Sarah Brady (insert) haunting surf instructors. Photo: Forgetting Sarah Marshall

Surf instructors around the world recoil in horror as Jonah Hill’s vindictive ex-girlfriend Sarah Brady tarnishes once noble profession!

"I was hoping it would get around the surf community and surf industry and I hoped somehow, maybe his fiancé would see one of the worst screenshots and feel validated."

The noble and ancient profession of surf instruction suffered heavy damage, overnight, when beloved actor/director Jonah Hill’s vindictive ex-girlfriend, and onetime surf instructor, Sarah Brady decided to double down on her public airing of dirty laundry under the name of “taking the power of her own story back” and “healing by relating to women that have had similar experiences.”

The second massive tranche of text messages released on her Instagram account features barely concealed rage at Hill for moving on six months after their relationship ended with a fashion maven though possibly sending mixed signals at some point during that process.

Gaslighting, DARVO, boundaries, manipulation and trust all make appearances.

Brady, who has moved to Honolulu, slips into pidgin from time to time.

Surf instructors, already dealing with millions of people sent their way by the universally adored congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, will now have to convince their students that they won’t hold on to potentially embarrassing personal information for over a year then splash it out for the world to see.

Like, sharing about those who have unfortunate poo stances, pinch their nose when dismounting the surfboard, burp after swallowing saltwater, put wetsuits on backwards, mix up a shaka with the “I love you” sign, etc.

Extremely unchill.

Brady declared to a friend, “Honestly, originally in sharing all this publicly, I was hoping it would get around the surf community and surf industry and I hoped somehow, maybe his fiancé would see one of the worst screenshots and feel validated.”

Surf students in relationships currently freaking out.

Surfers in New York (pictured) made sad by AOC.

Local New York surfers shriek, wonder what evil they committed to deserve such punishment as universally adored congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez encourages nine million residents to take up “Sport of Queens!”

Karma is my boyfriend.

It is summer in the northern hemisphere, that time of year when the ocean water warms, the sun shines and more people than should consider giving our surfing a go. Those amongst us who live in California, Florida, Hossegor are used to soft-topped hordes invading from June through August and generally know how to steer clear. Those living in New York have been spared the indignity mostly because it is such a pain to travel in The City with a surfboard.

The locals who are lucky enough to live on the strand have been able to enjoy that warm water, occasional pulses of swell, sauerkraut festooned hot dogs all by themselves.

Or, at least until just hours ago for, just hours ago, the universally adored congresswoman, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, or AOC, took to social media to declare, “Just took a surfing lesson on Rockaway Beach in Queens. It was great. If you’re looking for something new to try, I recommend it! You can take the A train straight there.”

Nine-ish million residents from all five boroughs are now, certainly, rushing to the A train ready to taste the sweet life. Locals shrieking, sobbing, wondering what evil they committed to deserve such punishment. Were they not grateful enough for their quiet paradise?

Too cocky?

Speaking of, did I ever tell you about the time I stole a pair of trunks from Balaram Stack’s dresser? I was in New York on assignment for Surfing magazine with the wonderful then-editor Taylor Paul. We were staying in The City but made it out to Long Beach because we heard, or rather he heard, that there was a little swell in the water. I hadn’t packed any trunks but Paul told me not to worry. We went to the Stack house and nobody was home. The door was unlocked so we went upstairs into Balaram’s bedroom. I fished around and found a pair of blue trunks with a red drawstring (pictured above) that were New York Giants branded. They were a little baggy for my taste but stealers can’t be choosers and so I wore them.

The End.

Surfing hall-of-famer Barton Lynch calls for immediate ban on booze ads in surf, “Alcoholism is a disease, alcohol is a poison!”

"I’d like to see the books after the WSL takes out all the alcohol money and see if they can stay sustainable without alcohol."

Without blowing his trumpet immoderately, it can safely be claimed that the 1988 world champion surfer, former anarchist, butterfly collector and pro surfing commentator, Barton Lynch, is a well-matured and rounded individual.

Lynch, who is fifty-nine, was surfing’s most popular broadcaster before being dumped by the WSL for, it’s rumoured, his role in the activist group Voices4Choices, which questioned vaccine mandates and the role of government during the COVID pandemic; he was called paranoid at the time, now he, and Kelly Slater for that matter, is regarded as a visionary. 

No longer bricked in by the WSL’s Stasi-esque Wall of Positive Noise, Lynch now pours his skill and insight into a lightly popular podcast called The Stoked Bloke Show, which he operates with Peter King, the musician, pro surfer and former bandmate of the aforementioned Kelly Slater.

One year ago on the show Lynch listed four reasons why surf culture had gone to hell. 

