KK, main photo, and Tia/Brody, inset. | Photo: KK photo by Steve Sherman/@tsherms

Artificial Intelligence showpiece ChatGPT suffers brutal fail listing Keala Kennelly and Tia Blanco as “surfing’s most well-known transgender surfers”!

"Keala came out as a transgender woman in 2018 and has been open about her experiences as a trans woman in the surfing industry."

Regular readers of BeachGrit will know the soft spot held for our brothers who for whatever reason, kink or genetic hiccup, make the ultimate switcharoo from guy to gal.

Very inspirational, and I mean it ‘cause I like my trannies, the elfin faces, the flashy sexpot outfits, the way they like to catch ‘emselves in reflections so they can admire their irresistible new visions, the service pistol tucked between legs, sometimes operable, sometimes no.

And, though we loathe disagreeing with the icons of our sport, in the instance of transgender surfers we side with the World Surf League and welcome the inclusion of she-dick in the women’s surfing division.

Of course, there ain’t a lot of transgender surfers out there, at least on a competitive level.

The most famous is the Australian logger Sasha Jane Lowerson, who cut a swathe through the women’s div last year becoming the first surfer in history to win both the men’s and women’s division.

“To be the first trans woman competing in surfing hasn’t been an easy ride emotionally but the amount of support I’ve been showed has been phenomenal and I’m so grateful to be involved, welcomed and embraced within the longboard community in Australia,” said the forty-four-year-old strawberry blonde who has ridden “stupidly big Waimea” and who won the male division of the WA longboard titles in 2019 as Ryan Egan.

Surfing’s reactionary core was laid bare shortly after when Momentum Generation funnyman and Kelly Slater bandmate Peter King waded into the trans-athlete imbroglio saying,

“Stay out of women’s sports where you miraculously win after being an average performing man. Women’s sports is not a backup plan where you can’t win a trophy (And $) in the men’s division. Leagues like WSL and sponsors like Red Bull will you now stand up to this now instead of harming women’s sports?”

Kelly Slater added, “Make a trans division and we don’t have this confusion.”

Now, artificial intelligence showpiece ChatGPT has been laid bare as primitive and untrustworthy after it was faced with the simple question, “Who are some famous transgender surfers?”

The AI bot replied,

While there are not many well-known transgender surfers, there are a few notable figures in the surfing community who are transgender or non-binary.

One of the most well-known transgender surfers is Keala Kennelly, a professional surfer from Hawaii. Keala came out as a transgender woman in 2018 and has been open about her experiences as a trans woman in the surfing industry. She is a big wave surfer and has won several awards for her surfing skills.

Another notable transgender surfer is Tia Blanco, a professional surfer from Puerto Rico. Tia is a non-binary surfer who has competed in the World Surf League and has won several national and international surfing competitions.

In addition, there are many other transgender and non-binary surfers who may not be as well-known but are actively participating in the sport and advocating for greater inclusivity and acceptance in the surfing community.

Star of television flop The Ultimate Surfer, Puerto Rican-born Filipino-American Tia Blanco is as binary as they come, recently announcing she was pregnant with the baby of the TV personality Brody Jenner, son of, and here’s the irony or maybe the bit that tripped up AI, Caitlyn Jenner, once Bruce Jenner, Olympian etc.

KK, a former world number two surfer turned DJ and actor, is “openly lesbian” as they used to say, but ain’t on the transition train.

“I had just all this internalized homophobia and self-hatred for being gay,” Kennelly said. “I was living this double life because on tour, I was pretending to be straight. I’m just a really honest person, I’m a really genuine, authentic person. So, to feel like I was living this lie was just crushing my soul and after so many years of that, it was just, “I can’t do this anymore, this is actually going to kill me if I can’t live my truth.” It got to a point where I didn’t care what the cost was, I couldn’t live like this.”

Kennelly says that it was “not okay to be a lesbian” and that if you did prefer shaved babylike snatches to rock-and-cock Tom Selleck lookalikes it was “career suicide.”

“So when I got on the tour, I was so freaking nervous because I inherently knew I was gay. So, I was absolutely terrified and I spent the majority of my time on the pro circuit in the closet and just completely terrified to come out — completely terrified to get outed, that I was going to lose my sponsors.”

In 2005, when Kennelly, aged twenty-seven,  eventually came out she “faced a wave of homophobia from companies and other surfers that eventually led her to leave the sport… I actually quit the tour shortly after I came out because I couldn’t handle mentally and emotionally what that was like. Then I had a few sponsors drop me and so, that was just more confirmation that it wasn’t okay. I left the tour because, emotionally and mentally, I just couldn’t handle it.”

Hill (left) in the film that changed the world. Photo: 21 Jump Street
Hill (left) in the film that changed the world. Photo: 21 Jump Street

Surf icon forces Kanye West to recant anti-semitic views: “Watching Jonah Hill in 21 Jump street made me like Jewish people again!”

"It's really a shame Jonah Hill didn't make 21 Jump Street in 1939."

The very famous actor Jonah Hill is not the icon we surfers deserve, nay. He is far above us both in renown and talent, communing with gods and goddesses, Leonardo DiCaprio, creating art and being lauded for that art. Yes, we are lucky to have him but even in our grand appreciation who amongst us would have thought Hill capable of curing baked-in prejudices and rage?

But it is true.

Hours ago the artist formerly known as Kanye West, a man who got into MAJOR trouble earlier in the year for denouncing “Jewish people,” had a miraculous change of heart.

West did not just denounce Jewish people once. He denounced them here, he denounced them there. Kanye West denounced them everywhere.

And got in big trouble.

