: If your self-worth comes from being half naked, sexualizing yourself, and throwing yourself at men that have no respect for you; I support you. While this brings you happiness it makes me un-happy so I think it’s best we part ways.

Her: You’re misogynistic and a narcissist.

Agreed. This isn’t abuse, it’s defining the parameters of a relationship before two parties become deeply involved. This woman needs to visit a domestic abuse shelter for a wake-up call. Abusers don’t negotiate. They use manipulation and power control tactics to FORCEFULLY make you bend to their will.

Abusers don’t give checklists of behaviors that turn them off and then ask if you’re willing to compromise for the sake of the relationship

I agree. I’m a Latina woman, and although I’m no fan of Hollywood, I don’t see anything wrong with Mr. Hills requests.

She was in a relationship. He wanted her around people who were grounded and not hanging out with “male friends.” He asked for nothing unreasonable.

I don’t know what Jonah Hill is like, but that one text was pretty great. I read it and was like “wow, he actually has standards!”. It’s a green flag in my books.

Revenge is never pretty, of course, mud and blood and cum covers everyone including the supposed brave victim.

Hill, meanwhile, has maintained a dignified silence.

Ex-World Surf League CEO Erik Logan makes cryptic first public comments since savage firing!

"I am" "Hi"

Former World Surf League CEO Erik “ELo” Logan, savagely fired just over a week ago, is back-ish. The mystery as to why he was let go so harshly has only grown over these past days. After issuing the most terse release in public relations history, the “global home of professional surfing” has battened down the hatches in a way it never has before. A complete Stalinist erasure hidden underneath a code of silence. I have reached out to current employees, past employees, investors and other surf journalists.

None know anything.

Rumors that seem to have some veracity have been dutifully chased and punctured leaving… nothing but the sort of emptiness Logan used to spin with his words.

Synergies of diddly.

Vectors of nada.

The World Surf League is not known for its ability to stop leaks. Your dear BeachGrit has often caused much consternation within the Santa Monica-based governing body by learning and publishing secrets (see: Ultimate Surfer Zeke Lau) but this one, whatever happened with Logan or to Logan, has been so locked down that it makes me think heavy, heavy lawyers are involved.

Well, I’ll keep pursing and the truth will prevail, though in the meantime the Oklahoman with a magic wetsuit of armor, himself, is back doing what he does best.

Being weird on social media.

But you are certainly aware of Threads, Instagram’s answer to Twitter. The service, launched days ago, has won many new users, including Logan who took time off from finding another job and/or rehabilitating his image to reply to various posts.

Artist Pete Halvorsen wrote, “If you’re new to “me” (6K of you as of today (mind blown emoji) honored) I also make art with photos I capture… which utilizes this “space” nicely to see the detail.”

Erik Logan commented, “I am”

The Los Angeles Clippers NBA team wrote, “Everyone say hi.”

Erik Logan commented, “Hi”

Why is he doing that?

“I am” “Hi”

A cryptic code to explain what happened in Brazil?

The World Surf League’s Chief Apple Polisher Dave Prodan probably knows, just like he probably knows why Logan was fired, but won’t tell me.

Sad face emoji.

Photo: @mikalajones__
Photo: @mikalajones__

Surf world in mourning as Hawaiian legend Mikala Jones suffers gruesome fatal injury while surfing in Indonesia

A dark day.

Surfers near and far woke to the shock news that Mikala Jones, 44, of the very famous Jones family, had died hours ago after suffering a gruesome injury while on a surf trip to the Mentawi Islands. Stab reported that he severed his femoral artery leading to massive blood loss.

Alongside brothers Daniel and Keoni and sister Malia, Mikala made an indelible mark on surf history with an effortless style and unconstrained lifestyle, chasing perfect surf over titles and points. His video releases, pristine and glorious featuring some of the best barrels in the world, an absolute staple over the past two decades.

Matuse wetsuits, whom Jones rode for, described him thusly:

The son of a doctor, Mikala is intelligent and sophisticated. He’s street smart and savvy but never one to front. Magnanimous, yet, Mikala is also uber-mysto about the secret spots he guards. He is a private family man with residences in Haleiwa and Bali. However, because of Mikala’s personality, professionalism and smooth hand-jiving style he’s a jet-setter who handpicks each year’s photo excursions.

Everyone knows that Mikala has the skills to pay the bills. But his greatest asset is his steel worker mentality. Surfing is his passion as well as his pension. So he hustles and grinds. Call it luck or hard work but he and has an uncanny knack for landing the air, making the tube, getting the shot and being on the cover.

Tributes are flooding his Instagram account with many sharing memories of trips to Indonesia with Jones or simple days at Rocky Point.

A dark day.

Love gone bad.