“We have our spiritual leader selling soft-tops at Costco, the world’s best surfer choosing not to go to Teahupoo and instead go on a sailing trip with his family and friends, we have the number one surfer in the world (Stephanie Gilmore) with less points than two, three, four five and we have WSL turning its back on Pipeline as a finals venue and choosing Lowers.”

An excellent tirade with points difficult to refute.

Now, and in his latest episode, Lynch has called for an immediate ban on booze advertising within the sport labelling alcohol “a poison”. 

“I would not sell alcohol through the WSL,” says Lynch. “I would recognise that what we’re doing is promoting the sport largely to children and they’re coming up through the ranks and those kids need to be guarded from alcohol. Alcoholism is a diseases, alcohol is a poison and to be promoting it through the sport, and that’s what I said to my contact on the phone when he told me times were good and money was good and it was a sustainable biz model that they had created. I said, I’d like to see the books after you take out all the alcohol money and if you can stay sustainable without alcohol. Then I went, what about the energy drinks? How good are they for people? You’re promoting drinks to people that might not be good for people’s health.” 

Where do you stand on the matter? I think if children take up drinking ’cause they saw it on a WSL broadcast, they should be examined for mental wellness.

More importantly, do you think the WSL would survive if the rumoured five thousand dollars per year Corona stipend was removed?

Premium surf blog cements surfing’s reputation as being impossibly white, straight and past its prime with un-ironic “favorite male surfers” poll results!

What's a Brazil?

Stab magazine, the premium surf publication you have known and loved for decades, is wonderful at many things but mostly wonderful at its lack of self-awareness. Writers penning passive-aggressive diatribes in the royal “we,” a modern ethos somehow centered around “if-you-ignore-it-it-goes-away,” large social media numbers with minimal behind-the-paywall engagement and, best of all, being a “voice of the youth.”


There is no youth in surfing anymore, premium or otherwise but probably especially premium as recently revealed by the august researcher Craig Sims.

That did not stop the today Oceanside, tomorrow Cocoa Beach-based surf blog from, un-ironically, posting its list of “your favorite male surfers” just hours ago.

Who are they?

You must subscribe (here) but, as a little amuse-bouche, Dane Reynolds, Kelly Slater and Mick Fanning all make the top ten.

Brazilians make an appearance at twenty.

Taj Burrow beats Italo Ferreira by a large margin.

Do you like them apples?

Oh you would.

Kelly Slater's statue (pictured) not getting Covid. Photo: Bone Broth
Kelly Slater's statue (pictured) not getting Covid. Photo: Bone Broth

Cocoa Beach erupts in bitter civil strife as mayor floats removing famous Kelly Slater statue calling it a “menace to society!”

“There’s not a line of people doing it, you know.”

It is written that a prophet has no honor in his own country and the unfortunate adage was, once again, proved true in Cocoa Beach, Florida. For the small town of 11,000, just east of Orlando has broken out in bitter partisan fighting over a statue honoring famous first son Robert Kelly Slater.

Per the Space Coast tourist board website:

Sculpted by Cocoa Beach artist Tasha Drazich and located at the north end of Downtown Cocoa Beach, where A1A splits, the Kelly Slater statue honors Florida’s Space Coast hometown hero. Kelly Slater grew up in Cocoa Beach and learned to surf all along the Space Coast. He has won eleven world titles and is a point of pride in the Space Coast community. Stop by and grab a selfie with the statue any time of the day or night.

Which is the problem. Too many are stopping by to grab that selfie with no safe crosswalks etc. to reach it.

During a recent-ish city commission meeting, former employee Melissa Byron stood up and declared, “The Kelly Slater statue where it is right now is dangerous. It’s plain dangerous.”

Mayor Ben Malik, stunning city commission meeting fans, agreed and said, “I don’t think they anticipated as many people wanting to take a picture. People jaywalking, scampering across the four-lane highway to get to the statue.”

He suggested that moving the sculpture to a “safer location” would reduce its menace to society and discussed building a park next to the new city hall where it could be worshiped properly.

Slater’s less/not famous brother Sean vehemently disagrees, though. “I love the statue where it is,” he raged. “I think it belongs where it is.”

Sean noted that there have been no recorded instances of someone dying while trying to venerate the 11x World Champion. “How many instances of danger have we had? Zero,” he said. “There’s not a line of people doing it, you know.”

The “line of people” doing “it” left unclassified.

Mayor Malik told Sean to shove his opinion where the sun don’t shine, in so many words, stating, “We know we want to be respectful of the family and the artist and see what their thoughts are, but seemed most of the commission was onboard with relocating it.”

Will you pay your respects at the new site?

I made pilgrimage some decade ago but is it like Mecca where once in a lifetime is good enough or does Kelly Slater demand more?

Next year in Cocoa Beach?