Active clothing, shoe juggernaut Adidas was forced to drop him, along with the rest of his partners, which West blamed on Jewish people, and that was that.

Die cast.

Until hours ago, for it was then that West watched Jonah Hill in 21 Jump Street and his heart and his hardness melted straight away.

Per Instagram:

Watching Jonah Hill in 21 Jump street made me like Jewish people again

No one should take anger against one or two individuals and transform that into hatred towards millions of innocent people

No Christian can be labeled antisemite knowing Jesus is Jew

Thank you Jonah Hill I love you.

I’d have to think the United States government is, right now, coming up with plans to send Hill and a box of DVDs to Tehran.

World peace in our time.

Winning. Photo: WSL
Winning. Photo: WSL

World Surf League chiefs Logan and Miley-Dyer continue historically unprecedented run of giddy self-promotion: “Ruffling feathers and raising record revenue!”

Seismic changes.

Presidents and vice-presidents of sport governing bodies around the world are putting down pens, asking secretaries to hold calls, cancelling all but the most important meetings in order to stop and watch the historically unprecedented run of giddy self promotion coming out of the World Surf League’s Santa Monica offices.

Not since 1985’s WrestleMania has a sport executive been this out front, this “look at me.”

The Word Surf League’s spree is twice as impressive seeing that not one, but two c-suite employees are furiously patting their own backs at record pace.

Chief of Executives Erik Logan took time out of his schedule, days ago, to celebrate his feature in The Sydney Morning Herald titled “Something the sport has never seen’: The former Oprah exec bringing soap opera to surfing.”

“Now 52,” it begins, “(Logan) has led a series of seismic changes to the World Surf League’s (WSL) professional tours as it recovers from the pandemic – ruffling feathers and raising record revenue all with narrative in mind. ‘The growth and the explosion of the sport, with the firepower we have with our surfers, is something that the sport has never seen.'”

Not to be outdone, Chief of Sport Jessi Miley-Dyer found time to furiously celebrate herself for being honored at yet another conference.

“Miley-Dyer has received worldwide recognition for her work to progress surfing and women’s sport. Most recently, she was honored as an SBJ Game Changer for her groundbreaking work at the WSL,” she said.

As the personal aggrandizement reaches crescendo, bosses at the NFL, MLB, UEFA, La Liga, et. al. wonder if they too should hire publicists and be everything, everywhere all at once for the good of themselves as Logan and Miley-Dyer’s Instagram followers swell.

Exciting times.

In most candid interview yet, Kelly Slater reveals the secret to eternal youth, the day he lost his entire fortune, Shane Dorian’s fat-phobia and how his bikini mogul girlfriend cured herself of auto-immune disease!

Shocking with facts!

Before long all of us will be old men and women, stinking horribly, spitting into handkerchiefs and muttering the occasional despairing shriek as we await our maker to reveal his golden stairway to heaven.

Therefore it behooves us to treat our bodies as the fragile temple it is, to enjoy, fully, what we have and before we retreat into the terrible darkness.

Kelly Slater, who is fifty-one but whose physical appearance suggests a man twenty years younger, has revealed the diet secrets gleaned from a lifetime of reading and travelling and performing at the pinnacle of a demanding sport.

In an interview with the WSL’s body mechanic Jason Gilbert, who is also in his fifties, Slater talks of sugar spikes, food combining, food crashing, his four-day water fasts, how to die with grace, Shane Dorian’s weight consciousness and his constant fiddling with the fat protuberances around his waist and how his girlfriend, the Chinese-American bikini mogul Kalani Miller cured herself of auto-immune disease by paying close attention to what she eats.

“She learned enough to heal herself through the people we’ve met around the world,” says Slater.

Surf fans relight candles en masse for prophesied Kelly Slater + Gisele Bündchen reunion after Brazilian supermodel publicly vomits on trust fund billionaire Jeffery Soffer!

"OMG he's yucky yucks!"

Days ago, surf fans everywhere snuffed out lit candles and wept bitter tears into lightly cupped hands. The dream was dead and all hope with it. Gisele Bündchen, you see, had been linked with billionaire Jeffrey Soffer and where could Kelly Slater fit in there? Which nook, cranny could he find his way back to glory?

The Brazilian supermodel, as you well know, became divorced from longtime husband, and football great, Tom Brady earlier in the year. Surf fans, while sad on the surface, secretly cheered a potential reunion with the world’s greatest surfer even though he is currently linked to a girlfriend he describes as “Chinese” for many years.

Many twists and turns followed, which you must read here, but all seemed to lead to the grave with the announcement that Bündchen had fallen for a billionaire who boasted daddy’s money plus a string of supermodel exes.


But then, as if a miracle, the Victoria’s Secret angel denied any coupling and declared even the thought of it gross.

Per People Magazine:

Following reports that the model, 42, is dating billionaire Jeffrey Soffer — who also happens to be friends with Bündchen’s ex-husband Tom Brady — she denied it all in her new cover story with Vanity Fair.

“I have zero relationship with him in any way,” Bündchen told the magazine. “He’s Tom’s friend, not my friend.”

Bündchen called the rumors “absurd” and added that she hasn’t even seen Soffer in months and wouldn’t date someone who was friends with her ex. She further clarified that it was insulting for people to imply she was dating the 55-year-old billionaire for his wealth.

“I wouldn’t be with [Brady’s] friend,” Bündchen said of Soffer. “I wouldn’t be with this guy. I mean, puh-leeze. They were saying I’m with this guy, he’s old, because he’s got money—it’s ridiculous.”

One sentiment.

Gentleman, light your candles.