Jonah Hill’s surf instructor ex Sarah Brady savages Hollywood star in wild public dump of private text messages, “This is a warning to all girls”

In multi-tiered tirade on Instagram, Jonah Hill's ex Sarah Brady describes the star as “just another narcissist. You make me sick”.

Hell hath no fury, I suppose, and Jonah Hill, the Academy Award nominated actor-cum-director who became a daddy for the first time a few weeks back, has learned y’don’t text anything you don’t want thrown in your face a few weeks, months or years down the line.

Only one year ago, Sarah Brady, an environmental activist and anthropologist with a bachelor degree in Cognitive Science & Sustainability from the University of California, Santa Cruz (2015-2019), posted a photo of her and Hill at Waikiki, the pair sitting side by side on their respective logs, hands tenderly imprisoned, a secret fire burning only for each other, Hill’s hair flying like a golden banner, Diamond Head perfectly framed behind the lovers.

“Two more months and we get to call this gorgeous place home,” wrote Brady, letting the cat outta the bag that she and Hill would move from his nine-million dollar “windowless monolith” with its 3600 square feet of lebensraum in Malibu Colony, a guarded, gated beachfront setup footsteps from the point made famous by anti-hero Miki Dora, to the magical island of Oahu.

Sadly, it would be Brady’s last post of the pair together.

Shortly after, Hill was photographed smooching fashion maven Olivia Millar, who is now the mammy of his new kid.

Perhaps related, or not, Brady has now lit a very public fire, dumping a series of what she says are private texts between the pair on Instagram.

God, it ain’t pretty.

Neither of the parties come out of it looking good. Brady stars as the vengeful spurned ex while Hill is apparently sad ’cause his gal running cute photos that sorta show her ass and maybe a little titty and sometime she talking to boys in the surf.

Here’s a taste.

The reddit threat, here, gives a comprehensive breakdown of the exchange with much  commentary below the line. 

A poor, young child and a place he will never be allowed to visit.
A poor, young child and a place he will never be allowed to visit.

Acting World Surf League CEO Emily Hofer castigated for brutalist exclusionary policies at “rich people only” Surf Ranch facility!

Rich People and Purpose.

While it is still difficult to imagine, we must all come to grips with the fact that we are, officially, living in a post-ELo world. The former chief executive of the World Surf League, ruthlessly fired one week ago, has left behind broken hearts and raving minds but we are forced to move on. Mandated to dry our eyes and cast our gaze upon the new acting CEOs, the Chief Purpose and People Officer Emily Hofer and Chief Legal Bob Kane with particular attention given to Purpose and People.

Hofer, who grew up in San Jose and Miami, was brought on by the aforementioned Erik Logan told Authority Magazine, “Three years ago, he asked me to lead our work in Purpose at WSL, and at the time, I told him I wasn’t sure I was the right person to lead the work. Afterall, I had no professional experience in ESG work, and in particular, I was not formally trained in Ocean Conservation or Environmental Sciences. He assured me I was the right person for the job and said ‘trust me, you’ll do great.’ After a few months, I realized that not only could I lead the work, but I could make a real difference.”

That “difference,” of course, has been in saving the environment though the building and operating of power/water hungry artificial wave tanks that keep impoverished folks locked out, unable to even peer over a large wooden fence.

As you know, surfing is a greying pastime, particularly in the United States and Australia. Wildly high coastal property values means young middle-class families can no longer afford to live at the beach. In Lemoore, California, though, home to Kelly Slater’s Surf Ranch, a fine home can be bought for $300,000. An apartment rented for $600 a month. There, children all the colors of the rainbow ride bikes in the street, eat rocket pops served from ice-cream trucks and watch luxury SUVs, windows darkened, whiz by on their way to the ultra-excuse manmade wave.

In the warmer months, Surf Ranch can be rented for $70,000 a day.

In cooler months, $50,000.

Zero of those slots are given to the lower-middle class locals. Hard-working migrant farmers, low-income teachers, blackjack dealers.

Hofer declares, “We know that each community has its own unique needs and challenges. At WSL, we partner with grassroots organizations and indigenous, communities to educate us about the unique solutions each community needs to protect and conserve their ecosystems. We believe it’s critical to bring humility and authentic listening to these conversations, and where we can, WSL provides different kinds of support to lift up these solutions.”

That does not include allowing the unwashed to surf.

And while hypocrisy has become sport inside the World Surf League’s gilded walls, the fact that already-burdened salt-of-the-earth folks are used as catchwords to excite millionaires and billionaires is… extreme.

David Lee Scales and I discussed this a few weeks ago on our podcast, in any case. A listener of program called in and said he was one of the lucky few to experience the tub. After his session, he talked with young man working at the facility, asking him if he surfed. The fellow said that he did and learned at Surf Ranch. How many hours of surf did he get per month? Two waves.

Two waves, per month, to the local toiling under the sun so that Diplo can post Instagram videos.

People and Purpose.

Listen here.